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Model: GP-WG-NB4601-B
Location: 762522 Y10-M21 U10-M02 Y10-M18 WSO3-M03 U7-M15

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by Aaron F. on 2010-09-16 19:04:24
"I wrote a very nice long review praising this gun.
When I hit continue it had an error and now its gone....
O well here is a short and sweet one.

It's an awesome gun. Price is great as well as performance. A multi-tool was included in mine that adjusted the hop-up and rear sight. The photos don't give it justice. Also .23 BBs recommended.

An easy 5 stars at $65.
by sheri r. on 2010-09-15 17:13:12
"this gun is amazing its shoots really accurate with .25 gram and i mean come on the gun is beautiful and it shoots good im the leader of a pro airsoft team and i prefer this gun
by Gabriel Z. on 2010-09-10 19:09:16
"This is by far the greatest non blowback pistol on the market! Very fast and has a very good feel to it. The weight is fine and it is easy to move around with. I also like the consumption rate of CO2. got 10 reloads out of one cylinder!

Good Weight
Good FPS
Good look
Great Feel!
Excellent Accuracy
Great CO2 consumption
Adjustable sights
Easy pull back
Good Price

Mag. sorta hard to take out but not too much of a problem

Overall, excellent gun! Over exceeded my expectations.
by tyler r. on 2010-09-03 16:05:59
"This gun is amazing!! I just got it today and I shot it like 100 times with one co2 cartrige. This thing went straight threw a soup can from about 20 feet away. I can't wait till Saturday wen I get to use it Ina war. I highly reckimend this gun. :3
by Alex M. on 2010-08-30 21:26:24
"I need a gas magazine for his, and soon. I can't play in a big tournament with CO2. Where can i get a gas mag????

Webmaster: type in MAG_WG4601 in the search box
by stephen h. on 2010-06-27 14:16:24
"During a battle, I ran out of ammo in my sniper... my spotter had his back to a guy who was shooting at him. He had this pistol, I grabbed it and shot him twice in the chest at over 120 feet. this pistol has amazing range, power, and endurance... not jams, misfires, or any complications. The pistol gets between 12-15 mags with one CO2 cartridge (shooting at a decent fps). I have been playing airsoft for over 6 years and this pistol is the best CO2/gas pistol I have ever used. Get one for these reasons:
good endurance
great fps
range of any aeg
easy to change CO2 on the field (big importance)

only 16 rounds per mag.
need a small Allen's wrench to change to hop-up.

overall, this is an excellent side-arm. i recommend getting multiple extra mags.
by John S. on 2010-06-23 17:09:56
"This is my first gas pistol.....This gun is beautiful! Insanely high fps and fairly accurate. I shot off 4-5 clips worth with one co2 cartridge. It weighs almost as much as the real steel, and looks great. Contrary to what I believed, this gun is semi-automatic (I thought because it was non-blowback I'd have to keep on cocking the slide); just keep pulling the trigger, and voila....except the slide doesn't move. Or manually cock the hammer for a lighter touch on the trigger. The only minor complaints I have about the gun are that the safety is a little hard to engage and the slide doesn't spring back forward after cocking (I have to help it a bit). Also, it looks as though its not easy to disassemble; the instructions don't show you how nor do they mention anything about lubrication or cleaning. Other than that, it looks like a solid, durable gun.
by Anthony M. on 2010-06-13 02:23:10
"This is a beautiful gun! I have been studying it for about 2 weeks now and everything said about it checks out! Never have I seen so much power In such a beautifully crafted gun! I rate it a 5/5 and I dont even have it in my grasp yet. If you are looking for a pistol with power and looks...then this should be a revolation for you guys.

~From a true Gun Collector and player of AirSoft Games-Anthony Matos
by Bennie R. on 2010-06-09 15:43:29
"The gun has a good solid build. You can acutally aim the gun by looking down the sights and the accuracy is great. If you have trouble with poor accuracy pay attention to the mm rather than the weight of the shot (like 6mm bbs compared to .12 .20 bbs. i use 6mm .20 bbs and it shoots like a rifle). Very easy to load shots. Then I heard a rumor that it could only shoot 90 shots per CO2 but i counted to about 120 and then decided to stop shooting at random things. The CO2 still had alot of gas left in it when i took it out...a waste....

Problems that I've had would be that chambering the first round can often chamber 2-3 bbs if you dont do it very quickly. The hopper can also be a bit tricky to get a hold of but once its set your good for a long time. You have to take the time to get to know the gun and you will probably need an extra mag. It holds exactly 16 shots and they can go quick if your not paying attention.
by Chase F. on 2010-06-03 09:26:13
"I cant stop talking to people about this gun after I got it. It is incredible. It shoots like a 200.00 gas blow back but the only difference is that it is non blow back and that means you get more shots on the battle field. I would recommend this gun to any won who is looking for a GOOD back up weapon. I use it as a backup weapon because I am a sniper and it has not let me down so far. GET THIS GUN YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.
by Cole G. on 2010-06-02 06:35:28
"This is an amazing gun. It shoots around 480fps with .20 grams. It has good range and its pretty accurate. For the price this is one of the best CO2 airsoft pistols for less than $100.
by Leo H. on 2010-05-30 20:00:25
"This is the first review ive written. i bought this gun last Christmas, and my friend also got this gun a while later. its a solid gun overall. it has some minor problems tho.

the handle on the bottom that u turn to put the co2 mag in has a spring so that it stays down. its on my gun but its not on my friends. the hop up screw broke on mine but works on my friends.

when u pull the slide back it will get stuck on the hammer sometimes.

it is NOT full metal. the lower part of the gun is plastic_ it dosent seem like cheap plastic but i haven't had any problems with it. the major parts of the mag, except for the handle on the bottom are metal
most of the firing components are in the mag itself and its very reliable. i haven't had it jam at all.

the pack of bb's it comes with are not high quality. u can fire low grade bb's (off brand .12's or not high polished) but i wouldn't recommend it because its not accurate at all with them.

this gun has lots of power like most Win-Gun models. it WILL make you bleed if you are shot with it.

it shoots at a faster fps with the hammer already cocked.

you can get about 2-3 mags out of a Co2 canister before u can tell its losing power

it is a good gun for the price and it packs a punch that u would expect from a non-blowback Co2 pistol.

Displaying 61 to 72 (of 91 reviews)

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