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Pre-Order ETA August 2017 WE-Tech Custom Samurai Edge Biohazard M9 Airsoft Gas Blowback - Two Tone

39 Customer Reviews

by Quan V. on 05/26/2012
"Have had this gun for almost 9 months and everything still functioning well
however, the slide release is too loose (not just my gun, i saw in a few reviews also) and sometimes it has issue, and this seems to be the only con with this gun
other than that the gun shoots perfect and kick feels great..still lovin' the imitation wood grip, it's plastic but looks and feels flawless
Idk what's wrong with the paint of the guy below, but the paint on my gun stays intact after 9 months..and i play with this gun like insane

- pretty mux everything Lol... probably the best resident evil M9 out there, dont waste money on the TM M9
- kick feels great and the gun is heavy
- flawless finish on the imitation wood grip, looks much better than the grip on the TM version
- consistent ~340fps .20gr

- too loose slide release
by Matthew S. on 04/12/2012
"The paint stays on nice and has a good feel. Also this gun is bulky once put in the hands of a 12 year-old little boy. I have this gun and I like it a lot because of it's awesomeness in every way from performance to design.
by Eric C. on 02/20/2012
"For one I just want to say this is a sick gun that not only shots fast but is accurate with .20 .25 and .28 my friend got me in to one and can't wait to get mine
by ramon g. on 01/08/2012
"first of all, this gun is awesome, i just received mine through a trade from a friend, and BTW adrian this has an adjustable hop up, disassemble to the inner barrel, a little golden flatehead you can adjust w/ your fingernail to adjust
anyways onto the review, i havent really feild tested it yet, but o man is this accurate or what, this gun performs amazingly with .25 bbs it goes accurate and far, i recommend .28 bbs for best performance, i dont know if it was my gun or not but i got a good one, i get about 2 mags on a fill of gas
Full metal(unlike the TM version)
ported outer barrel
gas efficient, performs well in cold weather
range is awesome
threaded outer barrel
by James D. on 01/07/2012
"This pistol is pretty awesome, okay not as awesom as the TM version but look at this price^ its ridiculously amazing for the price. Just got the gun about 3 days ago and today I went to Tac City Airsoft and managed to get 4 people out with it(as my sidearm). Love the gun and the looks. the 2 tone lets you see the awesome STARS logo, and the samurai edge markings on the opposite side the best. I need to find something to put over the logo in the grip just so it wont ware off, but yeah for 100 id just get another. i have tons of dough wrapped up in airsoft, including several kwa ptp gbb, TM, g&g, echo, jk, and CA aegs, and this is one of my favorites. but buy more magazines!!! its a must.
by Richard C. on 01/02/2012
"I am a HUGE fan of Resident Evil so if i had the money to buy this gun, I would, just so I could put together a Chris Redfield costume for Halloween and have it complete. I wouldn't even take it airsofting, I would have it for fun!!!
by Adrian P. on 12/01/2011
Great FPS (for cqb)
All metals
Kick back feels great
Accuracy is superb

Safety switch malfunction (Can be fixed)
No hop up system

P.s. The logo on the grip was said that it will wear off. But I happen to add some kind of "see through" rubber that help preserve it. That way it won't disappear on me. You should do the same if you want to keep the original looks for a long time. Thought it might b helpful for others.
by Walter C. on 11/23/2011
"Bought it, loved it and this gbb is simply amazing!

looks awesome, shoots awesome, dead accurate, beautiful and easy to take apart.

None. It is everything I expected and more! Thank you Evike!
by Aaron A. on 11/19/2011
"I got this sidearm in a box of awesomeness for $65 bucks. What a payout. This weapon is solid, feels like my real 92FS and looks amazing. The wood grips are convincing at even close range. The trademarks are a nice touch, especially the two tone.

Right out of the box, it gassed up and fired smoothly. No break in period and the inner barrel was SPOTLESS before even swabbing it. ROF is great and blow back action and trigger response are better than most.

Ok, so. Do not waste your time using .20g BB's. Your effective range will be 20ft and then the BB's arch straight up. I switched to matrix .25's and had a six inch grouping at 75ft. I would say .28's would be better but I'm all out.

Durable(so far)
Mag holds enough gas for a quick reload on the field.
Attention Getter

Needs heavyweight BB's to achieve accuracy
by michael g. on 11/17/2011
"this pistol is awsome... i just won the two tone one it out of the 65$ box of awsomness and i am super impressed with it. the trades are killer and the gun functions flawlessly. if fact it shoots better than my 130$ KWA ATP -__- . the trigger response is better and. it is much more accurate due to the 6.03 inner barrel
by Chris S. on 11/13/2011
"This is the ultimate pistol for the die-hard Resident Evil fan. As soon as I saw this, I bought it. I bought it when it was $130, and it dropped down to $110, then now $99 within a week. Cool huh? -__-

But anyway. This pistol is VERY solid. The full metal construction really makes it feel like you're holding a real Beretta. The grip is nice and thick, which I find pretty nice (even though I'm a Glock fanatic, I own a KSC G18C with full trades). The pistol is very accurate, nice blowback, and a solid kick. The laser engravings are VERY nice, very neat and concise. The grips are imitation wood, but still do the job nicely and it feels very solid and durable. The emblems on the grips seem like they may get chipped/wear down with use, so if you want to keep it in good condition, try not to bring this to a game. To me, this is really a collectors item or the perfect gift for the Resident Evil fan. The sights are also VERY nice. The safety is very stiff, but it still works. I actually prefer the safety to be stiffer, it pretty much eliminates the risk of accidentally putting on safe/fire while in a holster or elsewhere.

Overall, this is a great gun. I'm seriously considering buying a second one!
by Quan V. on 11/03/2011
"okay Evike, i give a 5 stars for this transaction, went smooth
the gun is right down awesome...much more beautiful than in the picture
the fake wood grip looks and feels flawless more than i expected.
by Jaiden P. on 10/25/2011
"Hey when I saw this gun it the pictures of the black Samurai edge, my face lit up and I said I NEED THAT. Now that it is here, I am certainly going to buy THIS ONE. I heard the slide release is REALLY lose from a friend that has the black model, but maybe this is a fix. It looks wonderful and would be perfect for me because now I too can have a custom samurai edge.
by Kameo H. on 04/02/2017
"I got this gun, and a week later, it kinda broke down and was being a little funky. But, I had lots of fun with it while it was still working.
Overall, a decent gun. I think I just got unlucky with my pistol.
by Braeden C. on 11/27/2016
"I only have two complaints about this gun. The safety being on the slide makes it hard to operate. I'm sure you could get the hang of it after a while but it probably won't be as fast as a 1911 safety. The other complaint is also a problem with the safety. The safety does not lock the slide in place like it would on a 1911, so that even if you have the safety on if you pull the slide back about 2/3 cm you can pull the trigger and it will fire. Not a very safe safety.