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ASG ArmaLite M15A4 Carbine Airsoft AEG Rifle

6 Customer Reviews

by Riley E. on 10/30/2017
"I purchased this gun in December 2016 and I have to say if you are looking for a good, durable, starter AEG then this is a great gun. I've used it in several airsoft games and it performs really nice for the price and it's not made cheaply like other guns this price. This is a great gun for beginners and I would definitely recommend it for people with a low budget that want to get into the sport.
by Michael P. on 09/14/2016
"Great gun for cheapos if you're like me. Have upgraded it quite a bit and im able to do pretty well on the field.

performs way better than i thought.
by Ryan M. on 11/13/2014
"Great Company I really Enjoy Coming And Looking For New Deals
by Juliet B. on 12/06/2016
"Overall a good starter AEG. I have used all kinds of airsoft AR-15 from a Lancer M4A1 to a Dboys M16A4 and a WE KATANA PTW.

Package includes
-Manual in plastic bag
-Silica pellets (do not eat)
-three paper bullseye targets
-8.4v 1400 mAh battery, small tamiya connector
-200 good quality 0.20g BBs
-Cleaning rod
-300 rd metal hicap
-hicap winding tool
-Normal charger/plastic paperweight

So speaking from experience I can say that you will not go wrong with this gun. Compared to the Lancer the external build quality is noticeably better. It's not ABS lego-type plastic and is a matte black. It's a much sturdier kind of plastic, on-par with a combat machine. Everything is rigid except for the front sling mount, which dangles and swings as per usual. Everything on the outside is plastic except for the outer barrel, pins and sling mounts. Stock, buffer tube, receivers, iron sights, charging handle, bolt catch, mag release, grip, delta ring, handguards, sight base and gas tube. All plastic, but solid. Bayonet lug works...

The gun is wired to the front so off the bat you aren't going to be applying any fancy rails anytime soon unless you get a PEQ box. This is meant to be used with the normal armalite type handguards (on this gun they feel like they're made out of very flimsy plastic, however, and feature no replica heatshields or protection. Speaking of which, the battery is held in the handguards, and there's a small indent in the outer barrel so the gun will snugly fit the included 8.4 1400 mAh small-type battery. It will also hold other kinds of batteries, like a 9.6v small type, 7.4v buffer tube lipo, and 9.6v butterfly type. Battery installation is a breeze, I've got spaghetti arms and I had no problem holding back the delta ring and separating top and bottom halves of the handguards. Do note that the top handguard is not identical to the bottom one, there is cutouts in the top guard for the gas tube.

FPS is super low compared to competition. 300 FPS compared to 400 FPS with a Lancer. Seeing as how their hopups are so similar (good enough but not great) the ASG M15 loses out on some range albeit becoming CQB legal. Its fire rate is also nothing to write home about. The fact that the small aperture on the iron sight (there are 2 settings, ghost ring and normal peep aperture) is impossible to see through, quite literally, does not help accuracy. But hey, sights are adjustable for windage and elevation, removable carry handle, and mock bolt covering the hopup.

+Armalite Trades
+CQB legal FPS, perhaps FPS legal in countries where it is restricted (looking at you, UK)
+TM Compatible
+Full package of everything you need to get the gun operational.

-Limited Firepower
-Finicky to handle (for some)
-Stock does not want to be removed
-Front wired (could be pro, just know what you are doing buying this gun)

The lancer is going to be a better gun if you are super careful with it, but if a gun must undergo frequent use and will not be modified it is worth it to try ASG's Sportline M15A4.
by Chris c. on 04/27/2015
"A brilliant beginner gun or a gun for someone on a budget. It is light weight but sturdy and fully upgradeable. You can add a metal lower receiver for 25 bucks, and you do not need to do much the gearbox. It is full metal and shoots seamlessly. The battery could use an upgrade, but, for a beginner, that is not a necessity. Overall, great gun.

Shoots great
Comes with battery and charger
Magazine works fine and comes w/ key
full metal internals

Almost all polymer externals
Hard to put battery in (but you get used to it)
Could use a new battery
Hop up is not the greatest one around
by ian s. on 02/19/2014
"Ok so I bought this gun about a week ago its not a bad gun at all but I was a little dissapointed that the reciever was plastic but the I read all of the guns description and relized it said that. Please excuse my spelling I have a dificult time spelling. But any way overall shoots nice battery comes charged but not fully. The mag it came with wasnt the best so buy some extras and if u buy enough extras then throw it away

Bad mag
Doesn't say how long to chrg the battery for
Plastic bolt but ow well

Full metal ver.2 gearbox
Easy hop up adgustment
Full metal beral and front sight
Easy supressor intallment
And love the sling mounts

Please remember these are my oppinions so don't hate if some of it is wrong.