Reviews: Goblin SOLO Airsoft Compact Shotgun Paintball Launcher Marker Set - Black

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by Robert T. on 2015-10-27 16:51:37
"I just got this yesterday, tested it out to day. This shoots further than expected and quite accurately for a mini shotgun. When shot you get a loud report as with most gas weapons not really meant for stealth. Everything about this mini launcher is great, very concealable light weight and very easy to use.

Only negative things about this are it doesn't have a full grip so very awkward to hold until you find a good way to single hand it for those quick "I don't have time to aim at you, take this" moments but not really too bad. I'd have to say the worst thing and most important is:
The Co2 shot is so powerful that when shooting the blast will shoot out the 4 little O-rings holding in the BBs so after that the BBs just rolled out. But considering this came with extra O-rings not too worried. I'll just have to find a way to keep those rings from flying with the BBs

Forgot to mention as mentioned on the sight it does come with carrying holster which can hold 2 shells on the side each shot she'll holds 12 BBs exactly no more maybe less if you'd like but don't see reason to do so. Comes With 2 extra shells (shotgun shell that holds BBs not the gas cartridge itself aside from the one it comes with already)
When charging the gas cartridge with Co2 a good second is about enough to get a good shot and distance as well as heavier BBs fly straighter less spread but drop sooner and vice versa with lighter BBs

Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews)