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by Dillon B. on 2014-11-16 12:24:25
"I have owned this gun for about 8 months now, and have fielded it several times.
-Great looking replica
-very comfortable in the hand
-fires quite accurately with the hopup adjusted properly
-ns2 is very efficient, around 3 mags per gas fill, sometimes more
-fires consistently around 330 fps
-easy to disassemble, clean, and lube
-TRADEMARKS, H&K trademarks are beautiful in my opinion
-The safety, it feels very loose, and when engaged, if i pull the trigger down a few times the safety wiggles into fire
-polymer outer barrel, it has not given me any issues i just wish it was steel
-no threads available unless you purchase a new outer barrel
-No rail on the bottom unless you order and adapter
by Alan S. on 2014-06-16 10:58:03
"This pistol has great performance and the look and construction is excellent. The one big problem that happened is after firing maybe over 100 bb's, the slide stopped fully cycling. I took the gun apart and there was no problem but when I disassembled the ns2 system I noticed that the rubber on the piston head which allows the gas not to escape was cracked and part of it was gone. Without the piston head the gun will not work properly. It was very shocking to think kwa put such a crumbly crackly rubber. If you buy this gun I would make sure that you oil the piston head after every 3 mags or so. Great pistol but only lasted for a little over 100 shots. I hope you learn to take good care of that pisto. Head so you don't waste 150 dollars.
by Nicholas L. on 2014-04-08 14:07:19
"When this gun is actually working it is FANTASTIC. However it came to me already broken (faulty O-Ring and recoil spring). Now after returning it, it works flawlessly. It is a little weak on the recoil, but it can only be so good. It's lightweight, with metal where you need it and not where you don't. It is also actually balanced, unlike most pistols I've seen. Overall, it's a 9/10.

-Realistic weight (fairly light)
-Great hop up
-Decocking lever (pull down on safety switch)
-Comfortable grips

-Came broken
-Godawful repair/warranty service from KWA (you actually have to get it serviced through Umarex USA)
-No threaded barrel/removable orange tip
by Terry L. on 2013-11-30 21:25:11
"This KWA USP is another great gbb from KWA. When I opened the box and picked it up, the gun was very solid and felt very nice in my hands. The upper slide is metal and the lower frame is plastic, but nice plastic. This gun is licensed so you get the beautiful H&K trades on it. The gun also has a functional decocking feature which is activated by pushing the saftey catch down. It is much wider than a 1911 and is slightly wider than a Glock so if you have small hands, this can be a big gun for you. The slide wobbles left and right but it is very small and not noticeable when in use on the field. One full charge of green gas can last you a little more than 2 full loads of bbs. Very gas efficient and accurate up to 100+ feet which is impressive for a handgun. one thing to note is that the outer barrel is plastic and the gun was very dry when I opened it up. The plastic used on the outer barrel isn't terrible but should be handled with caution. As for the internals being dry, it can be easily fixed with some proper lube. Overall, a great, reliable sidearm.

NS2 system is reliable
Good weight and functional decocking system
Wide gun (can be a con if you have small hands)
Ambidexterous mag release
Licensed by H&K

Outer barrel is plastic
Needs MAJOR lube

Pros outweigh cons here, so go get this gun!
by Carlton A. on 2013-07-20 07:42:17
"This is the best gun I have ever had. It is 1/1 to the real USP and it shoots amazingly. 200+ feet I got right in the center of my target. Olny one problem, the hopup breaks easily.
by Jamie A. on 2012-02-27 17:23:14
"OK first things first i absoultly love this gun......but it has some minor problems. I had used it in a pistol only match and it worked perfectly for it. after shooting this gun multiple times and using multiple mags, something very weird happened....... the safety catch broke...... not very helpful at all.......

1. nice decent fps
2.not a gas hog
3. nice sights
4. comfortable

1. the safety catch
2. the ugly orange tip

all in all it is worth it but be careful about the safety catch
by Ryan D. on 2012-02-08 16:38:35
"if you are looking for a pistol this is it
extremly accurate
good range
nice feel
easy to shoot
reallistic down to the serial number

its too good
by Ian F. on 2011-05-03 15:33:53
"This is a fantastic weapon and one of my favorite pistols i have shot thus far. KWA is known for their great weapons and this is no exception. My friend purchased this and never used it because he is always rocking his KWA M4s system. He allowed me to use it and i was unsure. I fired one shot at a target that was unrealistically far away and the bb made contact. At once a large smile cracked my poker face. I put my CYMA galil down and wanted to see how i could do with only this one pistol. Every one else was out on my team and i clutched the whole game. I ended out taking out 8 people with it in less then 20min. I would not recommended using it as a primary, but there are few better secondary weapons out in the airsoft world.

The feel in your hand is comfortable, and the switch from safety to fire could not be much smoother. The box is padded which is nice, you may even want to transport it in the box.

The only down side is that the mags are expencive, at $40 for a mag you would be saving money with a m9 ptp, though m9s are less enjoyable. This weapon is great and you cant go wrong with KWA.

This review was to help potential buyers and if i helped you please say so in your review, thanks.
by Sawyer C. on 2011-01-06 09:15:21
"I totally agree with the post before me! This gun is the best bang for your buck!! I have had it for a few months and it is still amazing everytime I shoot it.

Out of the box it shot 380. I can go through a mag and a half with a fill of gas when it is 60 degrees out. and it is quite loud.

The only thing that I have had a problem with is the piece on the gun that locks the slide back snapped. It doesn't affect the performance. The gun still shoots like normal. A new piece is 14 bucks.

I highly recommend getting this gun even though it is a bit expensive compared to other guns. and the extra mags a 40 bucks a pop. Which is also kind of expensive. If you have the money, BUY THIS GUN!!!
by Greg H. on 2010-05-15 14:37:09
"Ok when I first got the gun in the mail, I was very impressed by how heavy it was. It feels very solid and in the picture, the grips look kind of plasticy but I can assure evryone that they do not look that way in person.

The funny thing is, my gun has trademarks and it also has the tip of the barrel sticking out the front like the USP tacticle, but its not a threaded barrel nor does it say tacticle on the side. It just says KWA KP45. Thats would be my only complaint: its not like the picture.

Maybe I just got some freak hybrid or something.

Other than that, it shoots great and looks amazing. The sights are really nice.
by Joe R. on 2010-03-26 08:50:58
i got this pistol about a month ago and i have to say its awesome!
slide cycles very smoothly. can break down with out an effort. accuracy is pretty good too.
the fps with mine was chronoed my myself at 322.4 fps adv. at 68 degrees


good fps
easy to use
great hopup
NS2 system
very gas effecient
working de-cocker
double action


pretty pricey
mags cost like $40
by Josef H. on 2009-04-27 17:59:07
"WOW... That's all i have to say about thig gun! it's amazing if you looking for a nice blow back this is the one you want it comes with everything you need except green gas. It looks great it has the perfect weight... Invest my friends it is trully worth it trust me.

The only issue i have had is once the gun jammed but i took the clip out and pulled the slide back twice and it was good haven't missed a beat since!

I'm in love with the hop us system and you will never have any problems adjusting it so you can get it dead on the mark.

I can't say much more except that i love it so take my advice invest.

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