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WE-USA Full Metal 3.8 Inch 2011 Hi-Capa Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistol - Bravo

13 Customer Reviews

by Max M. on 10/17/2014
"I got one of the last ones and this pistol is AMAZING!!! The recoil is better than any other GBB pistol i've shot and the best part is that its ACCURATE!!! I hit my friend in the nose when he was looking between two barrels that were spaced about 3 inches apart from about 50 feet away on the first shot!!! I bought this gun to play in pistol only games and this gun exceeded my expectations enough to use in a normal game and it is worth the money!!! BUY IT!!!
by anthony r. on 10/17/2014
"Well, I took a really good look at this gun and i noticed the 3.8 stands for the barrel length and that the gun has a good amount of recoil and i was just wondering if this gun lasts a good amount of time if you treat it in good condition? And can this gun use red gas?
by Jayson S. on 10/17/2014
"I JUST bought this gun. Took it out for a spin in the backyard, unfortunately I don't have a long enough backyard to do proper accuracy testing, but I don't think it matters at this moment. I may be slightly biased since this is the first gas pistol I purchased, but it's almost full metal design gives it a nice feeling in your hand. Plus it's nice that it has about three different safeties on it. Another reason I love this pistol is the amount of gas it uses (rather, the amount of gas it doesn't use). It will fire anywhere between 40 to 60 rounds on one charge. But if you're going to purchase this pistol, I recommend that you buy the propane adapter and silicon oil with it. It'll save you money down the stretch.
by jason k. on 10/17/2014
"this is a good gun nothing wrong with it and its not a gas killer i filled it up to full and it lasted me 2 clip thats like 60 shots and i love the blowback of this gun and there is some plastic parts on it but its heavy duty plastic wont break anytime soon
by Adrienne E. on 10/17/2014
"All I can say is WOW! This gun is totally awesome! When I first took it out of the included gun case, I noticed was how heavy and solid this gun felt. For the $95 I spent on it, this is really great and should be worth much more, about $120 at the most. Everything on it felt high quality and nothing felt cheap. It has a nice hard blowback kick to it and it's pretty loud, at least when using green gas. It is a nice backup pistol in the airsoft field in case your primary weapon runs out of ammo or malfunctions.
by Samuel K. on 05/01/2013
"Samuel K.
I bought this gun about a year ago and I am amazed with the realism and heft of it. When I fist took it out of the box my only thought was "WOW'' it's heavy but still it has amazing accuracy for it's short barrel length and kicks like a mule.

_ really fun to shoot
_ lots of upgrade and replacement parts should anything happen to it
_ rail mounts on the bottom for flashlights and etc...
_ kicks hard
_ realistic feels and weight
_ easy to field strip and clean
_ can take any mag from kjw tactical m1911 to tm hi capa 5.1 and down
_ accurate for it's size
_ looks B.A.

- cons
_ eats gas for breakfast
that's it

this gun is a great add on to any collection and at this price it's a steal for what you can make of it with all the upgrade parts available.
by Van q. on 05/01/2013
"I cant think of any gun i have used longer than this gun. We have been through a lot. the day i droped this gun was one of the sadest days of my life. tempted to buy it again.
by Eric L. on 04/26/2013
"Excellent weapon! I took it to play two days after I got it. I was cornered and only had this pistol. I squeased off a round and scored a head shot under fire from the opposing team from about 60 feet away with only his head visible. I'd say that's good accuracy for a pistol because I cant shoot for crap normally. Than I used it for my primary weapon in three more rounds and scored some more good hits with it. Needless to say, I'm satisfied.
by Chris C. on 04/26/2013
"Kicks hard as hell, shoots hard and feels great.
Although mine is not accurate, always shoots to the left like a foot or 2 off target from 30 feet.
But whatever its not a sniper...
by Ali A. on 04/26/2013
"i dont know where to start. i got this on christmas and to this day, i love it!!! not only is it accurate and fast, it has one of the hardest blowback kicks i've ever used. this full metal monster may be small but it is a killer! i dont know what i like more.... the smooth design or the amazing feel and power.

this airsoft pistol is recommended to players of all levels!
by will s. on 04/26/2013
"dood i got this gun 1 year ago and its sick FAST HEAVYWEIGHT ACCURATE AND A HIGH MAG CAP if your looking for a good accurate fast shooting gun its all yours
by Pavel D. on 04/27/2018
"It's pretty good I love it so far but for me the gas efficiency is a tad bit bad but I'ma get a different hop up bucking and see how it works otherwise everything else is really good
by J. Douglas N. on 04/30/2018
"I bought this gun because I needed to clear building. first day on the field (also first time firing it) I learn that despite having a 28 round magazine I only get 4 shots before I run out of green gas. didnt know if it was the mag or not so I pulled out the spare mag. filled it with green gas, STILL only fired 4 bbs.

other than the fact that I can only fire 4 bbs this is a good pistol, I had one of my friends shoot me for a pain test and it left a mark that lasted a week. the range is moderate at about 50ft maybe a bit more if I really zone in that hop-up.

so its a good gun but I need to figure out why the mag is only shooting 4 rounds