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WE-Tech Full Metal 1911 MEU Railed Heavy Weight Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistol (Color: Black)

12 Customer Reviews

by Nick A. on 01/06/2015
"1.) Out of the box a very clean sturdy and gorgeous gun

2.) Did not come with the nice packing they usually do

3.) Stock magazine was excellent

4.) had a couple dings on it from where they didn't put the special black cloth in it so it wouldn't do that.

5.) great power, accuracy and kick.

6.) compares to Some 120 dollar guns
by Christopher T. on 09/20/2013
"Mine just arrived in the post today, with a spare mag from the "Holy Cow" deal, and a black threaded barrel for it. I had a standard MEU in Desert for the past year, but for $88 I felt this was a great buy. and when I opened it it had a 6.03mm Tight bore from WE, which I was not expecting at all.

Great reliability
They look fantastic

The paint on most of them is very soft from what I have heard and experienced
by matthew b. on 07/13/2012
"this gun is great for the price. it is full metal with the exception of the grips(which feel awesome) and it was on sell for $99, and it qualified for the holy cow $3 mag.

full metal
heavy weight
nice box(has a cloth background)
nice mags

slide wobbles (not too bad)
the location of the hop-up adjustment
no hard case
no extra mag
by Andrew S. on 01/18/2011
"WOOOOO! I totally reccomend this GBB pistol! My gun came in a HARD Carrying case with an extra magazine! It also had a separate threaded tip. the only problem is that there wasn't a green gas nozzle extention included, which you need to fill up the magazine, so you have to buy one, which kind of sucks. All in all, 5/5.
by Rene L. on 05/20/2010
"First off, I want to say this about Evike's customer service. Listen carefully..." IT'S A+, TOP NOTCH, AND KICK A$$" That said, I have to thank Lauren (I hope I spelled that correctly, bud) for being attentive from start to finish with my order.. he was/is very professional, and kept me up to date with the order from day 1. BIG THANKS, to Evike and Lauren for making my experience a good one.

on to the review..

This weapon is solid, feels very good in my hands, and is very accurate right out of the box. I love the weight and the look of this piece. No wobble from the mag, no jamming, nothing.. this pistol is excellent in ALMOST every way. The magazine however, leaves a bit to be desired.. I wonder what they (WE-Tech) were thinking when they decided to use a lesser plasitc for the magazine BB-feed... the tension on the spring was a bit "over-powered" as I found out the hard way..the catch slipped and cracked the BB-feed! After reading a bit on this, other customers have found ways around that. I called Evike back with this problem and was sent a new one with no questions asked.

THAT is service! Which is why I'll be making all my purchases with Evike from now on.

Pros:Excellent CQB weapon, excellent performance, great look and feel ! A must have for anyone who loves the 1911 model ! Excellent customer support! This b**ch is SWEET!

Cons: Mags = epic fail. Not Evike's fault!
The gas-well is a bit deep for those players with older cans of green gas.. you'll need an adapter or extension so you can actually gas-up thie mag.. again, not Evike's fault!
by Donald J. on 02/25/2009
"Fantastic weapon. Blowback is nice and crisp. Has the same weight and action of a real 1911. Comes with two mags and a rail. The fit and finish on this gun will not disappoint. Accuracy and range are superb for a pistol. Very happy with this purchase and evike's customer support.
by Joshua V. on 01/27/2009
"I bought this for a friend of mine, he is in to gas pistols an looking to expand his collection. I got this in a bulk order, and wanted to make sure everything shipped. This gun is Awesome ... From the minute i opened the box i could tell that this would be my first gas pistol. Comes with one mag sealed in plastic the other in the gun. The weight , the finish , and the action are all flawless. this is an excellent looking and shooting gun , and is highly recommended .
by suzanne W. on 12/22/2012
"It's a good pistol for the money, but after 2 years, I have to replace all the internals. Springs, air nozzle, and a few other upgrades to customize it. It's sturdy and reliable, but it will break down. No airsoft gun will last forever.


- Lasted a few years before "breaking down"
- Good bang for your buck
- Metal with a decent weight
- Easy to find new parts and upgrades


- Lanyard hook seemed very weak
- Air nozzle quality isn't good (buy an angle custom nozzle with the gun)
- Recoil spring and guide rod system can be improved to prevent the slide from jamming
by Patrick S. on 05/17/2011
"I've had this gun for just a few days, and after some bench-tests and stress tests, I definitely give my approval. However, just a heads-up to people buying this gun, this gun's magazines take A LONG time to fill. When I originally got the gun, I filled it with a 10-second burst, which is usually sufficient to fill my 1911 Hi-Capa's mag. However, it wasn't enough to get anymore than 2 shots off. I called Evike's customer service (Kudos to them btw), and the helpful technician told me to use 5 bursts of 5 seconds to fill each mag, and this worked wonderfully.

As for performance wise, I'm highly impressed. It's accurate out-of-box, shoots a consistent 320 FPS with .20 bbs, and has a nice smooth trigger pull. The only gripes I have are that it is a GAS HOG, its might be a bit heavy for some people (it's a touch heavier than my Hi-Capa, but I like this feature), and it doesn't feel nearly as well built as my Hi-Capa.

But aside from these cons, I find this gun to be VERY impressive. It performs well, it's relatively inexpensive, and it holds up in performance and stress tests. Happy Airsofting!

-Commander Spears
by Evan D. on 12/21/2010
"Excellent pistol. I've been using it at a number of games, and it has never failed to impress. FPS is pretty consistant at 330, 2 magazines are nice (especially since you can get a 3rd with the "Holy Cow" special), and it comes in a very nice hard case (which isn't listed anywhere). Mine didn't come with a manual, but it was just a simple thing to go back to Evike and ask them for one.

With that out of the way, I feel I should inform everyone of a couple very large problems with this pistol:

_ It gets dirty VERY EASY. Drop it in the dust once, and you'll have to clean all the internals before you can use it again. It jams that easily.
_ The inside of the slide has 3 metal ridges that like to catch on the outer barrel, effectively stopping the gun from cycling. You can unjam the slide by pushing back on the orange tip, but once it starts jamming like this, you'll have to take a dremel to the ridges and remove them, or it will jam every time you try to fire.

What all this means is this gun is not for the beginner airsoft player. Unless you are comfortable modifying your gun, or know someone who is, I'd recommend you find another pistol.
by Kenneth R. on 05/13/2010
"This is a nice pistol now I wana throw out there that it doesn't come with the marine corps. Grips but evike sells them for $5 so you just have to figure out how to put them on the gun becuase you just have to trade out the emblem other than that this gun is absolutly amazing full metal very strong recoil can't have asked for a better pistol

Full metal
Strong recoil
Pleasing asthetics
Not Chinese

No marine corps. emblem
Gas guzler
Didn't come with a manual
by Raymond J. on 07/30/2014
Solid feel
Full metal
Extra mag for three dollars
Free 1 day shipping because I live an hour away

Scratched up when I got it... I bought it new
Missing emblem on the grip. One side had one, one side didn't. Looked bad
Wobbly side

Conclusion: most of the problems were caused by evike. STOP SAYING THE GUNS ARE NEW IF THEY AREN'T