Reviews: APS ACP Full Metal CO2 Powered Airsoft GBB Gas Blowback Pistol with Extra Magazine

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by Lance B. on 2015-02-08 15:33:46
"This is a great sidearm and I would recommend this to most people.

Good FPS for indoors and outdoors
Metal Slide
Good safety placement(ambi)
Nice slide sound
Great accuracy
Good weight
Good magazine size

Weird trigger mechanic
Hop up is hard to get to on the fly
One of the magazines broke
Weight is pretty much all in the mag
Hard to put in /take out CO2(need coin)

All in all this is a great sidearm
by Zach V. on 2015-01-19 20:20:06
looks sweet
great range
awesome fps 340-360
hard kick
2 mags until out of co2

hard to load co2 in but gets easy after you do it once

I recommend this pistol for beginners and pros
by sam s. on 2015-01-15 08:28:51
"This gun is very hard to load the co2 cartridges into. I bent the key it came with.
Overall this gun shoots good but is a pai to load.
by Stan L. on 2015-01-11 18:13:05
"I received this gun as a present for Christmas. The first thing i noticed was that the mag that the gun came with was broken. No brand of Co2 would fit into the mag, so had to buy a new one. The slide is very easy to take apart to switch barrels to a full metal black version. The gun has decent blowback but is a gas hog, I have never got more than 1 and a half mags out of the gun. Also the Co2 is a pain to switch out because it is so snug that i have to use pliers to take it out. However it functions very well when it has Co2 and is a good sidearm for beginners. Also i dropped it while playing and the trigger catch broke. So every time i need to shoot the trigger gets stuck and will only go forward if i take out the mag, cock the gun and re-insert the mag. I would fix it but its to much money to spend on a pistol with a lot of problems

Hard kick (good or bad)\
Accurate in close-quarters
High fps

Overall design of magazine is not great
Many magazine do not work
Goes through Co2 very quickly

Overall this is a decent sidearm and would only recommend to players who can buy spare parts for his gun, and works well when everything functions properly.
by Parker R. on 2015-01-03 11:38:18
"The gun looks great, but every time I load a magazine with co2 and bbs, it shoots a couple of bbs and the the gas explodes. I wasted 8 co2 cartridges on this stupid thing and it blew up every time! What a waste of money. Do not buy!!!!!
by Zack W. on 2014-11-26 20:17:09
"The ACP has a good weight and grip to it, both with and without the magazine. It's just solid. The recoil is fantastic and the strip-down for cleaning and lubricating is simple.

Plus, this version of the ACP has a number of upgrades from the last version. First, it fits just about every CO2 cartridge so you don't have to dig around for a certain type. Second, the barrel is now metal versus the original plastic. Third, the new stabilizer keeps the recoil and your groupings consistent throughout the magazine.

The magazines use an inverted CO2 system that saves you from leaking CO2. Expect around two magazines for each CO2 cartridge - not bad for a GBB. However, magazines are difficult to load, both hand loading or with a speed loader. Also, magazines don't have any protection against drops so be careful!

If you are in the market for a solid replica Glock, then grab an APS ACP.
by tim S. on 2014-11-24 17:52:22
"this gun feels very nice, when you hold it, it just conforms to your hand. But there are alot of downsides. For example, once you fire the first full magazine it doesnt have enough gas left in the magazine to function properly, It will begin to jam, not load the next bb into the chamber, and wont lock to the rear, even though when you remove the magazine there is plenty of gas left in the magazine. The magazines themselves are high quality, and when loaded into the gun make up half the weight of the gun. this is not a bad thing, the center of balance is very nice.
Most of the problems stated before are due to there not being enough gas left in the magazine, and not the fault of the gun itself.
Other wise, the pistol is great, i like the pistol, but i wouldn't buy it again if i had the chance. but the problems are likely due to the fact its fall, and im in the north east, so the problems with gas are likely due to climate.
by Brian D. on 2014-11-23 12:37:11
"while this gun lasts its impeccable. However after a day the plastic nozzle blew in half for me. I returned the pistol for a replacement being absolutely in love with every other aspect of it, then after only 1 magazine it blew in half again. this is a 5 star gun with a 3 star price, but that plastic nozzle needs to be replaced with something much stronger. I haven't found any replacement parts made out of anything stonger yet but if anybody has any knowledge of anything please help me!
by Scott G. on 2014-11-16 21:58:22
"pro it shots great

easy to take apart and clean and greeze up

has a great blow back kick

its co2 but shots under 330 fps

its come with 2 mags soo 50 rounds campart to most only have 17 shots

my only con is that ugly orange tip is a pain in the ass get off
by Brandon S. on 2014-10-17 14:43:02
"I got this gun in the mail yesterday, everything about it is awesome. when i used the .25g bbs it fired a little high but i didn't bother adjusting the hop up yet. I wanted to try my .36 bbs, and i must say, i can hit what i aim for while quick drawing from half an acre away with no problem. this is by far my best handgun.
by Ryan P. on 2014-07-24 20:08:11
"I just got this pistol in the mail today and i'm pretty satisfied with it. Before I was running with either a WE 1911 GBB that used the terrible green gas,the mags for it leaked all the time,or I was running with my Dan Wesson 6" Revovler,which was powered by dependable CO2 but only had 6 shots. This pistol even though its not fully made of metal is as sturdy as a rock.

-Instant response when firing
-Holds a reasonable amount of rounds
-Doesn't leak (yet if ever)
-Looks slick
-Decent amount of range

-The part that chambers each BB is clear plastic,i'd want it to be metal just to be safe than sorry
-The mags barely fit into my pistol mag pouches because they're so fat but it's no big deal
-The tip is a pain to take off but the pistol comes with an threading adapter in case you want to attach a suppressor

5/5,definately get it if you want a reliable sidearm.
by josh b. on 2014-06-13 14:25:08
"It comes with the black barrel, but the front of the top slide is painted orange. The magazine is harde to load, and CO2 will not fit in the second mag. The guns shoots great and has a nice amount of recoil.

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