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KWA KZ75 NS2 Metal Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol

9 Customer Reviews

by Max R. on 08/03/2015
"Right out of the box this thing needs some slide lubrication. The slide will stick if it's not lubricated on a regular basis. The rest of the gun is top class parts and works better than any other pistol i've seen. Has good range and accuracy and has the most comfortable grip of any gun i've ever touched. A very balanced weapon, works best within 30-90 feet.
by Abigail R. on 08/24/2013
"I got this gun yesterday and all I can say is, this gun needs some lubricant. When I pulled this gun out of the box it the shooting a bit sloppy, it would jam a few times per shot. Even at one point the trigger would not reset. So just when I was thinking about sending it back, I lubed it up and my oh my. This gun shoots like no other pistol. Just a few drops and it was shooting perfectly. What I love about about this gun is how easy and fast I can disassemble this pistol. On average I can take the slide off in 3 seconds ,and put it back on in 5. The gas usage is vary little. I can run through the mag about five times before I lose all my gas. Over all buy this gun now. P.s Lube this gun after you use it then it will outperform most 200$ pistols
by josh l. on 12/27/2012
"Great pistol, although it shoots hot out of the box by about 10-15 fps with propane. This does not run well on duster gas due to the all metal slide.

I had to have the air nozzle modified to bring it down to 300 fps on a full fill. The field I play at has no MED with pistols below 350 fps.

The only issue I had was with the mag release button hitting my drop leg holster and dropping the mags in the field. I remedied this by snipping a notch out of the holster.
by Alvin K. on 12/03/2011
"'KWA, Engineered To Outperform.'
False Advertisement? I don't think so.
This pistol is worth the money for any collectors or airsofters that want a replica of the CZ75.
The feel is insanely comfortable and very well balanced due to great metal.
The slide is quite dry but using the lubricant it comes with will get the slide real smooth.
The sights on the slide are great, good for taking quick aims at small targets.
The safety on the gun is really easy and convenient because it's right above your thumb. A quick flip upwards will lock the gun into safety. Do the opposite to unlock it.
The magazine can take a lot of gas. After shooting around 60 rounds you will need to refill it. My magazine had a defect where the plate under the magazine had fell off but it's no big deal.
The hop-up is really cool. You don't even need to disassemble the gun. Just lock the slide back and there is a tool that comes with the gun inside the box and you play with the hop-up by sticking in the little tool inside that hole. "That hole" I don't know what it's called but in real life that's where the shells eject, you know what I mean. And you would place the tool up in the barrel and turn it left for more hop-up and to the right for less hop-up.
Right out of the box the accuracy was amazing.
All in all, the KZ75 is a very high quality gun and it'll last you a long time if you treat it right.
by David S. on 10/16/2011
"I have one. It is awesome. The NS2 system they have in this gun is very good. one load up of gas in one mag gives you three mags worth of rounds but i dnt have time to mess with a speed loader during a fire fight so its good to have extra mags that goea for any other gas powered gun. very kool. i run with this and a 1191a1 on my load out. very good gun. easy to clean and put back together. really hard to find a serpa style holster for it but its ok its usually in my hand during a game anyway. all in all its a good gun. well worth the price. if you like cz then this be the one for you to get.

~looks and feels great in the hand
~easy to maintain
~nice snap to it on a good load of gas
~pure awesomeness

~hard to find a serpa style holster for it
by chris r. on 06/04/2015
"I've had this for a few years (2010ish) and it has been used seasonally with no trouble or maintenance. I believe it was 2 years later that I actually opened it up for service and to swap the outer barrel. So pretty tough gun but such is NS2 system. Well worth the price as its a great reliable shooter.

On the downside. besides the horrific trades that make no sense, the gun has molded rear sight, that has no dots, or marks of any kind. Aiming is pretty much meh. Fortunately it shoots weak enough you can just use bb trajectory to aim. can't give it full marks since the molded sight is a killer, and there are no aftermarket replacements made.

New batches of the expensive magazines have a manufacturing defect where the bb channel is too wide in some spots and instead of staggering, bbs with jam 2 abreast. So I recommend you buy mags from a place you can rma it if needed.
by Bryce H. on 01/07/2015
"I got this gun about two days ago and the pistol works fine but I got to around the 4th or fifth mag and my gun started to shoot burst fires but then it would go back to semi then gas will flow out of the gun on top not through the mag and I'm not sure if need a new mag or what so I don't know what to do I might send it back or try a new mag. Seriously wasn't seeing this coming for me paying $165
by Evan C. on 02/13/2012
"This gun is AMAZING!!!

-Very accurate.
-Good FPS.
-Great cycle rate.(If you ahve a good trigger finger)

That is really all you need for a good gas pistol.

-No rail space.
-Mags are also expensive.

Overall this is a great gun for skirmishing and shooting in your backyard.
by Paul S. on 08/06/2015
"This weapon looked great when I first got it, but then came a huge issue. This thing's mags can only go about 17 shots before running dry on gas. That is complete BS.

Problem is I don't know if this is the factory mag or if all of these do this! The mags are so damn expensive that I can't afford one! I will say I am dissapointed with the product.