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Cybergun Licensed KWC Sig Sauer P226 X-FIVE Full Metal CO2 GBB Airsoft Blowback

8 Customer Reviews

by Colby T. on 08/06/2015
"So I decided for my first GBB pistol, to match my sig rifles with a sig pistol. This gun is probably the most bad*** pistol I have ever held. The one I got was nearly perfect. Could get 3 full mags out on 1 cartridge. (It uses the gas for the bb first instead of recoil, which I prefer.) The hop up is easy to adjust, DA/SA trigger works perfectly, recoil is strong enough to let you know it means buisness, but not interfere with your aim. The X-FIVE is slightly longer (5in barrel instead of 4.4 in) and you can definitely see the difference compared to other reviews on the KWC P226. Chrono was not disappointing. (Jumps around the 280-310 fps range) but you barely see a difference in range. (Which it's a pistol... should be used for CQB or close field engagement)

The 2 complaints is the mag prices and holder compatability. I lost my mag during a battle in the woods when I was using my sniper rifle, and the holster was the reason for this. (It sinks to low on my if pushed down the magazine release is pushed in.) But this is a simple fix with a little modification to the holster, so no penalty to the pistol.

-great range for a pistol
-Co2 mags are easy to find
-full metal everything except the parts that should be plastic
-accurate as a quality rifle
-white dot on front sight
-kicks hard
-bb comes first, then recoil
-hicap mag
-DA/SA trigger
-easy break down

-DA/SA trigger doesnt have much tolerance
-mags are expensive
-holster compatibility
-trades are painted, not lazered on
-kind of a gas guzzler.

Very pleased with this pistol.
by cheyenne s. on 03/25/2012
"My cousin was literally praising it when he first saw it. It is full metal, has a crazy powerful blowback action compared to another gas type gun, and looks and feels great!

I would use this gun every day,

Five stars all the way!
by Jason O. on 06/12/2011
"This sig is the most reliable pistol I have purchased. The pistol's mags dont leak at all even with heavy use. My two mags have gone through 6 bags of c02 and have yet to show signs of leaking. All the standard parts are still working despite having a years worth of skirmishing,(and home abuse), and did not require any repair or replacement at all.

heavy duty and long lasting
reliable mags
accurate to up to 50 yds with proper care
even has a double action trigger
beaver tail grip helps with proper high tang hold
rail for lights(Recommended: m3 style)

iron sights are not replaceable
my double action trigger bar got sanded down after heavy use.

p.s. stick with the standard barrel, if you use a suppressor, it will rock around quite a bit.
by Austin T. on 01/31/2016
"This was a very good gun it has a high cap mag its co2 and it hits hard but the problem was the parts inside broke on me after only a month of having it which upset me but i was probably unlucky i plan on getting another one because of how well it performed when it did work.
by Steven W. on 07/12/2014
"The gun works very nicely it has a lot of recoil for any previous gas pistol I have owned it has good range and you can actually use the iron sights with some accuracy. With the power of the gun I do suggest using .25g BBs In it, helps with the accuracy and doesn't affect the range much

When using it in a game from experience don't charge the magazines right away and let them sit for a while keep the Allan key that comes with the gun and the spare mags on you in reach and charge the mags as you use them because the do leak over time

The biggest problem I have with the gun is that it is a
Gas guzzler you only get two good mags out of it before the gun is just farting them out with very little power and I do suggest especial with cyber gun a clean it every once in a while but make sure you know what you are doing so you don't break the thing over all it's a good buy and I suggest it just don't Abuse it
by Joel S. on 07/02/2014
"Bought this to practice my holster draw in my back yard. I am extremely impressed with the realistic feel of the gun, the department I work for uses P226's and this replica air-soft gun is identical in every aspects. Only shot it a dozen times; however, it has an awesome blow back and sturdy feel. Unfortunately for me the magazine leaks the CO2 compound that is used to power the gun; but, like I said, I purchased it to practice my holster draw.
by Nick S. on 05/27/2014
"When I first bought this pistol it was a dream come true. The blowback is very close to being the real deal and the accuracy along with the quick trigger response was awesome! I had a lot of fun with this gun, but the hammer that struck the co2 release broke and cannot be fixed unless I get the lower half of the gun replaced. Evike does not have this part in stock (hint hint Evike).

Overall great gun, but awesomeness comes with its risks.

-heavy (could be either good or bad)
-great blowback action and trigger response
-accurate and the sights are nice
-solidly built

-gas guzzler (2-3 mags tops) but the power is high
-mine broke
-you don't have this gun yet
by Niko C. on 04/23/2014
"I bought this gun because of its high praise and ratings unfortunatley a week after I had it the trigger assembly completley failed the gun wasnt even fired just cleaned religiously with high quality silicone oil from evike and rubber gloves especially with the $140 dollar price tag I wont buy from cyber gun ever again.