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by Matthew M. on 2016-05-03 03:41:27
"Do not buy this gun, you are wasting your money. I'm sending it back asap. It looks cool and I only bought it for the looks of a glock. This gun shoots bad and only gets one mag per c02
by Mike S. on 2016-04-30 12:44:49
"Why three star, your wondering well, first off I'm a fng, second its the first airsoft pistol I've ever owned. It shoots pretty good, it feels great, the range is pretty good for a pistol. Now there is one problem with it. The gun leaks, a lot. I was shooting it a few minutes before writing this. When I first started out it was great, then after reloading the mag about four times, it start to go to down hill. The co2 would last a mag after that. There's a guy that is before mine (he rated it a four or five) but he found the fix to it, because mine is having the same problem as his.

This would be a four out of five if it wasn't for that defect/problem. Minus that defect I would strongly recommend it to someone who is going to get this pistol.
by Dobae P. on 2016-04-17 17:27:51
"This gun comes with 2 mags, a CO2 key, small pamphlet to introduce you to it, an "O" ring for the magazines if you need to replace one, some small sandpaper grip tape, and it comes in a very nice case. The pistol has some weight to it almost making it seem real. I can shoot 2.5 - 2.75 (Two and a half / Two and three quarters) of magazines before needing to change CO2's out. It holds like 22 rounds of ammo

by Ethan P. on 2016-04-04 19:40:22
"I would like to preface this with saying maybe i just got a lemon...twice in a row.

When i fire this airsoft gun, it simply doesn't fully cycle 3/5 of the time. By this i mean the slide comes back, and then only goes about half way forward, and requires a push to go to where it should be, meaning it is nearly a spring pistol it terms of fire rate due to the action required to fire in succession. I have tried lubricating it, replacing o-rings, and tried to find the problem, but it simply seems to not work properly. I heavily regret this spending of 100$, and would not recommend it to ANYONE.
by Honor N. on 2016-03-31 15:20:53
"magazines for the gun are terrible it wastes so much co2 its not worth it dont buy this gun buy the elite force 1911
by Jake P. on 2016-03-30 15:00:24
"Just got this gun its very good. Nice weight and nice look. Feels awesome in your hands. Well I cant say in your hands cause i don't know you, but I can say it feels nice in my hands (thats what she said). definitely recommend it. ;-)
by Brock R. on 2016-03-26 12:15:40
"I bought this gun from the boneyard. I've had luck with the boneyard before but this gun was actually broken.

First of all the gun came in the original box with two mags extra orings and the Hakkotsu key so the whole package but the gun chrono'd at 120 fps which I knew was wrong off the bat. Then after about 5 shots the co2 would just dump out and get wasted. I thought the roller wheel that guides the slide was causing the issue at first but after taking the gun apart I saw that the valve was cracked down the middle. Could be manufacturers defect, design defect or could just be a lemon. I bought a replacement valve from the APS/Hakkotsu website for 4.50 USD. I installed it and now the gun is firing at 325-330 fps as suggested and nothing else is malfunctioning.

So now that this gun is working I will say that it is incredible. The kick as with most co2 guns is like a mule. The two stage spring guide really lets you feel the recoil. Accuracy is great since the gun comes with a pretty solid TB barrel already installed and the trigger response is superior to other stock guns. All in all I would say that this gun is worth it. Provided you don't get a defective product which I will admit is somewhat likely with APS you should be happy with this purchase. When APS guns work, they work fantastic but it's getting past the broken stuff that's the problem. Either way get this gun and if it needs repaired it's supper cheap. Can't go wrong if you know how to work on airsoft guns.
by Brandon R. on 2016-02-26 19:02:13
"This is the first gun I have wrote a review for, this pistol is great in all standards. Beautiful style and feel, smooth barrel functions with a hard kick back but just the right fps, sights are glow in the dark which is great, I dont see how people where having issues with the co2 cartridge getting stuck because it seems almost impossible to get them stuck, and I get about two mags and about 6 to 7 more bbs on one cartridge so I believe I will be buying another ACP soon to duel wield and would defiantly recommend this with the silencer adapter even to give it a more tactical look.
by wesley b. on 2016-02-13 15:45:07
"This pistol is absolutely insane. It is insanely accurate and I love it. The only bad thing or sorta bad was the CO2 cartridges goes out in like a mag and a half. Also it comes with an orange tip outer barrel. But it was easy to switch it out and now I have a black outer barrel and it looks absolutely sweet. I love this pistol. It's insanely accurate and almost shoots as far as my AEG. But I reccomend getting extra mags and ALOT of CO2 cartridges. Overall a great pistol
by Tim H. on 2016-02-09 16:28:37
"Love this pistol, the only bad thing is, be prepared to spend alot on c02, im only gettin a mag and half outa one cartridge, and if you dont load the mag just right (because it is a double stack mag) it will miss fire and you will have to cock it back to fire again, but other than that i havent had a pistol that is this accurate, or balanced, its pretty sick, i would recommend this gun to any body who has a savings account just for c02 lol
by Bruce M. on 2016-02-06 09:38:37
"Great gun. Works flawlessly and is accurate. Functions smoothly and never malfunctions for me, and feels great to shoot. I would resdefinitely recommend this gun to anyone because of its quality.

The only downside is the mags. To be completely honest, the mags are crap. It comes with two mags and a spare seal but after about 200 shots through each of them both of their seals broke and leak like crazy. If the manufacturer is reading this, please just add another 10 or 20 bucks to the price and make some quality mags so people don't have to keep buying spares
by Scott G. on 2016-01-17 23:26:57
"i had mind for 2 years now it never let me down shot faster then most Green gas pistol cant do for this type of pistol your getting the power and range then most pistol that are green gass cant get love this and easy to take care of put one drop of oil inside where you put your co2 once your set for the whole day then

Displaying 1 to 12 (of 43 reviews)

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