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UHC Gas Powered 686 Airsoft Revolver (Length: 4" / Black / Imitation Wood Grip)

15 Customer Reviews

by Emily L. on 05/27/2015
"I'm sorry to talk down all you Marushin revolver lovers, but these have those beat. These, although being made of polymer, have held up longer than both of my Marushin revolvers. My Marushin Unlimited revolvers' cylinders became tight and also the gas tanks cracked. I highly recommend these!

Great range
Green gas
Light weight trigger pull
Great for competitive shooting if you are experienced with revolvers

None at all
by Antoine P. on 07/29/2014
"Despite the low fps, this gun is pure awesomeness. I wouldn't recommend it for field use (might work for cqb) but it is a must-have if you are a film maker looking for good realistic gun props (which is why I bought it in the first place). It functions almost exactly like a real revolver (I would know, I own a real steel as well). It's also very convenient as a film prop since it doesn't need to be gas blowback and you don't need to add any shell ejection effects, just the muzzle flash and that's it! :D
For prop use, I would recommend getting some real cartridges about the same size to put in it (6 live ones and 6 empty ones) because the plastic shells with the holes in front are what tells the audience that it's fake.

Anyballs, I know you want a clean, simple review, so here's the pros and cons.

- Realistic
- Comfy grip
- Shells slide out easily (for dat badass reloading scene in your movie)
- Orange tip is easy to remove (twist it off with pliers or a wrench, just be extremely careful not to scratch the barrel. Also, try not to totally destroy the orange tip, you might wanna keep it, just in case you need to put it back on)
- Easy to cock (even with one hand)
- Foliage sounds = EAR CANDY *-*
- Quiet shot
- Very well built (it's not just made of cheap flimsy plastic, it's as if they mixed aluminum with polymer)
- Nice weight (not too heavy and not too light, just perfect)
- Good way to spend cheap bbs, even the crappy ones in the box work just fine!
- It doesn't have any stupid "made in china" indentation, the only logos are "ASGK" and "UHC" but they are barely noticable and actually look like they belong there.

- Very low fps
- Slightly difficult to open/close the cylinder. You can't just hold down the button and fling it open, you need to bump it open (but there still is a badass way to do it, you can figure it out)
- Safety doesn't really feel all that 'safe', sure it keeps the gun from firing, but it feels like accidentally pulling the trigger while the safety is on will break the gun. I'm not sure, but I don't want to test it lol.
by Tyler T. on 04/01/2012
"If you're looking for a weapon to dual wield then this is your weapon of choice. The snub nose variants of this gun make cocking the hammer back way easier than the 4, 6, and 8 inch counterparts. This is a high mobility CQB weapon and a solid back-up weapon for start up airsoft players like myself. Very powerful, very accurate weapon, although the range has yet to hold up to the level of the other features of this gun, it still makes an incredible primary or secondary weapon. I highly recomend this weapon!
by Lynne B. on 10/20/2011
"Let me say this, it is a very good gun for its price! Not very hard to cock As long as you have normal sized thumbs (not recommended for small hands) and it has a really good price! You should get it.
by clifford j. m. on 09/07/2010
"this is a good revolver and very accurate. dont over gas it 4 seconds max or it will blow a seal.if you play stealth you will do good with it.alot of players i know run with pistols in cqb and do fine.extra shells to reload are a good idea.
by Bryan H. on 06/13/2010
"The most amazing pistol on earth!!!!
I bought this at the store and this sexy beast glared at me.
Strong abs plastic,seemed like if it was like metal!
Metal was very strong.
Strong at shooting and if you imagine getting shot by one of these you will have a bruise that will ache!

Cool looking


I wish I can give it a 100 out of 5 rating!!!!
by Jin K. on 04/02/2010
"I just got my revolver today, and I am pleased to say that it did function it it was supposed to. Even thought it is not all metal, couple important parts were. Not a bad gun, the only thing I wished that i would have a speed loader for the shells.
by jacob s. on 11/14/2008
"Hi This is jacob speaking, i want to know if this is a good gun for my son because he always talks about airsoft guns and he like revolvers alot. I just want to know if its a good gun or not, i want to get it for him for christmas.
by Denton H. on 04/02/2014
"I really like this revolver, it shoots 300-320 fps on a warm day with green gas (you'll get 310-330 with propane) With the long barrel it is extremely accurate. It is only plastic but if you are careful it will not break on you. The only thing is how quickly the o-ring fell out the first time however that happens they aren't expensive. It is very easy to use and with extra shells only 6 shots doesn't really matter for the accuracy. For only $50 it is a great deal.
by Andrew T. on 03/04/2014
"Seriously, this is an extremely lengthy and large revolver. It looks amazing and fires about 280-300 fps on a warm day. The only 2 drawbacks to this gun are the plastic feel to it and the gas-filling leakage issue. I understand I'm only paying 50$ for this gun, and that's quite a steal, but it just feels like you can literally crush it in the palms of your hand when in the details, it was listed being "Heavy weight polymer construction." The other issue I've had is that gas leaks out when trying to fill the gun. No matter which direction you point the tank in, gas somehow leaks out, so you're basically wasting gas from leakage during the filling process which is unfortunate.

It is a really fun gun to run around with and shoot people when your main fire arm is out or if you want to feel like a BA, just whip that clint eastwood out and go nuts with your 6 shots

Good FPS
Feels lightweight
good paint job
ergonomic grip

feels really plastic and cheap
the revolving chamber has issues popping out sometimes
gas nozzle is pretty bad, a lot of gas comes out instead of into the grip
by will j. on 10/16/2012
"I got the gun the other day and I was quite surprised. It was a lot bigger then i thought it would be and its plastic, which isn't bad but i would prefer metal. However it a very good gun and reliable. Good buy.
by Joe C. on 04/10/2012
"This revolver functioned as I expected out of the box. It looks very nice.

In the box, there are 8 shells; I suppose they provided two extra in case of loss. The shells are light plastic with a small rubber bit at the back end, but they should hold up fairly well.

I used propane while shooting this gun, and the FPS, while I didn't chrono it, looked to be in the high 200's or low 300's.

The accuracy was decent for a pistol, but left some to be desired. At 50 feet however, the general range this gun would likely be used at, I can't imagine having any problems with the accuracy or range.

Overall, this gun is a great package and a bargain for $55. While you do only get 6 shots, the performance and the appeal of the revolver make it an excellent choice for most anyone.
by David W. on 02/17/2012
"This Pistol is the Most accurate handgun ive ever held it stays accurate up to 75ft wl .25s

Pro: -extreamly accurate for its size
- Gives you a epic feeling when you shoot it
-the sights are very easy to target your opponent
-you can take off the barrel and it will become a stubby but you do loose your accracy

Con:-only 6 shotts
-complex gas system(mine got a leak)

if you want more range and you want more penetration i would suggest a 12in
by antoine n. on 03/21/2011
"actually this gun is not the best but it is good for a gun ,its fps is good for a revolver , personally i prefer the g&g xtreme 45 co2 airsoft gun very good gun ,high fps (first shot about 1000fps) than comes down to 450-550 fps. also i prefer the black color not the silver i mean too much silver on it to shine
nice feel to it
long barrel(increase accuracy)

can't hold to much bbs
to TO to shine(black is better)
difficult to cock

i say go bye a co2 gun !!!
by phil p. on 04/19/2009
"it was a very good revolver. solid build, and pretty decent weight. i spun it too much and the barrel broke. ahaha. the shells are removable, but all you have to do to reload is pop out the cylinder and feed bb's in the back of the shells. it chrono'd around 280 with .20's.(white bbs) the hopup is great too.