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WE-Tech Full Metal Extreme Tactical DM40 Airsoft GBB Gas Blowback Pistol

3 Customer Reviews

by Wil I. on 11/21/2016
"I have the model with the gold slide, which is not on Evike, so I will do my review on this, since the only difference is the slide color. I've had this pistol for about a month now, and it is performing exceptionally well. It has a nice magazine capacity of 26+1 rounds, which is really helpful for longer airsoft rounds. $20 for mags is not that bad, so I'll be buying a spare or two soon. Disassembly is very easy to catch on to, as the slide, recoil spring, inner and outter barrel are simple to take out. The only thing I wish would improve on this gun is the gas efficiency, which only gives me a couple mags of green gas. It could just be the one mag I'm working with though. Mine chronos at about 330 to 340 FPS which is good for me, since the FPS regulation at my local indoor CQB park is 350. Overall, I would recommend this gun for anyone who wants a nice reliable gas blowback pistol or any fans of the Springfield XDM real steel models.
by Edward Q. on 01/17/2013
"I received this pistol about 2 weeks or so ago...ordered another one shortly after...the reason??? These pistols are more awesome than the word awesome describes. After getting the first one, the overpowering idea of double wielding them immediately set in, so much more than the idea of a pair of 1911s ( I have one, and it's a cool gun, but, to me, not the ideal, and I was merely browsing new arrivals when I came across the DM-40 and my eyes popped out of my head. I had previously been hoping to find a pistol, other than all the present ones on the airsoft market).

They work very well, and the only thing is that there is no manual. I'm sure it's because they are assembled from the parts sold separately on the web site (but better, you get a magazine). I would hope in the future that up-grades, as well as maintenance parts, become available.

Final note(to potential facebook critics): ..yeah, I could get a real one, but then I wouldn't be able to tag others with bb's, and hence, not kill them, because in actuality guns are better as a means to a fun game and a new approach to respecting one another --- the ingenuity of the mechanism itself.
by Brandon D. on 10/15/2015
"Initially I was impressed with this pistol. Sadly that went right out the door after about 15 mags through this the rear sight came loose and the cheap pot metal piece that holds it all together broke then proceded to jam the slide and break the spring guide rod!! Evike is trying to get me repair parts but the process is slow. WE Tech support is absolutely worthless and barely even answers emails!! I suppose ill just buy a complete slide and lock tite the rear sight screw and be over the whole headach and have spare parts. Also The mag that came with it and the WE Tech spare I ordered both leak from both fill and release valves. I fixed the fill valve by taking the bottom of the mags apart and noticed metal slivers in the gas chamber from manufacturing(im sure this is the reason the valves leak). Im waitin for a valve tool to fix the top valves. If it werent for these minor issues i would 5 star rate this. I have the real steel Springfield XDM 9mm 4.5" and they are hard to tell apart at arms lenght. Awesome power and good gas capacity. Accurate enough for a pistol. I hope I can fix it soon so I can use it again!! Hope this helps others out.