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WE-Tech DM 3.8 Compact Airsoft GBB Pistol (Color: Dark Earth)

15 Customer Reviews

by Felipe T. on 12/01/2016
"I've had this gun for a while and i fielded it for the first time, it performed really well! it is gas efficient and has good range to it. It needs heavier bbs to be accurate or else .20 will fly straight up. .23 or .25 works best in this.

gas efficient
heavy (con for some)
good blowback
good range

by Tyler W. on 08/25/2015
"This is a great little compact .45. It has good gas efficiency (with compact mag) I can get 1.5 to 2 mags off. Fit all my real steel XD/XDM holsters. This pistol came with 3 or 4 extended plate for full size mags and a 6.03 tight bore as well :0. This pistol will work forever if you clean it and keep it lubed as all pistols should be. IGN 11/10.
by sam r. on 05/24/2015
"Mine has been very good to me. These are made in Taiwan and it definitely shows. I would strongly suggest upgrading this with a Maple Leaf bucking and a stainless steel 6.01 pistol. The performance with those upgrades is phenomenal.
by David F. on 08/22/2014
"This was an outstanding deal on a magnificent pistol. Realistic in so many ways. I particularly like the options with the included magazine and backstrap pieces to improve the grip. If you are a novice or seasoned Airsoft shooter, you will definitely want this gem in your collection.
by Derek S. on 08/15/2013
"What a great deal! This one comes with two mags, two extra mag extensions for longer mags and two more grip parts to change the width of the grip - AND if you use a coupon code, you can save same hard-earned money!

The serials all match from the frame to the slide to the barrel (not unique), the integrated safety under the rail is metal and works w/o issue. It has a great feel and is nicely balanced, and it has a good kick to it. I only put a few rounds through it and it packs a punch. Get it!
by Patrick S. on 05/02/2013
"EXCELLENT!!! I got mine a few weeks ago and had too much fun. I must have put over 10000 round through it already still works like new
by Damian R. on 02/14/2013
"I LOVE this gun!!! very realistic, heavy, good size ( bigger size or smaller size) i picked the smaller size and it still is a good size. i got it at superstore in california for 102 bucks with green gas, 2 magazines ( already come with gun)

good fps (300)
magazine sizes ( 18 and 28)

by Randy T. on 05/06/2015
"This is a great gbb pistol shoots nice only problem I have is that it only came with the 17 round mag it would be great if it had included the larger mag.
by Avery H. on 01/13/2014
"As with any GBB Pistol made by WE, this pistol will have the same cool down problems as any of the rest one would imagine, I was wrong in assuming this, however. This is a fantastic and realistic airsoft version of the springfield armory xdm, a gun I personally admire in the real firearms world.

Two Magazines
Decent resistance to cool down (for WE)
Metal Slide
FPS sits around 300 with .2 for me which is good
easy to disassemble
Very similar to the Glock design, Glock users with have an easy time with this gun.
many safety features
different long magazine fitters as well as actual grip fitters for extra comfort all around.

none that I can really think of as of right now aside from the basic cool down stuff
one can not expect outstanding accuracy with a compact pistol, so I did not take it into account.

I guide and review it on my youtube channel: Gangrel115 if you want to see it disassembled.
by Sayar K. on 11/30/2015
"Overall I like the weapon. It comes stock with a 6.03mm barrel. I am only giving it three stars because it's accuracy is a bit iffy and my pistol only came with one 14-round magazine even though it pictured two magazines.
by ANTHONY H. on 05/29/2015
"The pistol looks and works great. It's very realistic and feels really nice. I am giving a low rating because Evike only sent the smaller magazine with my pistol. On the WE website and everywhere else I've looked it seems the pistol is suppose to come with 2 magazines (one standard and one extended). Three other reviewers even mention the extra magazine. I called to report that my extra magazine was not in the box, but I was told that it only comes with one mag. I really like the pistol, but I feel like Evike ripped me off by not including the extended magazine.
by Andrew B. on 05/27/2015
"Great pistol at first. Magazines were leak free and held enough gas to get through 1.5 to 2 mags worth of bbs. Larger mags available and comfortable. Gun has crisp blowback and is pleasantly accurate. However, durability is low. After less than a month I have had a component of the internal frame brake off as well as a broken take down lever. Both were metal, and snapped cleanly. 3 stars for great performance when it was in tact.
by Thomas V. on 06/10/2015
Heavy feel
Realistic feel and look
Three different functional safety's
Hop up
Snappy recoil, gas efficient
Double-stacked mag, higher capacity
Customizable parts included
Orange tip does come off, typical of WE, and you can use a silencer adapter and suppressor with it

Can be hard to take slide off of receiver at first, needs to be in the right place (gets easier after breaking in the slide)
*Wrong/defective mag?
*Will only fire when pressing mag up after manually setting the "hammer" back, with the mag butt off
**Looked used, scuffs on plastic receiver, deep scratches on the end of recoil spring guide rod

*I have a problem with mine, reason for the low rating. I wish to gove this a better review in the future. I noticed something was wrong when trying to fire it for the first time with propane, and it didn't fire. I took the slide off, revealing the internal hammer components above the grip. I knew that when the hammer strikes, it pushes forward a block of metal that contacts the gas release pin on the backside fof the mag. Upon further inspection, this block is loose, free to move up and down and backwards with the hammer cocked back. I figured that it moves so loosely backwards because it needs to disconnect and let off of that gas release pin of the mag. After studying the action closely, I realized the block did not need this free backwards motion, as the disconnect is when the slide slides over a spring loaded tab on the rail to disconnect the trigger, and the block should move backwards with the hammer when the slide cocks back. Also, I believe this block may be missing the mag gas pin completely and therefore not firing. I took the mag end off and put it back into the mag well, and noticed a lot of up-and-down play inside the mag well. If I were to pull the slide back, put the mag in, let the slide forward, it will not fire. If I pull the slide back, reach up inside the mag well with my finger to manually flick this block back (because it moves freely backwards only when the hammer is cocked), then put the mag in, and let the slide forward, and push the mag firmly upwards, it has a 1/5 chance of firing, hitting the gas pin on the backside of the mag. It has maybe a 1/10 chance of cycling if it does fire, and the slide does not slide all the way forward (almost by 2mm from return) because the mag top is scuffing the slide's air chamber block. I feel like I'm missing a piece or a spring near that striking block for the mag gas pin, because it's almost always never striking it, no gas is coming out or redirected elsewhere. It could be that the pistol is defective, the mag is defective, or simply the wrong mag. My review is long because I also seek help for my problem, but may soon resort to disassembling it or selling it cheap to avoid the hassle of shipping it back for repair services.

**When I first got this, I noticed deep scratches all over the exposed end of the recoil spring guide rod, as if someone pushed the muzzle end of the gun straight down onto concrete. No loose metal parts were in the box and could have done this, I suspect this was used or mishandled or half refurbished. Aesthetically, I don't mind, I only bring this up because it may suggest that I was shipped a faulty gun, whether on accident or assumed functional.

This is not a complaint, just my thorough experience with the gun thus far, before I decide what to do with it.
by caleb m. on 12/12/2016
"i bought this gun and it fires in full auto leaks gas trigger went stiff NEVER EVER BUY THIS GUN IT IS HORRIBLE
by Sam W. on 05/17/2015
"This gun it terrible. Ive never shot it in a game because when i got it i first went out and shot it. The next day i fired it again and the bigger mag was broken! and also is is so un gas efficient that i have to fill it 2-3 times or more just to shoot the whole mag!

has a lot of kick
nice feel, i like the polymer bottom and metal slide

mag does not hold enough gas
mags are poor quality
hop up is too high, when it is on no-hop, with .25 gram its still too much hop up
About a week after i got it i dropped it on carpet (this is my fault) but the slide locked back and would not come forward. after a few hours i gave up trying to fix it and let it be for about a YEAR! then one day i decided to try to fix it again and i finally after just flutsing with it is came back!
everything else possible