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WinGun Full Metal M87 CO2 Airsoft Gas Non-Blowback Pistol

4 Customer Reviews

by Payne M. on 12/16/2016
"This gun is awesome!!!!! I just got it and let me say it shot flawless with 23.s. Let's look at the pros and the cons.

- Pros
- heavy (depends on what you like)
- shoots flawless
- the grip feels nice in my hand
- the gun has no plastic feel what so ever
- has a really cool shade of grey and black
- gun is full metal
- mag is full metal
- you can find extra mags (I say this because some guns you cant find extra mags)
- the Co2 is easy to put in
- the mag comes out really nicely

- Cons

Over All this gun is awesome defenitley a good buy. This is also not a cqb gun but it will work in a milsim or outdoor event.
by Dustin S. on 08/25/2015
"I've owned this pistol for a few months now, so I can honestly tell you that this gun is amazing. I definitely wouldn't recommend this gun for CQB, reason being as stated before me: this pistol's FPS is too high for closer targets. It's practically a pocket sniper. I've figured this out from both ends of the barrel. I've broken people's skin and I've had people break mine, both being from 40-50 ft through clothing. It's very accurate with higher-gram BBs and is pretty reliable too. Also, the M87 seems to be a very CO2 conservative pistol, while still maintaining it's high FPS.

I only have two issues with this gun, but so far only one has gotten me shot:
- The clip is too small to only haul around one. Even if you're only using it for a secondary, 15 shots doesn't seem to do enough damage.
- The bottom rail wiggles a bit, but it does not seem to be noticeable unless you are actually looking for it.

In the end, this is an overall great pistol for the price. I highly recommend it.
by Nick K. on 06/25/2015
"Outstanding gun. I love this pistol.
+ Very far range, I feel the posted range (70-100) is for .20g BBs. I use .25's and can shoot 150-200 feet (with 150 being still accurate) and .30's shooting at 175-250 (200 being still accurate).
+ The FPS is awesome, however i would recommend a 20-25 foot bang rule, getting shot at 15 feet out has been painful (I tested it myself after shooting a friend in-match).
+/- Minor problem, the mag size is only 15 but if used as a sidearm this isn't a problem (I use it as a primary over my mosin nagant).
- Only problem is the Neon sights, they look cool, but broke after my second game.

I rate 10/10
by James M. on 11/15/2011
"The lower on this gun looks and feels like a cheap plastic but it is in fact metal. Not one of WinGuns better designs but as a target shooter or backyard plinker, it's not bad. I would strongly recommend not using it for skirmishing though as the fps is too high to be safe at pistol ranges. Mine chrono'd 400+ right out of the box with .2's, which is way too hot for safe use at close range.
As a target pistol though, this is a very good choice. Great range and accuracy, and much more gas conservative using co2 than a Gbb would be. hard to beat $70 for a good accurate 'squirrel-bane'. (j/k about the squirrel thing...never ever shoot animals with airsoft guns...just other players)