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WE-Tech Full Metal Custom 1911 Knighthawk Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistol (Color: Silver)

43 Customer Reviews

by Kamron L. on 04/08/2016
"I purchased this gun in early Feb. and I have to say, this gun is actually really good. I play a lot of outdoor games and I purchased a sidearm for the purpose of a backup. But since I don't have a primary anymore, I have started using this as a primary in OUTDOOR games. This gun is still great outdoors even though it's a CQC type weapon. All I do is put .28's in this bad boy and watch those bb's go, fairly, straight. If you plan on using it as a primary, purchase extra magazines for it, peferably the 16 round mag and not the 15 round.

-Good range for indoor and outdoor
-Great/Realistic weight for a pistol
-Solid build
-Good/realistic Blowback
-Unique style
-Solid Magazines surprisingly
-Good Accuracy
-Fairly Intimidating

-No Threads, on mine at least but some people apparently got threads... idk...
-No under-rail
-1/10 times the magazine won't fire which requires taking the mag out and putting it back in (not too bad, but annoying)
-Slide doesn't lock back when empty, on mine at least.

-Can fire off two clips with a single gas fill
-Little different/difficult to assemble than a real 1911
-16 round count
-Magazines aren't TOO expensive but do cost some money

That's all, and the "50/50" category is for stuff that isn't super great or bad, just, extra stuff you should know. Hope this helped!
by Zach H. on 11/28/2015
"This is an amazing gun. It looks beautiful with the golf ball effect, though I supposed that I can see why some don't agree. It is a very unique design and some people don't like that.

Very accurate, wind or no wind you can hit someone easily from ~75 feet at least.
Great construction, very easy to takedown and clean
Chrisp, perfect blowback
EVERYTHING is metal besides parts that could not be metal (metal hop up, non metal nozzle)
Great weight, makes blowback more realistic
Silver doesn't scratch easily, and most of the gun is made of it

Black scratches easily, but that is as it would on any gun with black parts, however grips have not been worn down at all with my shooting gloves
Low gas cap for the mag, but it is a single stack (~1 mag for each refill)
Mags sometimes don't feed after reloading, except first shot. My advice is to only load 14 bbs, too many and the feeder gets stuck at the bottom and u have to release it.
by Anthony M. on 10/15/2015
"Another great we tech purchase.
I own 2 we m9s a black and a sword cutlass and 2 1911s and this one by far is the hardest kicking of them all. I recommend this pistol to anyone.

Beautiful finish
Really hard kick
Not to heavy

Extended slide stop doesn't look right with the classic thumb safety but not a big deal .
Mine has some back and forth barrel wobble where my in custom has no wobble in the outer barrel. Again no big deal just a tad annoying when you hear it (which isn't often)

Overall it's an amazing pistol and a great addition to your or collection/arsenal. Hope this helps. You will love it I guarantee it.
by Devon T. on 10/06/2015
"A continuation of my review with the name Devon F. After lubing and cleaning the gun and magazines very well, the mags do not have any of the issues and the small issues with the gun I had are gone. I highly suggest like the reviewer below me that you LUBE YOUR GUN. I did not do so for almost a month after purchase and thought I broke it because of my negligence.
by Dillon C. on 06/02/2015
"Well, I have to be honest. Since it's my own gun, I have to love it! Since I got it I propaned the magazine and started firing. However, I had troubles with the propellant issue, because this gun is a gas-hog as airsofters might call it. However, here are some Pros and Cons of this excellent Gas Pistol:

~Smooth Kick
~Nice Weight
~Golf-like indentations make the gun feel great!
~Simple, and High FPS
~Great Price!

~Cocking the gun feels rugged
~Paint chips frequently
~Tough magazine lock

Overall: This pistol is a great addition to my new collection since I'm beginning. You'll only get 1 threaded black tip on this, and the orange one was glued by Evike because it was imported from Taiwan without a orange tip for USA guidelines. Have an adult always supervise you if you're in the use of propane and green gas. Always use goggles and protection when filling and firing a training pistol. Happy Pwning!

~Dillon Clements
by Sam W. on 10/12/2014
"This gun is awesome. Ive had it for about 2 years now and its worked pretty perfect!
-The dimples are awesome
-Feels good in your hand
-Thats what she said
-Nice weight

-The mag it came with is really bad after a couple months is leaked green gas but its ok because I just ordered 3 more mags!
by Matteo R. on 07/31/2014
"when i bought this gun it looked amazing and felt like the real deal has a decent kick and the weight was perfect for me and its all metal except for the 1 internal piece i found and its a dark blue and it shows that the gun can take off the orange tip but you actually cant

Pros: everything

Cons: nothing really could add the feature of taking off the orange tip and putting it back on.
by Joe L. on 07/09/2014
"I recently purchased this gun and I immediately took it outside and started shooting. I've easily put 30 mags worth of ammo through this gun and the gun has performed fantastically. It shoots really hard, feels great, and can be quite accurate, if you use heavy enough BBs. I recommend .25 or maybe a bit heavier. The slide on the gun is a bit wobbly, but it's no big deal. The blowback still feels hard and realistic. It's also very gas efficient, on warm enough days. I can get about a mag and a half and sometimes two on one fill. The only problem I've had with this gun (and it's not even the gun itself) is the magazine. The stock magazine stopped working well after about two weeks, and now it only shoots about 2 BBs on a fill. But that's just the magazine, so just order another one if need be. The one other thing about it is that the paint scratches a bit easily, but that can actually make it look battle-hardened, so it's not a huge problem.
High FPS
Solid blowback
Feels awesome

Wobbly slide
Bad mag
Paint scratches easily
by Nathan A. on 06/24/2014
"this is an amazing gun to start you, should defiantly consider buying this if you want a 1911. this gun is full metal except for the hand grips, this is a nice solid pistol. if you want a 1911 this is an amazing option.

full metal mag and gun
awesome looking
nice weight
awesome logos

slide (barely) wobbles

over all an amazing gun get this!!!!!!
by Michael G. on 06/10/2014
"A great green gas pistol. I used it in battle and worked great. My only complaint is sometimes if you fire too fast the piston pushes up the air reducer and you just have to push it back. It has only happened to me once or twice. You just need to spray all the moving pieces with silicon oil and the gun will run smooth.
by sam w. on 05/13/2014
"This gun is awesome shoots accurately and weighted nicely
well priced
great weight
simple take down
simple maintenance
great color
paint scratches easily
small mag
All and all great gun if in your budget get it!!!!!!!!
by trent a. on 03/30/2014
"This is an amazing gun 5/5
It performs well consistantly for me
Perfect fps, great accuracy with a little fine tuning
Overall a great gun
Very simlar to real 1911
Threaded barrel
Nice engravings
Good fps
Love the sights
Paint scratches really easy from all the movements
Hop up unit a little tough to get to
by Jonathan G. on 12/12/2013
"This is a real nice 1911. I love the dimpled "golfball" texture. It makes for an amazing feel. I'm having trouble gassing this gun up. I can't seem to get a secure fit with the green gas nozzle and I just seem to waste gas when I try to fill it. I have another mag coming in the mail, so hopefully that one will work out better. It is single stack and when I was actually able to fill it, I got two and a half mags before it was empty. I will say that I would have rather had the low profile sights like on the MEU. But I bought a rail adapter so I can attach a laser, so no biggie. Im more of a collector, and target shooter, than an actual airsofter, so I cannot say how well it holds up during gameplay. But if you're looking for a quality 1911 that looks and feels amazing, go for this one!
by Austin K. on 12/07/2013
"An amazing pistol, hands down. Really reliable, and like all 1911's, super easy to break down to clean, upgrade, or maintain. There is a little wobble and rattle from the slide and the magazine, but it's not enough to cause problems. Mine didn't come with the scalloped trigger shown in the picture, but it's not a big drawback. Comes with a -14mm threaded orange tip. The included mag is going to require an extension if you are using a can of green gas. The baseplate is too thick to for the nozzle to reach the fill port.
by Richard P. on 10/10/2013
"I haven't fielded this gbb pistol yet but I can tell you this is an awesome gun for performance and looks
I am safe to say as a gbb pistol tech specializing in 1911 and m92 mods this is a great innovation in the airsoft community.

Aluminum lightweight slide (Weaker than stainless steel but makes up for it in 2x less weight)
***Note in airsoft slide metal doesn't really matter unless it was pot metal.. which it is not and aluminum is right on par with stainless
Recoil increase
Golfball serrations
500 rounds through it already and minimal wear
Mine came with an MEU and standard magazine
.45 ACP trademark stamped on barrel

Idk if it was just mine or the part that I ordered but I installed a full length guide rod and badbull compensator but the bushing for my guide rod didn't fit which required me to use a metal file against the gun which indicated bad machining on the inside.
Other than that I have not encountered any issues
This advertises a precision inner barrel which I've gotten in all my other we-tech pistols but this has a standard brass barrel
Megaflow internals are also advertised yet when disassembled I found minor differences and under a chrono and mag dumps noticed hardly any difference
***I can't stress enough but I was thoroughly upset that this gun is a 2-PIECE barrel and fell apart in the first day of shooting, but can nevertheless be fixed with super glue etc.

This is a great gun but the price should be back at a $100 due to the performance factor
It's a stock gun basically but worth it to be unique on the field and with friends