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WE-USA Full Metal Black Dragon X-Celerator Airsoft Gas Blowback Gun w/ Split Competition Slide

21 Customer Reviews

by Patrick H. on 04/19/2009
"I bought this gun. FULL METAL and real kick. I also ordered 2 magazines with it. Its bad to say that the magazines both crapped out and spit out gas right when i insert gas into them. the guns slide is 2 pieces. The blow back is strong which is great but the front part of the slide not so great. The front part of the slide keeps getting kicked from the blowback and the screw holding it in to the gun, gets loose(causing the part to come undone and loose the screw during a game(happened to me). Without The Piece, the pistol looks bad and cheap. Mags don't work anymore. Great Gun. Could have been built a little better.

CO2 is the way to go for pistols. They're hard to find but the best airsoft pistols out there.

All Metal, Realistic Weight, Normal Speed.

Slide, Magazines.
by Mike S. on 02/17/2009
"This gun is pretty good

~Accurate up to 100ft which is good for a pistol
~Heavy (REAL FEEL)
~Mag holds a lot of ammo
~Doesn't eat gas

~Mags break and leak if not treated perfectly
~The pieces are a little loose

Overall this gun is a 8.5/10

Webmaster: All the mags we have now are reinforced and will not leak. The mags will not break unless you drop them like any other gas mag, so just take good care of them and it will last you a long time!

The pieces are not actually "loose", they feel a little wobbly because that's how it creates the hard kick with the slide when you fire. You tighten the screws, but it will not kick as hard because it will make the slide get stiff.
by Gage D. on 01/18/2009
"I just bought this gun and im so glad i made the right choice i love this gun shoots great and the 30 round clip will last if you dont go crazy. I think the only prob is that it comes with only one clip now i havent bought any other pistol but my friends guns came with an extra clip what gives? anyways i personally think that it isnt that hard to reload it so it isnt that big of a prob. In the end i do recommend this gun i've alot of fun with it and im sure whoever buys it will to.
by Hunter S. on 05/29/2008
"Outstanding Power and realism, very cool looking. More of a gas hog than most pistols. WE makes some of the best pistols around!
by Marco m. on 03/04/2012
"I just bought this gun and it arrived on thursday (3 days ago) i used it yesterday for a indoor field and its great. Great accuracy, u can rapid fire with it, and most of all it is REALLY loud.
There is one problem though, after i used it i went over the gun to make sure it was all ok and found out that the safety on the right side of the gun came off and also the part with the fiber optic sight was very wobbly.
I tried to tighten it but it keeps losening itself
by Barbara O. on 03/03/2012
"So far i have had mixed feelings about this gun... I have only had the gun for 2 weeks and right now its broken. When i put the saftey on, the right side of it comes right out and one day the whole saftey assembly just fell out. The beaver tail safety is also loose. This does not make the gun inoperable but i dont want gun with holes all over the grip from missing safteys/beaver tail safety. Hopefully my local airsoft shop can put it back together for me. Also the nozzle broke on my gun.

Looks sweet
slide is smooth
mags hold 30 rounds
holy cow deal gave me another mag for $3
great recoil
decent FPS
accuracy is O.K but that is expected of a pistol
Threaded barrel

Safety broke
Nozzle broke
can barely get 1 mag off before i have to fill it with gas again
slide release is to far forward so i have to turn the gun in my hand to reach it (you can get an extended one)

I would have rated this gun 5/5 if it didn't break but maybe i just got a lemon.