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SRC Limited Edition SR-33 TT-33 Full Metal Airsoft Gas Blow Back Pistol

6 Customer Reviews

by steven k. on 04/06/2018
"Good gun, wish there was a conversion kit for it where you can turn it in to the MP-443 Gratch if you're doing a Russian loadout
by Caleb H. on 08/21/2016
"I bought this gun for my PLA loadout, since it's the closest thing to a Type 54.

So here are my thoughts:

Highs: the externals are very nice. Looks nearly identical to the real steel TT-33. The zinc alloy is nice although it give me a UKarms springer feel, since UKarms exclusively uses zinc alloy. It feels solid in the hand, smaller than I expected but that's not a bad thing. Trigger is stiff like the real thing, the blowback functions smoothly, and overall it works well. Mags are not leaky either.

Lows: Accuracy and range are mediocre. I guess that could be fixed with the hop-up. The FPS is lower than I'd like as well, but it's a GBB and can't be helped (I'm no tech anyways). And mags are pricey because the gas goes into the mag, but not as pricey as some other GBBs.

Verdict: I recommend this gun, as either a prop or a WW2 style backup pistol.
by Noah N. on 12/17/2015
"You better buy it if you are interested in these types of pistols, Its your best bet. Great pistol and comes in a cool box.
by James M. on 04/02/2014
"This pistol is a very good pistol for the money especially since its limited edition and each one is individually numbered per each year built. But it does function well. Recoil is pretty good and accuracy is above average for the price range. There are some things that aren't bad per say but things to watch out for. One being the mag feed lips be careful with them as they can break easy if you let the magazine spring spring forward a lot without your finger on top of the feed lip while loading the mag with bbs. Also and here is the biggy. Do not insert the magazine without depressing the magazine release button. If you don't do this your magazine feed lips may and most likely break but if you do hold it til the magazine is in fully and then release it will hold and lock the mag in place no problem and the mag lips will be no problem. Lastly the hop up is adjusted via a alan key and that's a bit of a pain but not that big of a deal. In conclusion I would give this pistol an 8 out of 10 for value for money and 9 out of 10 for functionality and realism with the build quality since there is no plastic on the gun besides the mag feed lips and the grips!
by Rakan A. on 12/17/2015
"Love this gun to death! Everything is so realistic. It acts just like a real one too! The down side to this gun is that the mag takes way to much gas from me, but other than that it's a great a gun to buy. I recommend it to people who are interested in it.
by Ian J. on 03/14/2017
"mag catch broke about a week in but one quick fix later i fixed it but it may come apart in the field so look after it , all in all its a fun gun to have