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WG Full Metal Co2 Powered Special Combat 1911 Airsoft Gas Gun - Two Tone

21 Customer Reviews

by Gary M. on 11/16/2014
"This gun is a very good gun! Almost full metal, the slide is metal at least. Working hammer, which is cool. The safety of the gun is not on the actual grip. It's a fake one. It's on the side of the gun.

Note~ The hop-up is either total garbage because I will screw it and it won't change. Or it might be because I'm using too light of BBs.

Mostly metal
Good weight to it.
Very powerful
Nice and loud!
Great Co2 consumption. Hardly every need to change them.
My orange tip comes off really easy
Low price!

Maybe too powerful for most fields
Trigger feels fragile
Hop-up is not very good. At all
BBs drop after like 50 ft.
No threads :'(

Overall, I really like this gun. Nice fps, weight, and I like how loud it is. The price is low, mostly metal, and it is also very pretty!

So why not? buy this gun!!
by harlan s. on 05/11/2012
"If you live at a high altidude u will get about 100 or so full power shots and then u better replace the co2. The mag weighs about half as much as the pistol itself so it doesnt feel right without the mag. 16 shots make it seem realistic.
My 1911 is not accurate for some reason and i even adjusted the hopup and the sights:-( but thats my luck so dont hesitatate
Somewhat powerful for me
Great weight
Sexual look
Intimadating for noobs
Orange tip is ez to take off

Lower half of pistol is plastic
not accurate (for me)
Other than that nothing
by Lynne M. on 12/22/2010
"I bought this for my 15 year old son. He says that he "Owns every one" with it. Ive have seen him shoot it once or twice. It has very good range, but he says the trigger is a bit hard to pull and the slide gets stuck if you dont lube the slide. Its a bit too powerful for most feilds,too. I have noticed that the paint chips easily too.

-Not blowback (if you are concerend about accuarcy)

-Paint Chips
-A bit TOO strong
-Not to big of a deal, but the slide gets stuck if you dont lube it.
-Also not a big deal, but it is hard to pull the trigger sometimes.

Overall an ideal and reliable sidearm for when your stuck in those "oh poo!" situations.
by Brandon R. on 05/09/2010
"This is a pretty cool looking and cool sounding gun, though there were some problems with this which I will list below

Decent gas consumption
Non blowback, but has a functional slide

Not accurate with .2 bbs
Co2 (decent gas consumption, but you still need to buy Co2 cartridges)
Longer trigger pull than I like (Pull the hammer back first and its not a problem)
Low cap mags (only 16 rounds)
Slide gets stuck alot in the back position and is a real pain to get it to go back forward

Decent gun for your money. This pistol might be too powerful for an airsoft field, but this is only $65 so you can't expect much from such a low price.
by ashton v. on 05/31/2010
"i have this weapon. it is definitely not worth $65.00. i bought mine in febuary, 2010. it broke in two months. not to say there are no pros, though.
pros :)
-mag capacity
-metal slide, nice construction
-metal magazine
-FULLY FUNCTIONAL SLIDE! :D but non-blowback.
-very realistic

cons :(
-WAY too strong, about as strong as a spring sniper... owch.
-short lasting
-trigger loosens easy
-long trigger pull

overall, not a great gun, but not a horrible gun, more of a training weapon.
by Thomas M. on 08/21/2013
"I got this pistol about 2 years ago. It wasn't accurate at all (even with the hop up all the way up, the bbs curved way down). The magazine busted an o-ring and I had to replace it. Then my friend broke the trigger on it.

High FPS
Looks and sounds cool
CO2 canisters are easy
Metal Slide
Orange tip comes off easily (mine just fell off)

Faulty hop-up
Really inaccurate
Not full metal
Not a sliding trigger (like most 1911s)
Trigger broke on me
Magazine o-ring busted
FPS is too high for most fields

I would not recommend this gun. I would really like it if the hop-up worked and it was more durable.