Reviews: WE Full Metal Custom 1911 Knighthawk Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistol - Silver

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Model: GP-WE-054-S
Location: U13-150 WSO7-L09(RL) WSO7-B08

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by Matteo R. on 2014-07-31 07:19:45
"when i bought this gun it looked amazing and felt like the real deal has a decent kick and the weight was perfect for me and its all metal except for the 1 internal piece i found and its a dark blue and it shows that the gun can take off the orange tip but you actually cant

Pros: everything

Cons: nothing really could add the feature of taking off the orange tip and putting it back on.
by Richard P. on 2013-10-10 10:09:12
"I haven't fielded this gbb pistol yet but I can tell you this is an awesome gun for performance and looks
I am safe to say as a gbb pistol tech specializing in 1911 and m92 mods this is a great innovation in the airsoft community.

Aluminum lightweight slide (Weaker than stainless steel but makes up for it in 2x less weight)
***Note in airsoft slide metal doesn't really matter unless it was pot metal.. which it is not and aluminum is right on par with stainless
Recoil increase
Golfball serrations
500 rounds through it already and minimal wear
Mine came with an MEU and standard magazine
.45 ACP trademark stamped on barrel

Idk if it was just mine or the part that I ordered but I installed a full length guide rod and badbull compensator but the bushing for my guide rod didn't fit which required me to use a metal file against the gun which indicated bad machining on the inside.
Other than that I have not encountered any issues
This advertises a precision inner barrel which I've gotten in all my other we-tech pistols but this has a standard brass barrel
Megaflow internals are also advertised yet when disassembled I found minor differences and under a chrono and mag dumps noticed hardly any difference
***I can't stress enough but I was thoroughly upset that this gun is a 2-PIECE barrel and fell apart in the first day of shooting, but can nevertheless be fixed with super glue etc.

This is a great gun but the price should be back at a $100 due to the performance factor
It's a stock gun basically but worth it to be unique on the field and with friends
by James M. on 2013-07-05 14:24:05
"Just received my silver version of the Knighthawk Custom pistol and I must say it actually looks just like the centerfire version of the real thing. It has a great looking chrome/stainless appearnce and is a really slick shooter. I'm glad I made this purchase and it will make a nice addition to my airsoft collection. Thanks, Evike.
by david a. on 2011-10-24 07:56:06
"This is a great little 1911. It is literally FULL METAL! When i first cocked it back I could really feel that it was all metal, none the less hear it was all metal! This Gun is a little wobbly at first though,but I think if you take it a part, and tighten it up then it could be a Top of the Market kind of 1911 GBB!

Full metal
Hard Kick
Good FPS for a sidearm
Good effective Range

Little Loud
Gun is a little wobbly
by Chris H. on 2011-08-21 18:26:02
"After using this pistol in two long games, I am happy to say that this gun works like a charm. It shoots well and is pretty durable. It has a nice kick, and the hop-up is nearly perfect right out of the box. I personally run it on green gas, and it works great.

-Nice Blowback
-Looks good
-Can take some rough handling
-Uses the common 1911 slim magazine (many of my teammates had the same mag type)
-Threaded barrel allows for mock silencers
-Adjustable rear sight
-Golf ball texture allows for good grip on grips and slide
-Has a nice weight

-Immediately after shooting you can see wear on the parts you rub on the most (safety, hammer, grip), but very lightly
-One of the safeties (slide lock) is hard to lock in the up position, but is easy to pull down (easy to turn off safety). This may be on only my gun.

Overall I think this is a nice gun. Mine definitely has a few little bugs in it, but everything can be fixed with a little time. As long as you clean it and lube it after receiving this gun, and after every game (less often after break-in), I'm sure this gun will last a long time.
by scott s. on 2011-06-20 15:27:16
"i just got my WE full metal custom 1911 knighthawk and i must say it is an outstanding product definetly WE TECHS best gun yet has good power and accuacy.


* awsome look
* great power
* good accuacy
* good feel
* natural pointer


*kinda tough to remove the orange tip =)

Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 reviews)