Reviews: Umarex Ruger Licensed P345PR CO2 Airsoft Full Size Gas Pistol


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Model: GP-UREX-2262000

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by Justice N. on 2016-05-22 13:28:48
Good build quality, I have dropped this gun many times with the results being a few scratches
Cheap mags
Very Co2 efficient
Kind of accurate

Not blow back (Pro or Con)
Long trigger pull
All polymer

Over all very pleased with this buy, but if possible buy a better full metal pistol and in my opinion get a blow back...
by Kane T. on 2016-03-04 18:48:07
"This is a great gun for beginner players. It is a great CQB weapon for starters as well. This was my first side arm pistol and I still use it now and then. It has a long trigger pull though. I also love the fiber optic sights. Not to mention the rail space for my flashlight. Overall, this is a great weapon for beginner or regular players👌🏻
by Noah L. on 2015-11-05 12:58:46
"Product information
So I bought the gun awhile back, use it for 5 games, until the mag broke. I really havent found out what broke in the mag, but the bbs wouldn't feed. It couldíve been coincidence, the mags are full metal, and feel really solid.
I won't complain, great gun. Itís non blowback, which (realism aside) I prefer, because the sights are motionless as you fire. The co2 is built inside the gun (which is great when you want to be conservative of co2) and the mag is easy to reload. Its outer body is almost all polymer, but it's got a nice weight to it and itís fairly durable.
For the price, this gun was worth it. I havenít found another gun similar, and the fiber optics is a real help!

co2 is inside the gun, not mag (could be a con)
no co2 leaks (yet)
pretty darn accurate
very cool unique body build
remarkable fiber optics!

Outer build is basically all polymer
Mags are cheap (maybe coincidence, as I mentioned above)
co2 is inside the gun (could be a pro)
bottom rail doesnít have enough threads for some attachments
by Chase B. on 2015-02-27 17:53:31
"Ive had this gun for a couple days now, and overall for the price it is great. The trigger pull is heavier than what i wanted but its just double action pistol.
by Tricia B. on 2014-11-08 11:46:59
"When I got this gun it looked pretty good and when I took it out of the box I checked it over and it looked very nice for a non-blowback. When I got ready to shoot it I put a co2 in there and then the magazine with .20 gram bios in it and then shot it and found out it leaked almost all of the co2 out of my mag and after that the mag release broke so yea.

Looks nice

Cons. Leaks
Mag release broke
by Brenda H. on 2013-06-10 20:50:51
"This is a really good gun. I had it for a long time now (about 8 months).Its still in perfect conditions. such as the fiber optics still work, The mag release button still works, and no cracks.But the gun isn't the most accurate gun in the world. Its still more accurate than other pistols but not the most accurate. I don't like that the gun is plastic but it is thicker and stronger plastic than other plastic guns.I carry around this gun all the time (except for school).

1.has weight
2.fiber optics
3.CO2 powered
4.looks BA.
5.has a tactical rail (on the bottom)

1.not that accurate
2.plastic (but durable plastic)

by Kameron Y. on 2013-01-09 18:21:26
"I just got this gun and it exceeded my expectations right out of the box! (or case) it is sorta accurate and shoots pretty far! shoots well with .12g's to!
Amazing weight
strong plastic
Co2 seals fast and effectively
fiber optic sight are AWESOME
clip is great
still plastic even though strong
not the most accurate ever/ inconsistent with accuracy
Great gun for price though, shoot SUPER hard and makes cool sound
by Cameron B. on 2012-07-01 12:09:53
"I bought this gun about 3 weeks ago off this website. First of all, it is ABS plastic. But for the price, it is AMAZING. It shoots at around 370-380 fps and has very nice sights. I am having only one problem since purchase where when I put a magazine in, it doesnt stay, but that's an easy fix. I highly suggest this gun becuase of the low price and it's a very nice gun.
high fps
u can see sights at night
powered by co2 (cheap)

can break if dropped
co2 is in gun, not mag

Displaying 1 to 8 (of 8 reviews)