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Model: GP-WG-NB4601-S

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by donnie a. on 2011-07-13 12:53:37
"ok where do i start. this gun is a good seconday weapon due to its fps of 450-500 and its accuracy. here are some pros and cons.
pros:its pretty accurate
decent range
looks good
outpowers some AEG
hits hard

cons:not full metal
expensive extra mags

overall, i give this gun a 10/10
by Lynne M. on 2010-12-22 18:14:02
"I bought this for my 15 year old son. He says that he "Owns every one" with it. Ive have seen him shoot it once or twice. It has very good range, but he says the trigger is a bit hard to pull and the slide gets stuck if you dont lube the slide. Its a bit too powerful for most feilds,too. I have noticed that the paint chips easily too.

-Not blowback (if you are concerend about accuarcy)

-Paint Chips
-A bit TOO strong
-Not to big of a deal, but the slide gets stuck if you dont lube it.
-Also not a big deal, but it is hard to pull the trigger sometimes.

Overall an ideal and reliable sidearm for when your stuck in those "oh poo!" situations.
by Brandon M. on 2010-06-16 10:41:57
"Where can I start... this gun is absolutely amazing and is beautiful as well. I'm ordering mine but I have seen this in action and I know enough to write a review. But there are some downsides to such an insane piece of machinery like this.

Decent mag capacity
Amazing weight
Powerful (Con as well because it could be prohibited at fields)
Beautiful look and finish
Mostly metal; some exterior and metal interior
C02 is very cheap and in almost every Utility and Outdoor store
NBB, well half blow-back so as to reduce gas consumption

Not completely metal
Powerful (Pro as well for further and harder hits)
NBB can be a problem for people who like realism and recoil

Conclusion: It is an all around great sidearm for any and all situations (Except CQB due to the insanely high FPS). But it could over power AEGs, Most other BBs and NBBs, outrange Sniper Rifles and etc... I give it a 5/5!
Expensive spare magazines
by anthony l. on 2010-06-13 21:04:24
"Overall this is a great pistol. here are some of the pros and cons.
great fps not quite as high as they say but still really good
everything but the handle is metal
looks great almost like the real thing
removable orange tip
co2 lasts entire games in this gun

co2 is in the clip so you cant reload as fast w/out another clip and more co2
only 16 rd clip so you reload alot
does not come with co2(found this out when it came)

I would recommend this gun to anybody!
all the cons can be fixed with a mere speedloader
Buy this gun now!!!
by ashton v. on 2010-05-31 16:02:24
"i have this weapon. it is definitely not worth $65.00. i bought mine in febuary, 2010. it broke in two months. not to say there are no pros, though.
pros :)
-mag capacity
-metal slide, nice construction
-metal magazine
-FULLY FUNCTIONAL SLIDE! :D but non-blowback.
-very realistic

cons :(
-WAY too strong, about as strong as a spring sniper... owch.
-short lasting
-trigger loosens easy
-long trigger pull

overall, not a great gun, but not a horrible gun, more of a training weapon.
by Brandon R. on 2010-05-09 07:19:11
"This is a pretty cool looking and cool sounding gun, though there were some problems with this which I will list below

Decent gas consumption
Non blowback, but has a functional slide

Not accurate with .2 bbs
Co2 (decent gas consumption, but you still need to buy Co2 cartridges)
Longer trigger pull than I like (Pull the hammer back first and its not a problem)
Low cap mags (only 16 rounds)
Slide gets stuck alot in the back position and is a real pain to get it to go back forward

Decent gun for your money. This pistol might be too powerful for an airsoft field, but this is only $65 so you can't expect much from such a low price.
by henry w. on 2010-03-15 14:17:19
"I recently got this pistol and can say it is amazing

It has beastly accuracy and fps with my chroning at 600 fps

high fps
great accuracy
realistic feel
good weight

Low magazine capacity although more clips can be bought
by samuel d. on 2010-01-27 22:07:00
"five stars all the way this gun is so amazing it even puts gas-blow back guns to shame !!!!!!!!!!!!
shooting at 400fps with .25 bbs most sinper have a hard time even coming close to that
so if u are on a low budget this gun is a must !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Colter S. on 2010-01-25 19:45:01
"Great Looking Finish and Construction


Solid Construction
Nice Finish
High FPS
Two Tone Finish looks great
20mm Rail


Could find more magazines for it on
Orange Tip(i dont think u can remove it)
Magazine does not slip out but u have to pull it out


Where can I buy more magazines?
Is the orange tip removable?
What kind of Mock Suppressor would fit on this?


So far since Ive had it, I love it, I would buy CO2 with it, so u can shot it right when u get. I would recommend this for a pro. Its non-blow-back but it cheaper and the CO2 works great and easy to install. I think once u take it out of the box u will feel a nice solid, and heavy construction to the pistol. Its a great price for a great pistol u cant be that.

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