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WE-USA "5.1 Expert" 2011 HI-CAPA Railed Frame Heavy Weight Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistol - Two-Tone

9 Customer Reviews

by Brian R. on 07/20/2015
"This is my first gbb pistol and I couldn't be more impressed about it.
Pros: clean, crisp action
slight trigger pull
Cons: Takes a lot of gas to fire an entire mag of 30 rounds
by Justice S. on 07/13/2014
"This is one of the best investments of my airsoft "career." My most memorable moment with this weapon is when I hit two people roughly 20 yards away, a kid on my team was excited about how it sounded, then, when I exchanged into an extended mag, he said something very profane. I thought it was funny. This pistol has come very close to replacing my p90 in the cqb.

Amazing kick
Wonderful sound
Great weight
Crazy awesome look

Nothing that comes to mind

I would recommend an extended clip because A. it looks awesome and B. 50 rounds in a pistol is pretty amazing.
by Allante m. on 01/02/2014
"Iv had this gun for going on two years now. Still works like a charm and the best gas pistol iv ever owned. It has its up and downs but overall a great secondary if S hits the fan.

Mag lips break really easy, but there sold separately on here.
Hard gas hog. (shoots about 15/30 before mag runs out of gas. easier to only load 15)
After a while stops locking back when the clips empty (mine did at least)
Hop up might need replaced after a year

Scary loud and looking
Great for CQB
extremely durable
Kicks hard
Very customizable
Heavy (con or pro)
Unique (No one else is going to have this trust me, if the do show some respect)

overall good gun and not a bad idea to upgrade
by matt m. on 07/12/2013
"Got mine in the mail today, and already I'm thoroughly impressed. The weight is (in my opinion) perfect, it's heavy, with a light trigger pull and a crisp action. What I must say I like the most is the inner barrel, it's not a cheap looking brass barrel, (like the original in my 4.3), it's blue, looks like aluminum, and I really think its a tighter bore also. I did a little bit of playing around earlier and it seems to have close to the same fps, (no chrono yet), and more kick than my 4.3 with a 235mm 6.03 black python v.2 inner barrel. My only complaint is not of this gun in particular, but the pistol grip that WE uses, just means I need to get another Tanio Koba.
by Jack U. on 06/04/2013
"i must say! this gun is absolutely amazing I have no complaints about it at all! I live in Wisconsin and it works in cold weather!!!!!!!!!!! pros:
cons: NONE!!!!!!!!!!!!
by pericles e. on 04/07/2013
"This gun is worth the price the weight is good feels real and the accuracy is also good as well I don't see any down side to this gun.
by TOAN N. on 03/16/2012
"For me i love this gun. it has a good kick, i like it how it was design. if i was you, i will go buy it.
When this pistol came, i was so happy and cant wait to open it. when i open it, i sang and was dancing around. This gun is worth $105.00
by adam s. on 09/26/2011
"this is a really great! weapon has good kick to it.
i really dont have any complaints hands down powerful gun.
by Carrie M. on 04/01/2016
"I got this gun a while ago, and I was very impressed. That's when i noticed the mag was actually leaking (though it seems to be a WE issue) so after i contacted support, they told me to tighten the valve. When i removed the base plate from the bottom, the top of the valve and the o ring shot into my face, and all the gas expelled. Right in my nose. The valve actually turned out to have been broken at the threading, so it will need a new mag altogether. Overall, its a really good gun but the magazine is really just an unnecessary pain in the butt. should probably pick up an extra mag.