Reviews: WE-Tech Navy SEAL Advanced Full Metal M4A1 Carbine Airsoft AEG Rifle

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Model: AEG-WE-001

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by Ethan E. on 2013-06-10 15:48:05
"There really isn't a lot to say about this gun, overall, it was an amazing purchase and I'm really happy that I got the WE- Tech. There was a problem with mine when it first came however; I sent in the RMA to Evike and they fixed it with no problem. Turns out I needed a motor replacement. That really turned me off and had me worrying for a while. When I got it back, I went out to play with friends and the thing preformed amazingly. This gun has excellent FPS(375-400 w/ .2 and about 350 w/ .25s) and is Full Metal. Those are the two main things that I love about this gun. The gun does come with a plastic 300rd mag; I have yet to use it because I have others that I prefer. If you can afford the not to bad price, I would definitely go with the WE-Tech.

Overall, 5 out of 5
by david s. on 2013-04-19 23:16:49
"This is a very nice gun. The metal body is great. There are ris units that fit for $55 which adds +50 beast points but you need a peq box or a battery pouch. The dust cover works but it gets stuck and some times it doesnt go all the way forward, which as you already know "ain't nobody got time fo dat". The fps is great at 400. If you're thinking of buying this, get it. Make it unique to you.


Nice looking
Lots of upgrades
Fire rate
Metal body


Dust cover
(You ain't got dis)
by Devra S. on 2013-02-20 05:42:03
"I've had this gun for about 4 months now, It is my first and final AEG, It's priced like a starter but its built professionally. the hand guard, stock, and pistol grip aren't that great but this gun is fully customizable and has a very nice full metal gearbox which shoots at a perfect FPS (which if you turn the hop all the way up you can get it down pretty far for field limits). Overall a must buy for starter airsofters. for $180 you can't beat it.
Full metal gearbox
full metal receiver and barrel
amazing gun for the price

handguard is a little hard to open but it gets better with time.
by Ryan k. on 2013-02-11 09:20:30
"I got this gun about a month ago and it's over the top in fire rate and range.

Great range
Good fps
high quality
nice engraved symbol on the side
high fire rate

battery compartment is hard to get off at first
stock is a little wobbly
the mag it comes with is low quality
needs IRS rails

Over all its an amazing gun and i would highly recomend it for tournament play
by Terry L. on 2013-01-29 21:39:30
"Got this gun at the daily deals section for a whopping price of $130!! Great deal on such a good and reliable rifle! The auto release system on this gun is amazing! No need to worry about losing any FPS! It performs extremely well with .25g bb's and it's very accurate! I don't recommend this for indoor play just because of the barrel length and the power of this awesome gun! 11.1 lipo battery works like a charm on this gun!

Full metal feels nice
7 or 8 pounds
Skull frog engraving
Auto release system
Milspec features
Steel delta ring
Magwell has no wobble at all

Stock a little wobbly
That's all the cons. Overall great gun for intermediate to pro players!
by mathewe m. on 2013-01-18 04:18:54
"This gun is absolutely amazing!!!
I have had it for abut 6 months and everything is still perfect on it.
I bought 5 p-mags for it and they feed great.

good weight
good fps
superb range
nice spring release feature
good stamping
intimidation factor

stock has a little wobble
by Jake n. on 2013-01-15 15:15:35
"I LOVE THIS GUN!!! I have only had it for about 2 days now, and I am in love with it! I put a red dot scope on it, and a Magpul CTR stock in the rear, and this thing looks absolutely superb.

FPS is fantastic
Full Metal
Navy Seal Imprints!

Battery is a pain in the butt to get in and out
by anthony c. on 2012-12-27 18:18:16
"This gun is fantastic! With a 9.6v the ROF is insane! Both the upper and lower receiver are metal so its not gonna break anytime soon. Its a pretty heavy gun which is nice. Shoots up to 200ft with .20s and is very accurate and hits hard.
-metal upper/lower receiver
-comes with 300rd metal high cap.
-shoots far
-good ROF
-hits hard
-does not come with battery,charger,or cleaning/unjamming rod
-hand guard for battery compartment is a bit hard to get off when you first get it but gets easier

Thats about it. Great gun! If i were to buy it again i totally would.
by Josh N. on 2012-12-03 18:18:20
"This was the first airsoft gun that I bought, after a 3 year absence from the game. Tremendously impressed with this gun!!! I've been using it for about a month now, and it works great. With .25g's and a 7.4 lipo I can easily hit over 75 ft, with consistent 390 fps, and it's pretty lightweight. The spring de-compression system is SO cool, because I never have to worry about shooting my gun on semi every time I get finished. I only have a few minor complaints: 1. The first time I used the gun, a screw fell out of the bottom of the motor grip mid game. I had to go buy better screws, or the gun wouldn't work anymore. 2. Battery slot in the hand guard was hard to open at first. 3. Doesn't give the option for an RIS system. 4. It's kinda loud. 5. The length of the gun can sometimes hurt you when you're closer up, but that's sort of a negative for ranged guns.

De-compression system
Hop up slide stays open

Cheap motor grip scres
Hard to open hand guard
Length of gun

This gun is amazing, for the listed price. If I could describe this gun to a customer I would say this is an incredibly high quality noob gun, or a lower quality pro gun.
by Noah A. on 2012-11-03 18:47:43
"I got this gun about three to four days ago
Right out of the box the gun was amazing. It has a very good weight, full medal body, high fps, and a good amount of rail space.
the ROF on this gun was pretty good but wasnt insane
this gun was easily reaching out to lengths similar to a sniper with .28"s
the gun had no misfeeds with any mag i put in it (WE TECH,DBOYS,MAG,PMAG,EMAG,)
on thing tht was slightly wrong was that the imitation bolt only clicked forward when the gun was aimed down, other wise i would need to push it the rest of the way forward with my finger (this my just be my gun so dont take my word for it)
this gun was a great buy and well worth the money
for the price u get a great gun.
i do plan on using the gun as a DMr/sniper
by Alex S. on 2012-08-31 20:17:08
"Price to Content- Great
Quality- Over the top
Accurate- Very (with good bb's)
Stock- great with no upgrades
Mag- High quality, wont miss feed
Magwell- Accept almost all M4 mags without issues. (Magpul mid caps works perfect)
Iron Sights- Great and adjustable
Charging Handle- Feels and sounds real
Bolt Catch- Functional
FPS- 389 (crono at sc viper)
Magpul Kit Compatible- Yes
New, Intermediate, Pro- Intermediate to Pro

Great buy
by Jason S. on 2012-07-23 20:18:44
"Love the build quality of this gun! What is the build quality of this gun? Perfect!
The body finish is very much like a G&P! It is nothing the painted rifles out there can compare. Performance is great and the rifle is very easy to work on. All in all, awesome!

Displaying 13 to 24 (of 27 reviews)

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