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KJW Full Metal 1911 Tactical HI-CAPA Gas / CO2 Blowback - Black (Package: Pistol)

12 Customer Reviews

by Christopher D. on 08/17/2016
"I've had this pistol for around a month and it's been performing great
ever since I opened it up. Get it, and with proper care, it will lasts years.

-Strong recoil
-Mags haven't leaked yet

-Front sight fell off, I used Loctite super glue to fix it
-Came pretty dry, I use JRAK oil for my pistols
by graham c. on 03/17/2016
"This was my first Gas blowback pistol. I had wanted one for years and finally saved up and got one. I've had the pistol for about a week and a half and its great. Accuracy is great and I've only used .2 gram bb's. From reading reviews i was a little worried on gas consumption, but I'm using propane and its great despite the smell. When I first gassed up the mag i was only getting about 20 shots per fill but i believe i wasn't filling it right. I've been getting about two mags worth of shots per fill typically and the fps stays pretty consistent despite the magazine getting colder. The metal on the gun looks good and the gun feels great in the hand. Breakdown and maintenance is easy to do and the kick from the blowback is good for a heavy metal slide. my next purchase will be a WE 52 round mag for extended fun. Would recommend this product
by matt n. on 06/24/2011
"This is my first, and only GBB. I absolutely love it. It's loud, it kicks harder than other gbb's I've shot, and it looks MEAN. I just put the matrix armed forces tactical laser on it and it looks even meaner. It shoots well and at decent range. I've actually gotten a long distance kill (75-90 feet) with it. By then the bb was dropping in its flight path but still moving straight. Overall, it's a great gun. If you're into tactical 1911's, pick this one up.
by Joseph R. on 03/12/2010
"just got this gun the other day and let me tell you WOW.. when first opened it was like a little kid getting a gift he always wanted except this little kid is 22 years old.

I suggest getting the ten dollar upgrade (of course right?) the co2 kicks a whole lot harder then the gas. BUT i nodiced when i was shooting with the co2 the gun every once and a while would get stuck cocked back.. but not a big deal.

This gun really does kick like a .22 with co2. The gas isnt to bad but its still amazing..

the weight of the gun is realistic
accuracy is perfecto
got shot with it already and..... ouch.
Kick back ruuuullleeesss

Cant say much but you will need to lube it well as the chamber is already showing wear after 80 rounds.
ITS a little wiggly not very tight feeling.

Overall this gun is so tight.
cant wait to use it in a cqb and set the m4 aside for the day.

thanks evike.
by mike m. on 10/11/2009
"i got this gun about 4 weeks ago and all i have to say is this gun is amazing the range is great hits 100 feet out with 25g bbs not only that shoots 372 out the box fantastic gun i highly say you get it...
by Matt M. on 09/09/2009
"This gun is great, its full metal and has reinforced internals, its a Taiwan brand so you know its good its co2 and green gas ready, can also take propane, propane is recommended if you dont want to pay a lot for green gas, make sure to put airsoft silicone lube in the nozzle every few fill ups. One downside to propane is the smell, ive pissed off my sibling for shooting this in the house do to the smell of propane, all in all its a 5 star gun, keep it lubed
by Daniel P. on 04/11/2009
"This gun is great. It has nice kickback decent fps and great accuracy. Only one minor flaw and that is that the co2 mag sometimes leaks. Overall its a great gun to have.
by Brant G. on 04/08/2009
"Great gun def worth the money. shoots great looks great and for a great price.
by JULIO O. on 01/26/2009
"This is a very good gun i recomand this gun as your second gun and it kicks back very good just like a real one.......
by Brendan C. on 01/05/2015
"Just an all around amazing gun, I have had this for about 2 months now and still works great

Magazine capacity is great (for a standard one)
Blowback has a nice kick
Great range like incredible

that's about it

Magazine can slip out if not holstered right
gas can leak due to very simple issues but easy fix
can be a pain to reload especially on the field trying to use a speed loader

other then that I really do recommend this gun
by spencer h. on 02/14/2014
"Although I got the green gas version at another store, i feel that i can compare the two closely enough to give an accurate review.

The gun has a very good feel to it, although it is heavy, it isn't too heavy. It feels very durable and has great range and accuracy (mine was accurate out of the box).


Great blowback
Sounds like a cannon (could be a con)
Good FPS
Very accurate
Great range
Great ammo capacity
Easy to field strip


The grip isn't like a normal set of grip panels, it is the entire lower part of the gun, to replace the grip panels, you'd have to replace the whole lower receiver.
The gun is front heavy.
The mag mine came with leaked (not a problem for CO2, just green gas).
If used in a drop leg holster, the mag release has a tendency to eject the mags while running.

Over all, you can't beat it for the price, i'd give it 5 stars if not for the lack of easy changing on the grip panels.
by Thomas N. on 09/08/2012
"This pistol is great! The price is decent for a full metal gas blowback. Works great! ITS A MUST GET! (be sure to add the holy cow deal and $10 c02 mag)

-Great Price
-Decent FPS
-Comes with Holy Cow deal
-$10 C02 mag
-The magazine that came with it did not have a full seal so it sprayed (but nothing to worry about)