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KJW Full Metal Custom 1911 Tactical HI-CAPA Gas / CO2 Blowback (Package: OD Green / Pistol)

144 Customer Reviews

by Ramez F. on 10/20/2013
"I just bought this pistol and can already tell its great. nice weight to it and sturdy. about 330 fps and has a nice kick to it. Good range and is pretty accurate, mags are pretty efficient can use about two when i fill them with gas.
Pros: Nice weight, good kick, gas efficient, good fps, good range, accurate, looks cool, easy to take apart
cons: non except orange tip is kinda ugly but its like that on all guns
defiantly recommend, so just buy it
by Greg K. on 08/10/2013
"AMAZING! I recently got this gun and it is fantastic. I got three mags with it, the one it comes with, the holy cow deal, and the bonus co2 mag. this is my primary gun in most fights and I beat my friends who have AEGs. The blowback is great and it is loud but not so loud that it bothers the neighbors. When I play with my friends I use .2 or .25g with this gun and it goes through the leaves so I can get a clear shot when they need to go around the bushes to hit me. I love this gun and I highly recommend buying it.
full metal
Holy cow deal and bonus co2 mag
realistic weight
great range
kicks hard
bullets can make it though leaves (makes opponent need to find better cover)
intimidates opponent
looks cool
cheap for what you get
loud- (might be con)
Not to loud that it will bother neighbors

co2 sometimes leaks
hard to take apart
requires a lot of cleaning (all gbb pistols do)
I don't have two so I cant have akimbo pistols
by Andrew S. on 07/02/2013
"Amazing gun, I've had it for just a little bit over 6 months now and it shoots nice and hard still. Be a little careful of the mags as mine are a bit leaky but I'm sure with proper maitenance, the mags would be fine. The gun itself shoots well, no cycling problems, very accurate at medium range (up to 50 ft) and if you take of it, it'll take care of you. I couldn't wish for a better pistol especially at that price! I bought mine when it was full price and have no regrets. Get it.
by Colin L. on 05/22/2013
"This is an impressive gun. It's loud and it's powerful. I got a sniper rifle that I'm not too worried about safety with. This pistol is heavy weight, and I always am aware of how I handle the thing, because I'm afraid of shooting my nuts point black or something. This thing feels like it could really do some damage. Great gun.
by Sandra B. on 05/05/2013
"This is a great gun! I purchased a CO2 upgrade and I believe the gun can handle it. I have had it for about a year and no problems. I have opened up my pistol and there is no major wear and it still runs beautifully! I also bought extra mags and one of them was leaking but no major problems with KJW. BUY this gun!
by Jacob P. on 04/29/2013
"This is my first gas blowback pistol I have owned (I have shot a few others before) and I love it. Out of the box it has great range, more than enough as a sidearm, and it shoots hard (helps people avoid not calling hits). I was able to hit a torso at 80 feet with it stock and a piece of paper from same distance with a Nine Ball 6.00 barrel. I use only .23 at the moment, but will move onto .28 later due to physics making them better in all ways basically (except physics can't lower the price of heavier bbs). With .23 it shoots ~340 fps and ~370 with CO2 mag.

If you plan to upgrade the gun, I can tell you a 240mm angel custom 6.01 240mm barrel will increase fps by about 50-60, but to cover it up you need a silencer and the weight of the two upgrades combined puts weight on the front which seemed to mess the gun up after a while. The matrix threaded outer barrel you can get here caused problems to and I don't suggest it unless you do have a slightly longer inner barrel than 112.5mm (maybe like 120mm at least) as it gets caught up in a part of the outer barrel.

High fps (for a pistol)
Good range
All metal (does hurt gas efficiency by some amount)
Gas lasts for over 1 mag at least (haven't actually tested the maximum)
Lots of upgrades
Grip is nice

Paint wears off on moving parts (metal on metal)
Thumb safety messed up; it works once you know how to move it. The right thumb safety is loose and basically worthless, but you need it to hold the other side in.
Can't find anything free for it :)

No thread on stock outer barrel

Well that's about all to say about it. I highly recommend this airsoft gun to anyone. I use it as my primary on the field. Who needs M4s anyways? :)

. . . Yes, I have an M4.
by Jacob C. on 04/13/2013
"First looks... This is extremely comfortable. The grips shouldn't be worth 60$ though... More like a 30-40$
The sights are pin point. The front sight is wiggly but there is a tool to screw it back on. The mag is full metal. Green gas/propane mag. Slide is full rotation.(The slide goes back as far as the real one. I own a kimber .45 btw) No trade marks... on it says KJW and .45 acp.

Looks.... 9/10 The grip is a little to textured.

Performance.... (DON'T NOT USE CO2 MAG IT LEAKS LIKE CRAZY!!!!!!) The performance with propane is exceptional. I had a friend over and he was jumping on a trampoline. I was about 65 feet away. I took one shot and hit him. Very nice performance for a side arm. You get about a mags worth of bbs per fill up with gas. Co2 last longer but is worse for your gun. Blow back is insane with co2 though. Propane is a bit lower but it is enough for realism.

Performance.... 9/10

Durability.... Made is pure SUS STEEL! With some stainless parts. The only polymer parts are rubberized. It's the grip. The made is full metal. This has not be dropped so I don't how it will take the fall... The Co2 mag is bad though good quality just not good in performance..... Use gas!!!!! You will thank me....

Durability.... 9/10 will last a good 2-3 years with good lubing every 1-2 games. But the sight it the front is a bit wiggly can be fixed though.

Side arm choice.... It is an amazing side arm. The classic 1911 look with a quick hair trigger even not adjusted. I love it.

Side arm choice.... 10/10

Price.... 11/10 You are defiantly getting what you paid for. Even you will get a little more.(yes I mean 11/10)

Over all.... 4.5/10 Not perfect.. but pretty dang close
by hunter b. on 02/19/2013
"First off I would like to say this was my first GBB purchase and let me say i've had a great experience so far! I ordered this pistol about 6 months ago and Evike took 7 days to get to my house, but every time I order from Evike it takes that long. When I first open the gun I took it apart and cleaned it then loaded it up with propane went out side and shot about 8 or 9 mags through it with no jams or misfires. It was surprisingly accurate up to about 80ft. The fps is between 310 and 325. So far I am extremely satisfied with my purchase.


High mag capacity
Its just Awesome


Mags fall out sometimes
You need to clean it a lot if you use the optional C02 Mag

If your looking for a reliable, clean shooting, powerful, accurate, and amazing GBB you've found your gun!
by John G. on 01/24/2013
"I must say this is one good gun. Reviews dont lie. I bought this based on the 90 postive reviews. SO far i have about about 1,000 rounds through it and it keeps up. I use propane in my mags. I assume as long as you clean and lube your gun after a full days use, it should last.

Pros: Great feel
Looks great
Good fps at 335 using propane

Cons: None as of yet but only time will tell
by Michael D. on 11/03/2012
"It's not really a review but I had a question it says its gas/co2 could you please help is it co2 or gas or do you order the upgrad co2 clip for an extra $10? Please help thank you
by sam c. on 08/17/2012
"This pistol is phenomenal! I ordered this pistol a couple weeks ago and was first skeptical about it, because i heard that co2 is hard on your internals and will break your gun, because i got the 10 dollar co2 mag upgrade. However i thought i was just going to get the co2 mag but i got a co2 mag and a gas mag! So after that relief, i tested the gun out with both magazines. With propane it shoots around 335 i would say then with co2 it kicks up to around 380. It has a nice crisp blowback along with some kick. However this gun is quite loud with co2. Overall a terrific buy!
by Cameron V. on 08/10/2012
"This gun is great. It is very accurate. If your looking to play CQB matches this is a great gun for you. The gun is heavy, and it feels like a real gun. Only con is the orange tip but that is sanded off EASILY! I shot my opponent in a match with it from about 25 feet, they had a welt from the power even though they were wearing a sweat shirt. If you want a fun and durable gun consider this one.
by Matt S. on 06/22/2012
"This is just a really really nice pistol. Blow back is crazy hard. shoots 350-355 with .20g. Can get 2 full mags out of one co2, and since they are 30 round mags that is really like 3-4 mags worth of shots, so it is pretty efficient. Hop up is real nice. Love the custom grip. Can't say enough good things about this pistol. Only issue is the painted on orange tip. Don't buy any other pistol. Buy this. Iff you need another pistol, but 2 of these.
by phil k. on 05/21/2012
"This pistol is great and worth the price. It has an all metal construction exept for the amayzing abs plastic grip. There are nice novak style sight along with the ajustable hop up, which makes it deadly accurate. I have had this pistol for about 4 months now and have put many rounds through it. This thing has taken so much abuse and still functions like it came right out of the box. I was not suprized when the dissconnector bar broke and made it shoot full auto, so after ordering the part in my friend shippment, it should be back to new.

full metal
light trigger pull
great gas efficency
withstands abuce

brass outer barrel comes unscrewed ( fix with super glue)

Great gun. A must buy. And don't forget to buy the holy cow special!
by Raymond S. on 02/14/2012
"Ordered this a few days ago and all I have to say is wow, right out of the box this gun is amaizing. All I did was lube and clean and it was ready to go, it felt great in my hand and the look of this gun is sexy (except for the orange tip which can be sanded down.) GREAT gun, buy it!

Full metal
CO2 and gas compatible
Great kick

Orange tip can't come off. (painted on)