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WG High Power Full Metal 1911 Compact Airsoft Co2 Powered Gas Pistol - Chrome / Wood Grip

4 Customer Reviews

by Kevin R. on 04/04/2011
"Bought this gun to go with a costume for holloween because it was cheap and it looked like the gun the character used. Also I wanted a smaller sized sidearm (I collect many handguns) Of all my handguns this is by far the strongest. I have a co2 m9 that I fired with .12 for laughs that fired 550+ I fired this gun with .20's and it was wayyy over 600 so much id dont know why its on evike. This is not recommended for cqb or even matches. It is a very good gun, but it is way to dangerous for play.

Pros: High Fps, very accurate, basically a heavy hunk of metal but very well built, bottom rail for flashlights or laser, fits almost all holsters. co2 rarely jams, doesnt need to be cleaned.

Cons: Built in mag, Not recommended for shooting at people, kind of cheap grip. One piece.(literally, no spare mags, no upper slide)

Overall a really good gun, well built and powerfull. Highly recommended for collection or mild home defense. Not for in game airsoft.
by Ralph M. on 03/10/2011
"i got this gun and as soon as i played the next air soft game i won leavin a mark on every one

pros,feels reel extremely accurate and no one cheats saying there not shot with this baby.

cons,realy loudd!!!

i recomend buyin it has a built in magg and every thing!! WORTH 55 BUCKS!!
by vince j. on 09/03/2010
"I bought this gun thinking cheap just whatever side arm. well we chronode it with .42g bb it shot
608fps at nashville airsoft. do not shoot people with this gun! we are known by this pistol now,
everyone wants to look at it but quickly denys getting shot by it. its very loud and scary befor we
chronoed it at nashville we used it one cqb match. upon firing down the hall i heard my friend
scream "WTF IS THAT" they thought i was firing a m203 at them. This gun is def worth 55 dollars for
the wtf factor of it. i recomind it.just please do not fire at someone with it, it will cause serious harm.
i really dont know what they were thinking making it so powerful but i love it.

PS. Shot through my bedroom door at 10ft.

Glenn-Mississippi Heavy Metal.
by Elijah K. on 12/25/2010
"Pros: High FPS, very accurate, all metal except for the grip, compact and over all a good gun

Cons: dose not take mags loads by a built in mag in the slide able grip,