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Licensed COLT MK 4. Full Metal 1911 HI-CAPA Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol (Green Gas Ver) by WE

15 Customer Reviews

by Christopher K. on 02/13/2012
"I got this gun two days ago from my aunt. Let me tell you that this gun is a piece of art. Great feeling, very well built, heavy weight and very realistic. The Colt gun box adds a nice touch and the quality is great. The only thing I would change on this gun are getting the trademarks marked on it. They are just painted, but still, they are pretty good as Colt trademarks. Awesome replica, and the shooting is pretty smooth. Nice blow-back action and recoil. And by the way, let me correct my friend below: This gun is not a replica of the Para Ordnance P14-45. It does looks like, but it is not. If you look on Google for images of the Colt MK IV 1911 series 80 government model, you will find some pictures of the real steel one. Trademarks are the same, but as I mentioned before, on the real steel are marked, not painted as on this one. Hope everyone finds this review helpful. Chris.
by Dan N. on 08/22/2011
"This ia fantastic gun! build quality is fantastic, weight is perfect in hand.

As with most of the We-tech guns i have, the slide seems to have quite a little rattle to it.

Weight is realistic
size is spot on
very accurate
trademarks are off. This is actually a fairly accurate representation of the Para Ordanance P14-45
slide is a little loose, but it seems to be like most we-tech guns
gas usage is high, but that equals out to power

overall, a great gun, well worth the money!
by THADDEUS B. on 08/21/2011
"I ordered the Co2 model they sent me the green gas model, not complaining at all, I love the gun it is great, the blow back feels like you are shooting a .22 pistol and the accuracy is definitely amazing. The only small problem with the gun but it gives it a rugged "been threw hell" look, the paint likes to chip off really easy, but like I said it makes it look like it has one hell of a story. Also be careful with the mags they will leak if you drop them, but its also an easy fix, just undo the bottom and adjust the o ring.

Looks great
easy to strip
not too much to lube up
good fps
adjustable sights

mag drop button is too sensitive
by Kristopher G. on 04/08/2009
"I bought 2 of these guns so I could duel wield them... sick... just sick. Power and accuracy is good if the right gas and bb's are used (Recommend Green Gas and 0.20g bb's). A little play in the slide, but not a problem. Great gun.
by Kristopher G. on 03/11/2009
"First off this gun is great. Nice realistic feel and wieght, and you can tell it will last right when you take it out of the box. The orange tip it comes with I took off with some pliers, so if you don't want it on there don't worry about ruining your gun in anyway.
There is a little play in the slide like the spring isn't strong enough, but there's no real problem. It performs great and is very accurate, even with cheap gas.
by Al A. on 03/07/2009
"What an impressive piece!! very accurate to say the least. The groupings I've been getting at thirty-eight yards are well within an inch. The externals and internals of this thing is no lightweight either. I'm glad this is part of my small arsenal of airsoft guns.


~Very accurate
~The blowback is awesome; no sticky blowbacks, and stays open after the last bb
~Externally and internally impressive (it's heavy especially with a full mag)
~The sights are very useful and the rear sight adjusts quite nicely
~Nice trademarks!
~No gas leaks


~It would be nice if the tradmarks were engraved
~Just a tiny bit of rattling
~The recoil spring seems a bit flimsy

Overall this is an excellent replica!! The sturdiness is unbelievable. You'll get a good 'bang for your buck' with this bad boy!
by marc p. on 01/11/2009
"Okay, well i own this gun. So, yes you can use a Co2 mag in it, but, you will have to replace parts more frequently and it will need to be cleaned more often and lubricated alot. But yes you can use a Co2 mag and it works great. The power increases and you can shoot around 110-120 bbs before the Co2 runs out. It has a crisp clean kick with Green gas and Co2. And with the mag that you get with it, I'm pretty certain that you can use Red gas with it as well, which will give it an extra FPS boost just like Co2 does.
by David H. on 12/26/2008
"I got this gun for Christmas a few days ago, and I have to say this gun really impressed me. Although it is my first gas blowback pistol I am still able to tell that it won't let me down. It is biult tough with all metal parts and it really catches the eye. If you want a good pistol than I suggest that you buy this one.
by Sam A. on 12/13/2008
"Can this gun run off of a CO2 clip?

Webmaster: It use all "WE" hi-capa magazines. So the CO2 magazine for WE Hi-capa will work.
by Chip S. on 10/29/2008
"no co2 is better more reliable plus you dont have to lug around the gas can
by Steve L. on 10/03/2008
"First off, this gun is ridiculous. So is the price, but this thing really shoots and blows back hard! I was certainly impressed with it. From what I know, it does NOT shoot 345fps (accurately), because that rating was taken with crappy inaccurate .12g bb's. I'd say the speed is more like 310-320fps.

I like the adjustable competition sight, which I easily changed right away to produce very accurate shots.
And guess what? It's not technically a WE-Tech gun, so the magazines DON'T spit out gas everywhere when filling it! Excellent!

I enjoy this gun a heck of a lot.
No cons or complaints.

I like the trades, by the way.
thanks again, evike!
by Akiva R. on 09/27/2008
"thanks ill get it.(i have to use 50 chars)
by Gabriel V. on 09/27/2008
"Use green gas with it. Try to find one that says silicone mixed. Having silicone mixed with the gas will help your gun last longer.
by jonathan c. on 09/27/2008
"I just got this gun in the mail today and the feeling is sick. I use green gas with it, and the kick to the gun is very nice. shoots arround 345 fps. very accurat at close range, far range it is okay. this is a great GGBBBB buy it
by Akiva R. on 09/26/2008
"whats the best gas for this thing i wanna buy it but i dont know what kind of gas to use. this s my first gas airsoft gun. please help