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by brady p. on 2012-07-27 14:03:29
"Ive had this gun for about a month now and i must say it has taken the spot of both my m4s. i had just gotten this when the m4 i had broke so i was at first dissappointed i had to use this but after a few matches i was hooked... i now use this whenever i play and i rarely get shot because i can sprint around and still acurately hit people from well over 100 yards
gas effecient(3-4 mags per fill)
nice blowback
little kick(could be con)
amazing price
realistic field stripping

mags aren't cheap
hadn't gotten it sooner
by erik p. on 2012-07-15 00:28:32
"Before I wrote this review i wanted to get to know the gun performance. After two games of playing with the ATP, it was by far the best gas blowback i own. Amazed, i could get 5 and a half mags with one charge of propane of a 85 degree weather. What sucks is that after i got this i realized that a new atp with full auto will come out some time this year. but oh well.

-crisp blowback
-5.5 mags in one charge
-easy to remove orange flash hider
-amazing slide lock
-mine shoots 320 with .2s
-came with trigger safety

-sometimes behind the trigger inside the gun, there is a little piece that moves up and down, dont know what its for, but when its in the up position, when you pull the trigger, gun wont go off. But all you need to do i push it back down and you can shoot again. But i realized that it only happens when i use my 50 round extended mag.
by Alex F. on 2012-06-22 09:00:54
"Ive had this gun for quite a few months now and i must say it is fairly decent. ive had a few problems that were both user error, not the guns fault.

uses old KWA/KSC M-series parts
replaceable backstrap
locking follower on magazine
short trigger pull
5 mags shot out on one gas fill
easy to take apart
highly upgradable with aftermarket parts
decent kick
strong plastics
nice metal material
sounds great
CHEAP( price wise)

magazines are expensive
trades are ugly IMHO
rear sight can move like old M-series guns
barrel cracks faster if barrel is sanded
cool down is horrible if too cold
you dont have one
by Andrew W. on 2012-06-03 18:50:26
"I've had the ATP for roughly half a year now and as of right now it has performed beautifully. The gas consumption is pretty nice, on a good day I can about 2 mags plus or minus 3 shots off of an eight second charge of gas. The materials used are very light yet profide a lot of structural support, plus with the slide being so light the recoil is very light and hell, add a flashlight to the bottom and you have no recoil at all. The ATP shoots straight until it hits the ground so the effective range is all up to how well you shoot, plus use .25's for a more consistent shot.
good cycle rate
light trigger pull
good range
consistent hopup
picatinny rail integrated into receiver

mag release is quite easy to push and mag falls out due to my holster pushing the mag release
by Cory P. on 2012-06-01 13:40:02
"This kwa atp is the best airsoft pistol I have come across in all my years of airsofting. It feels good with a nice heft to it. I bought the atp and also purchased one 50 round fpg mag for it and that is all i use for cqb.

pros: Realistic
satisfying to shoot great recoil
gas efficient
it has a hopup tool to adjust it on the fly. Just rack the slide back and insert hop up tool and rotate. BOOM! hop up accomplished!

cons: you don't own one yet!

The best.
by Megan P. on 2012-05-26 06:06:44
"This is a great gbb. This is my second kwa and fourth pistol and by far my favorite. The blow back is very crisp and the gun is incredibly smooth over all. very goo range and very consistent. This is a great gun.
by Kenny B. on 2012-05-04 19:17:08
"I purchased this as my first gun a week ago and I can say I'm very satisfied. The gas consumption is great, the fps is good, the blowback very crisp. The only con I've seen so far is the outer barrel wobbles quite a bit when the slide is locked back. Other than that, a great first gun, KWA performance in a cheap package.
by Cathy K. on 2012-03-19 14:50:14
"This pistol is awesome!!! Fits great in pretty much everyone's hand especially with the interchangeable grip plate. It sounds cool when you fire it and operates like a real gun. mag capacity is great and fits in almost any small to medium sized holster and is lightweight. If you're into CQB or just need a sidearm. get this gun!!! excellant quality, durability, and style!
by Jacob W. on 2012-03-15 10:33:19
"This gun fits snug in my real steel Glock holster that I purchased for about 20 bucks or so!
by Jacob W. on 2012-03-15 10:29:22
"This gun is a seksy beast! it's great on gas! Accurate! and if you want an extended mag for it you'll have to get the magazine used in the "folding pocket gun" by MAGPUL
by Richard L. on 2012-01-26 17:19:51
"Awesome gun, the NS2 system is pretty good, so are accuracy, mag cap and the looks.

-Gas efficient
-High mag capacity
-Accurate (at least for CQB)
-3 dot iron sights
-Cheap for a KWA

-Double stack mags (occasionally annoying)
-Not sure if it was just me but the mags occasionally ran out of gas quickly but it was my first 100 rounds are so and now they're good

Conclusion: buy it NOW especially if you want a Glock style GBB.
by Eric A. on 2011-12-25 17:29:51
"Right out of the box, this pistol surprised me. First off, I checked the efficiency of the NS2 system by KWA. I got 2.5 mags out of one full propane charge, fresh propane tank. Accuracy, with stock inner barrel, was a paper plate at 30 yards. I had no complaints what so ever about it. It is extremely reliable, after putting 20 or so mags through it, allowing it to warm for a minute or so in between every 2 mags, and it had no problems keeping up. The fps, when chronoed was 380 with .20s and 410 with .15s. Altogether, one of, if not the best Airsoft pistol I have ever seen.

Displaying 13 to 24 (of 30 reviews)

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