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WE Newest Version Full Metal 1911 Military Airsoft Gas Blowback with Mock Silencer & Threaded Barrel

7 Customer Reviews

by James D. on 11/15/2016
"Great gun

This gun was and still is great and it has worked perfectly all year.

Comes with the silencer
Good starting pistol

by Jake K. on 02/21/2012
"To the guy who said the safety was sticky, good review. I have a realsteel 1911 and the safety was the same way. Its mostly made to quickly switch off the safety. Keep it oiled well and over time you will be able to push it up with one thumb. I'm just saying not to worry about the safety on this, it is made that way. An this is a great gun. It is accurate and a great gbb for the money.
by Dylan K. on 11/26/2011
"this pistol is BEAST i love it!!!

all metal (except for the grip)
strong kick
silencer looks really good and makes it more accurate
every thing else

mags r expensive (not really a con because there really well built

Overall this is a great cqb weapon and it is very accurate
PS sorry about any bad type I have a broke finger
by Jesse T. on 11/18/2011
"Outstanding gun. Bought it for a prop and couldn't be happier. All metal, takes green/red/propane. Great weight and the suppressor looks boss!

Jason Bourne would be proud.
by Matt R. on 10/28/2010
"Awesome pistol that looks great with the mock silencer and threaded barrel installed, otherwise, it is the WE 1911, which is probably the best 1911 to get today.

Great accuracy
Easy to take apart and clean
Easy to find mag
Lots of upgrade parts and slides you can buy
True scale and very authentic look and feel
Good range and grouping

Silencer is really for decoration but the threaded barrel is useful, you can put tracer units on it.
by Jacob T. on 05/04/2017
"Hey I just got this pistol today and it is amazing! By far greatest pistol I have purcahsed. Although, i did have issues taking off the red tip for the suprssor, which for mine does not shoot with. The supressor cant be shot with atleast on the one that they sent me. So now I have to purchase a new screw on for the pistol, or a compensator
by Staci H. on 12/25/2011
"I recieved this gun today and upon opening I was very pleased. The gun looked great and I imediately popped in a mag and took some test shots in the backyard. It seemed to hit hard and had deadly accuracy. One of the problems I faced right away was the attatching of the silencer. The orange tip had to be removed in order for the silencer to be put on, and may I just say that it was the hardest tip to remove of any of my guns. I would think the tip would have been easier to remove given that it is neccessary for the silencer. Another problem I am facing is with the primary safety on the slide. I can't seem to push it up. All in all a good gun, can't wait to use it on the field.

Full metal
Looks great with silencer attatched
Hits hard and accurate

Hard to remove orange tip
Slide safety does not seem to function
Slight barrel wobble