Reviews: Umarex H&K Licensed USP Full Size CO2 Gas Non-Blowback Airsoft Pistol - Black

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Model: GP-UREX-2262040
Location: U12-124 WO6-M10 WO4-M15 U7-M07

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by Connor C. on 2012-12-13 10:01:56
"Excellent gun for the price or for your first gas pistol. I've had it for about 7 months now and it shoots fine but it has some defects.

Excellent price
Sturdy abs plastic
Shoots .20s flawlessly
H&K licensed

The fire selector is cheap. Both mine and my friends have broken with very little use but it can be fixed.
The rail requires some adjusting
The mags may leak CO2
(My own opinion) The hammer is useless and annoying

Overall for the price it's definitely worth it.
by Isaac S. on 2012-12-11 18:26:06
"This gun is amazing but i did buy it from evike i actually got it from walmart (don't stop reading) and i have to say it surprised me over my cqb master it was more accurate and lighter.Also not to be hatin on evike but its 40 bucks at walmart and it is amazing.I would recommend this to a new to intermediate player
- no issue with functionality (so far)
-Co2 lasts quite a will in it
-sturdy APC plastic
-very cool distinctive sound when being shot
wish it was blowback (there is a full metal blowback version of this)
-clips are a pain in the arse to find
So i hope this helps your decision to buy this gun

by Jesse G. on 2012-10-07 13:30:49
"This is one of the best and most affordable CO2 pistols on the market. It is an absolute blast to shoot!

Very conservative on CO2
Grip feels great
Accurate representation of the real steel
The non blowback feature actually helps me out with keeping the gun steady and on target
Shoots as fast as you can pull the trigger

Can't find the hop-up
Not sure if you can disassemble
Clips not easily available

Overall, this gun is worth every penny, even though its pretty cheap. I prefer this pistol over most green/red gas pistols.
by Sindy T. on 2012-07-23 07:56:12
"The H&K USP is a great co2 pistol here is a list of pros and cons

Great fps
Get a lot of shots out of one co2

Can't find the hop up
Non blowback
by Joseph K. on 2012-06-04 15:09:44
"I just received this in the mail today, and it is very co2 conservative. The hammer does not cock back though, and I cannot find a way to disassemble it easily, not even sure if I can. But, it has a nice weight to it, and is very accurate. And, I'm just loving the sights!
Overall, I would get this for a Beginner - Intermediate player on a budget.

CO2 conservative
build quality
ambidextrous magazine release lever

Don't know how to disassemble
CO2 inserts into the mag
hammer doesn't cock the gun

4/5 could be better, but not by much.
by Revan K. on 2012-02-07 11:50:09
"The Umarex USP is a very good sidearm. I like it for its weight, and it's feel, even though it's made from ABS plastic. I have yet to use it on the feel, but I have used it in a test run, and it's great. This weapon is good for CQB, and its range and accuracy are amazing. If you want a good CO2 powered pistol that feels nice, and has good weight; this is the gun for you.

Good weight to it
Durable ABS plastic
Doesn't jam

The only con for this gun is extra clips, those are hard to find
by raul s. on 2011-12-19 18:38:26
"I bought this gun yesterday, first thing I noticed was the weight. This actually feels real and not a toy gun. It is plastic though. but the magazine and internals are all metal. It is crazy accurate too, I'm hitting a 3 inch diameter target at 20 -30 feet in tight with no scopes or lasers. This is my second gun, both Umarex, the other is a Walther p99 spring powered. This was a much welcomed step up from the spring and only $10 difference. I'm so impressed with this gun, get it while it's on sale!
by Victor B. on 2011-12-08 18:30:20
"This is a really good and inexpensive gun. Despite being made of plastic, it is very solid and survived after I dropped it a good number of times. It gets A LOT of shots in a co2 cartridge along with very good power. I really like the sights on it, both front and back have white dots on them. The only downside about this gun is the co2 is in the mag, which is very inconvenient. But other than that, it is a very good gun and I use it in all of my games.
by Eddy B. on 2011-10-11 14:06:30
"This gun is awesome ive used it in 5 games the 2 weeks ive had it and it shoots harder than my aeg rifle. my rifle broke on me in a game and this gun worked like a charm

Pros: Shoots Hard, feels realistic, mag release is good, has a nice trigger pull

Cons: not metal all (abs), hard to find mags

all in all a great sidearm
by Tom K. on 2011-07-21 00:25:30
"This pistol is powerful and accurate. I can't believe the performance for such an inexpensive pistol! If you want realistic full metal GBB guns to lug through the woods, look elsewhere. If you want performance, reliability and knowing you can hit your target- this is your gun. My brother-in-law had to one-up me when I got a Springfield XD-40(real steel) -he got the XDM, but he's practically drooling over this airsoft pistol since he can't find it in stock anywhere. Take that!
by Tony S. on 2011-03-17 02:51:22
"This is my second CO2 gun,and it is now my favorite.
1. fps. This shots at a high fps,which gives me the distance to reach targets at 60+ feet.

2.sights. The sights on this pistol are not adjustable,but they are easy to see and accurate.

3.trigger. This is where this pistol shines compared to my WG Special Combat.Lighter trigger pull.

4.CO2. Being non-blow back and CO2 powered means it shoots hard and works in cold weather,I get 5 or 6 mags (80-100 rounds) per CO2 cartridge.

5.trades. Its is a licenced HK so the trademarks are all over,and it has its own serial number that you can register at

1.magazines. Evike doesn't have mags,I had to contact Umarex for extra mags.

I like CO2 pistols because they shoot harder and they work in cold weather unlike green gas pistols.I like NBB because they are great on gas and without the blow back action I feel they are more accurate.I was able to consistently hit 16x13 inch target from 70 feet in 30 degree weather during a target shootoff with my airsoft team this winter,team members with gas guns couldn't get their guns to work.This pistol is a great buy at a great price.
by Lukas A. on 2011-01-27 09:20:43
"There were no reviews for this gun so I felt like I was taking a chance when I bought it, and I was even more dismayed when I was informed that it was back ordered and could take up to two weeks to get in stock. So I was happily surprised when it arrived just a few short days later and even more excited once I fired it. It's the third CO2 powered pistol I've owned, not the most expensive, but definitely the best performing. It's non-blowback with no moving parts (aside from the trigger/safety/clip release) and it feels great in your hand, nice weight, and a CO2 cartridge will last for a good long while. Holds 16 bb's (it actually holds that many, unlike some guns that claim to hold one amount and actually fit quite a few less) and shoots them straight and hard. I've done some target practice from about 50 feet, which is about the range I'll be using it, at a small cardboard box and hit it 90% of the time, and the other 10% was because of my shaky hand. The best part about this gun and my main reason for purchasing this particular one is the mag release which isn't a button like on most other pistols, it's a lever underneath the trigger-guard and you actually have to mean to press it to release the mag, whereas the other pistols I've owned end up leaving my mags lying around in the dirt because the button accidentally gets pressed when I'm running around with it in the holster. I'm glad I took a chance on this gun, it's a great shooter for a great price, and I really have zero complaints about it. Thanks Evike!

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