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Model: GP-WE-048-TN

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by Anthony T. on 2013-01-13 11:14:24
"This gun is a great sidearm
Great Blowback
315 fps with .25g
USMC emblems
thick rubber grip
quick disassembly

Black paint wears off pretty quickly
barrel is loose
by Charley O. on 2012-12-26 21:48:37
"love this gun sooo much love the color the hard kick but my mag came broken and i needed to fix it and the slide lock was a little wobbly

hard kick
good fps

mag came broken
Slide relese is wobbly

All in all great gun
by Vickie G. on 2012-11-26 20:52:25
"This is an awesome pistol. If you are looking for a great side arm that will not let you down go with this!
by salvatore s. on 2012-10-09 14:34:34
"I love this gun.. but I think if I had a lil more money I would of got the upgrade version..
this gun Fps was crazy high for a pistol. 350 out of box but the accuracy is way off..

great rubber hand grip.
kick back great. (some times)

barrel is way to loose.
kick back is so strong that it locks up the safety.

Over all there are some good and bad thing with this gun.. I really should of save a lil more money and got the upgrade version with the silencer.. this gun is 100 save 50 more dollars and you can get the other one.
by Lisa D. on 2012-09-05 11:51:24
"This is a awesome pistol. Some people might be thinking there has to be a con and it has to be bad because it's a WE and it's only $100. I'm going to tell you right now those people are wrong. This thing works wonders out on the field, you can go solo with it in CQB too. It works amazingly and has great recoil. The only con I can seem to find is that the slide catch is a little wobbly, also it sometimes locks back without firing all the shots. Other than that it works great. Now before you get it I suggest you buy some %100 silicone spray. Just add it to the cart with the gun and you're set. Do not firer the gun before you clean and lube it unless you want it to malfunction. You can rack the slide a lot and stuff but do not firer it until it is nicely lubricated.

Fps is great, around 300-330
Shoots awesome, hits everything you aim at that is within I'll say about 45 feet.
Magazines are good if you take care of them, I used the holy cow to get another for 3 dollars.
You can use the FREESHIP coupon
Hits great

Slide catch is a bit wobbly
The safety is a piece of metal that stops a piece from moving back and forth so that the hammer wont go forward. The safety wore down that piece of metal so I can move the hammer a little on safety by pulling the trigger
Have to lube up before firing.
Doesn't always firer every shot before locking back. Just have to press the slide catch.

This is a great gun and I highly recommend it. No, get the gun if you love airsoft, it will be one of your best choices. The cons aren't bad and you can barely notice them, they don't do anything to the way the gun functions and it works just fine. Get the gun, it is great.
by BradLee W. on 2012-07-24 21:07:36
"I have had this gun for over a year and it still funtions flawlessly. The recoil is awesome and the mags hold the green gas very well. The ONLY problem is that after a long time of using the gun over and over again, the paint can start to fade. Everything else about this gun is fantastic and I would recommend this gun to anyone who actually takes care of there stuff. This gun deserves to be treated well and kept clean and sexy.
by kelley d. on 2012-04-10 19:40:48
"Overall this gun is vary solid I've had it for about 10 months and it's been just amazing. It has a great finish and the kick is sweet. Plus the weight feels super nice not to heavy not to light. The reason I give 4 stars is because my mag broke with a gas leak(probably my fault).

Realistic weight
Great finish
Awesome fps(about 330-355 out of the box)
Kick feels absolutely amazing
Insanely accurate
Comes with extra grips
Plus a threaded adaptor
I really like the marine symbol on the grip

Orange tip is SUPER hard to get off
Magazine broke(probably my fault)
That's all.

Get this gun you will be very pleased. It's absolutely fantastic!!!
by Troy T. on 2012-04-07 20:09:35
"First of all this gun is the real deal. When i bought this gun it felt just like my beretta m92f. Only with this one i can shoot my buddies! The tan finsih is ashetically pleasing, mine was perfectly painted. The only problem i have had is when the slide release pop out of the magport, the slide does not lock back. The bb does curve upwards at about 30ft, with .28, to fix this buy yourself some real bbs, WE .43s will do the trick.

Realistic weight
great finish
Great accuracy
fast FPS

flimsy slide release
my mag leaked for first 5 fillups, now its okay
by Alex C. on 2012-03-28 20:53:47
"I just got this piece in thei mail the other day, and I must say I love it. I was a bit worried about the threaded tip though, after all the reviews on youtube with people talking about the tip flying off after shooting alone. Pleased to say that hasnt happened to mine, however Im using propane if that makes any difference from green and red gas. Ive put at least 5 mags through it while i was bored and it functions great, but dont try dropping the hammer fully for holster storage with the mag in, you are going to end up burning most or all the gas in your mag.

OVERALL I really dig this gun, the kick is rather nice considering the weight of the slide. But if your looking for harder kick go with a thiner slide construction, or a thinner pistol like the 1911.
by Ellen A. on 2012-02-28 18:17:20
"First off, let me say that this is among the top of the Beretta M9 variants. The internals are constructed almost completely out of metal and shouldn't need replacing for quite some time. The mag is also metal with double-stack capabilities, the only downside being the capacity for gas is about 2.5 seconds (which only provides 25-30 shots). The barrel, including the inner, is once again all metal.

The accuracy isn't the best i've seen but it is definitely capable of reaching target 30 meters out with .23's, with .25's or higher i'd imagine 50-80 meters out. The iron sights aren't anything special, the normal box sights.

The kick is moderately hard for an airsoft gun but, i guess it depends on what type of gas is used. The fire rate is as fast as you can make it although i wouldn't recommend doing so.

all in all, I WOULD RECOMMEND PURCHASING THIS GUN if your a hardcore M9 fan or like to make your friends bleed!

Quality: 5/5
Shooting capability: 5/5
Realism: 5/5
FPS: High; over 380 (depends on gas)
Accuracy: 4/5

•Recommend using ,25 gram or higher if you want to go long range
•Orange threaded tip is in there pretty well, don't think about taking it off!
• Working slide catch when out of ammo
•It only comes with one mag, extra mags are $25 usd
•Double-stack mag-capacity; 25+1 round(s)
•Close to 2.5 lbs more or less
•The slide catch may be loose, but don't worry, thats normal if not fixable
•Working hammer
•Working safety
•Rubberized comfortable grips
•Comes with a CQB Master™ soft carrying case, capable of carrying 8 mags, the gun and 1-2 cans of green gas
•Field stripping is very easy
•Light trigger pull
•The barrel might move a little, its normal

Thank You Evike!
by ethan w. on 2012-02-24 12:10:35
"super great gun. all metal. inner barrel is very pretty (shiny blue) i like it a lot more than the hi capas and i like it more then my old taruas m9. same mags which is nice. the metal orange tip is glued to the inner threading of the outer barrel. solution is to take slide apart. very heavy weight pistol also, feels very real
by cameron s. on 2012-01-09 18:51:56
"ok the blowback is just wonderful, full meatal including the lower part no plastic on this gun. the only bad thing is that the blowback nocked off my right safty off. other than that great

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