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ASG Licensed High Power Steyr M9A1 Co2 Airsoft Gas Pistol (440~500 FPS)

5 Customer Reviews

by Calvin T. on 08/08/2016
"When I was just getting into Airsoft, I knew I wanted a pistol, and decided to cheap out on it. That being said, THIS PISTOL IS THE BOMB!

This is absolutely a "High Power" pistol. My battle buddy has the same pistol and decided to chrono it before a game day, and the ref said that he couldn't use it because it was shooting around 455fps (which is way over the field limit for AEGs). Due to this, I did not chromo my pistol, knowing that the result would be the same. With that power comes really great range, and somewhat of a kick without there being any sort of blowback. This pistol is super accurate, and really comfortable. It is made out of a plastic body with metal internals, and even without the Co2 tank or mag in, this pistol has a decent amount of weight.

I customized this pistol with a really simple paint job by removing the rear sight part, and a screw located back there, and slipping off the slide (being careful not to lose the spring that is on the inner barrel. I taped the slide around all of the parts I wanted to keep black, and painted the rest of it a metallic/hammered silver. This gives my pistol a unique look that turns heads all over the place.

I would absolutely recommend this to anyone looking for something that will get the job done, cuz remember, we are adults playing army with toy guns. Thats it.
by Joel S. on 03/16/2015
"Very dependable gun in close quarters matches. It doesn't have the accuracy you would hope for from beyond 20 yards simply because the rounds curve up, down, left and right without hop-up control. It's a strong, durable and dependable gun though. Wish the mag held more rounds though. The mag does jam up on occasion though. Holding 16 rounds does not constitute enough room for jamming up your mag.
by AJ P. on 07/06/2014
"Amazing gun for its price. Many of the more expensive guns may be blowback, but they do not match the quality and performance of this gun. I love the iron sights ,yes I know it's a pistol, and it's power is amazing. I shot a plastic .5 thick target and the ammo flew straight through. I love this gun, if you need a reliable strong pistol with realistic weight for a war I highly recomend it.
by Harold B. on 01/30/2014
"This is a great gun; a powerhouse gas miser. I chrono-ed 500+ FPS several times during the first few dozen shots and a respectable 440 FPS through about 80 shots. The gas lasted so long I lost count. My only concern is that .2g BBs were curving all over the place almost right out of the barrel. I'll try heavier weights for better accuracy.
by Boris G. on 08/05/2015
"A great pistol for the price. Once I got past the trigger pull, it was a surprisingly accurate gun. I had a friend wearing full body protection at a 30 foot distance. Firing 6 shots, the gun scored 6 hits, and my friend got 6 welts. VERY powerful (Weird, because mine chronoed at 350fps. It is NOT 350 fps).

-Highly gas-efficient

-Polymer build (Mine took some damage to the iron sights when I dropped it)
-Bad trigger pull (A problem with pretty much all NBB's, from my understanding)

Overall 8.5/10. I would recommend this gun to players with moderate skill.