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Tokyo Marui Limited Edition Dual Stainless Hi-Capa Custom Airsoft Gas Blowback

25 Customer Reviews

by John D. on 11/28/2016
"Ive had this pistol for about 3 months now and Ive yet to come across any problems other than a gas leak in the mag which was just because the base plate wasn't tightened so no big problems. Ive used this in abou 10-15 cqb games so far and Ive dropped it about 5 times and its still in shape other than a few minor scratches on the rear sight. The stock magazine may leak gas as you fill it but the mag itself holds the gas, it holds alot of gas, and its very efficient. I bought two WE 50 round mags and those work great in this as well but the stock mags are better exept for the magazine capacity.The only real problems are the stock FPS and the fact that its all plastic exept for the internals, hammer,and sights. Everything else is plastic and that sadly includes the outer barrel. The accuracy is amazing! If you plan on doing upgrades I would keep the stock hop-up, get a better spring, spring guide, A METAL SLIDE (You want to get a metal slide with this because it will crack with a higher powered spring), A 6.02 or 6.01 inner barrel (I prefer a 6.02 because not all BB's are 6mm and that can jam or ruin the gun but usually a 6.01 works I just dont want to take the risk), A Metal outer barrel (it will most likely crack with a metal slide if you use the stock) , and if you really want to go all in you should buy a better blowback housing and nozzle (but I kept the stock and my 4.3 has been runing fine so you can do those if you have the money) To be completely honest I belive I should have bought a 5.1 because there are more upgrade options and most of them are cheaper.

So in conclusion!

shoots as fast as you can pull the trigger and I can pull the trigger pretty fast
Stock Hop-up is great
Stock Magazines are amazing
its light weight for me it may be heavy for some people
Loud! (can be a con)
Has a nice kick
Two tone slide (looks nice)
very sturdy plastic (droped it countless times)
Very easy to disassemble and clean
Stock FPS is low but can easily be changed with a few upgrades
plastic externals (can be a pro)
plastic base plate on the magazine (get a metal one just because when you press the mag release you can just let it drop and you dont have to worry about it)
You haven't bought it!
by Mark S. on 11/24/2016
"Just got this pistol and I love it this is my fourth gbb all different brands but have to say this gun is amazing very comfortable to hold and shoot was pretty accurate out of the box was even better once I added my angel custom tight bore so if your even thinking about buying this pistol do it won't be disappointed and with all the upgrades available for tm cant go wrong
by Nick J. on 08/16/2016
"This is by far the best pistol i have ever owned( i hvae owned over 5 different gbb pistols). The buold quality is just amazing, except for the plastic slide( its marui so what do you expect). It is built very solidly and just feels great in your hand. The performance was phenomenal, the range was well over 150 feet and the groupings were awesome. Havnt used in a game yet cant wait to though. The only con is that the mag(not clip to the people that think it is a clip) was missing the o ring. Nothing a moondog o ring cant fix. But yea this pistol is definetly worth the money. Btw this gun will use WE mags, I use the silver we mags that you can get here on evike.

Great range
Great accuracy
Amazing build
Recoil is crisp
Works with most WE mags
Lightweight(compared to my WE 5.1 Phantom Custom)
Looks amazing

Missing o ring

Wont include pastic slide as con because thats what you get with all marui's

Overall in my opinion this is definitely worth the 170$ and you wont regret buying it
Btw feel free to check out my YouTube channel, EliteMasterAirsoft, i will have a review on this gun up soon

by Fernando V. on 05/08/2015
"I got this gun on May 7, 2015. I have been using duster gas from walmart not 143a but 152a. 152a is a lot more consistent and there's less of a cool down period. The blowback is a nice and crisp action but I took off the orange flash hider and put it on my recoil guide rod along with two o-rings to short stroke it. After short stroking the blowback action became even more snappy and crisp. So far I have to say that I am impressed with the quality of the pistol. I have been using .30g bbs with it and it is very accurate! The efficiency with 152a duster gas is excellent, I get 50 rounds off one mag in 70-80 degree weather. I have done some research and found out that on 152a duster gas you can get up to 90 rounds off per fill. I can shoot a 8x11 piece of paper from 200 feet away on a windless day. Overall rating of it is a 10 out of 10, excellent quality pistol and very efficient on duster gas.

short trigger pull
easy take down
lots of upgrade parts
the finish on it
short but still long enough
sleek look
realistic weight and feel

by Andrew J. on 02/04/2012
"I just got this gun a few days ago, and i have to say, FANTASTIC! i was able to sight it in just right so i can hit one of my friends in the back 200ft away. Amazing! Good internals, hop-up is legendary, and its aesthetically pleasing. One downside, which to some may be a major one, (I personally think its very annoying but im buying another slide) is that the slide catch hole on the plastic slide gets worn down very quickly using Green gas. It sucks because this is such a great gun, the plastic slides on maruis ruin it unless you use the proper gas or buy a new slide. Im going to buy the CQB Master 4.3 (black) aluminum slide... One quick tip when (because eventually no matter what you will have to) you buy a new slide make sure you take out the hop up and barrel etc. (basically everything connected to the hop-up) and put it in the new slide. You're buying a Marui for its accuracy, so make sure you dont waste that awesome hop-up. Also, the mag feeding lip isnt great, mine broke first day of letting go of the spring. Also dont forget to pick up a metal slide catch when you buy a metal slide!

Note, there are a plethora of upgrades on this gun (since it is a 4.3 hi capa), so go crazy!

Nice Kick
Great sights
Ambidextrous safety
Looks nice
Overall Good
Smaller, in a good way. Easy. Reliable. Lightweight.

Plastic slide
Mag lip
A bit off balance
A bit small looking at first (i was switching from a TM 5-7 to this)

Buy this gun!
by Mike P. on 09/26/2009
"So i just got this pistol and i absolutely love it. It doesnt have an orange tip so i cant compete with it, which i dont mind. Great gun none the less, highle reccomended for someone looking for realism. But anyways, im looking for a light/laser combo so i can make it look like the USP .45 SOCOM. anyways, if anyone has anything for me, email me at
by Tom M. on 03/11/2009
"I just purchased this pistol....this gun is sweet.
wasnt too happy with the plastic part of the gun but it has some kick...the sound is loud too
I have purchased several guns from other web sites and have been pleased but Evike has exceeded
my expectations. and they carry replacment parts to boot.
I will definetly be spending my time here. Evike you rock.
by parker n. on 01/27/2009
"i ordered this pistol and got it in about two days. great pistol hard kick the only thing im thinking about changin might be the slide
by Samuel C. on 01/15/2009
"Purchased this pistol and got it in 5 days. Awsome gun. Shoots accurately and functions very well (real pistol action). As a BEA I highly recomend it to my fellow bail enforcement agents and anyone in law enforcement for use as a training gun.
by Cody W. on 12/26/2008
"to whoever was asking this gun DOES NOT use shells. one way you can tell is look at the picture of the clip. also think about it, those shells are so big and the clip is supposed to hold 28 rounds. there's no way you could fit 28 of those into that.
by cory b. on 11/24/2008
"hey does it use the shells/bullets in the image? I was thinking about buying this gun and if it uses the shells I will definitly buy this gun.
by Robin P. on 11/16/2008
"My god.... look at that baby.... This is my type of Pistol
by Michael J. on 11/09/2008
"This is a Marui. Standard ABS / Polymar slide. Metal parts. No Marui have metal slide. But they are still the best gas guns out there. Much more accuracy and consistency with the lighter slide. You can always buy metal slide for it later if you want, Marui guns tend to have tons of upgrade parts.
by Debra B. on 11/09/2008
"sorry actually 280-300 fps with .2 g bb's and green gas.
this is one of the best side arms i have seen that isn't auto.
by Debra B. on 11/09/2008
"to the guy who wants to know if this gun is metal or plastic I havn't bought it cuz of the price and if the gun is this expensive and shooting 210-230 fps then it is definately full metal. Plus i think it will say in the discription.