Reviews: KWA Full Metal M1911 NS2 PTP w/ Railed Frame Airsoft Gas Blowback - MKIV / Black


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Model: GP-KWA-MK4-B

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by cody r. on 2015-07-26 01:32:07
"Great pistol. No problems what so ever. As long as you keep it well maintained it will be an amazing pistol. But extra o-rings though because you will need it. Buy a hard holster for it not the cloth type. If you get the cloth type you will accidentally be pushing the mag release button and loose your mag. Buy extra mags and mag pouches.
by Jonathan L. on 2015-05-14 10:31:27
"Great pistol, very accurate, nice recoil, great feel.

Magazines are expensive, $40 a pop and are pretty fragile. I had the left side of the mag. chip off where you feed in the BBs. This often happens with 1911 mags...not sure why. Kinda dissapointed because of how well done the pistol and mag look.

I still recommend the pistol, but be careful with it for sure, try not to bang it up at all, not sure it will hold through.
by tristan j. on 2012-02-06 00:11:06
"this gun is a boss got it and used it at tac city this gun is great 5 stars
by matthew m. on 2011-09-23 08:11:09
"This is an excellent pistol. The 14 round magazine feeds great and is plenty of ammo for clearing buildings and other close quarter situations. The hop up is easy to adjust and works great, you can really dial it in to a "sweet spot" where the BB's fly nice and straight. I can hit a human head sized target from about 60 feet with it, and I'm no sharpshooter. However, you have to use the tool that comes with the gun to properly adjust the hop up, you don't want to lose it, I painted neon orange so I could find it easily if I misplaced it.

The instructions that came with the pistol were very easy to read, and clearly showed how to strip down the gun to clean it, lubricate it, and operate everything (great for when I was starting out)

KWA recommends using .25 gram or higher bb's and that is advice that should be taken. I've found that .28 gram are just right, and keep a nice, tight grouping on a target.

A word of caution to folks who might have a cross-draw style holster on their vest, this was a problem I had: The button for the magazine release is great and is easy to push, and the magazine slides out like a dream... when you want to change mags... however holstering the pistol against your body in the way the cross draw holsters do, one can accidentally push the button with their arm or body while moving around. I lost a magazine in the woods this way and it was not fun buying a replacement. Investing in a hard body leg holster solved this problem for me.

Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 reviews)