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Javelin Warrior Super M4 CQB Airsoft AEG Rifle - Black

12 Customer Reviews

by Sabryna A. on 08/10/2015
"Iv had this gun for over a year now and the only part that i had to fix was the spring for the charging handle. Other than that the fps is just under 350 so it hits nice anc hard in cqb (almost everyone calls their hits)

-Great fps
-Rof doesnt really matter for indoor, its all semi auto
-gun is nice and sturdy

Cons: Big ol' orange tip kinda gives it away
by brent m. on 05/26/2014
"This is a great gun! Great fps and rof.

I have a flashlight and a laser on mine and it gets the job done. i would buy mid caps for it but other then that, a solid gun!!
by Alec S. on 03/12/2014
"I love this gun and the price. unbeliveble good gun for the price. the gun was covered in dust, which im not sure why. anyway, fantastic gun that is extremely accurate and the precise aim. no hop up unless you put hop up on.
cons: NONE

by Kent H. on 02/16/2014
"I bought this as my first airsoft gun/AEG. It's a relatively well made gun for the price, though there could be a few minor improvements (The bolt cover is a bit loose, etc.). It seems pretty sturdy, and the rails are solid aluminum (The suppressor is aluminum too). Mine came in pretty much perfect condition, but slightly dusty, which is odd. It feeds perfectly, approx. 20-30 shots per full winding, still VERY accurate at just over 100ft. This is the perfect gun for CQB. BTW, the Elite Force M4 CQC is exactly the same as this. Buy this and save $25!!!

Sturdy, good weight
Accessories are a plus (Grip and cleaning rod)

by Samuel O. on 01/16/2014
"Fantastic CQB gun! Simply amazing!

- 9.6 volt battery gives this gun a great ROF
- Looks really cool
- Pretty good range for a CQB
- Feeds flawlessly
- Very light weight
- Comes with vertical grip
- Solid! No rattling or moving parts anywhere
- Good accuracy at CQB. After the 75 feet mark the BB's start to go left and right, but hey, the barrel is only 180 mm's long; somewhere close to that! It's built for CQB anyway and it GETS THE JOB DONE!!!

- None!

Highly recommend this gun to anyone looking for a nice, solid CQB!
by Mason A. on 11/06/2013
"Fantastic gun! Paired with a 9,6V battery mine shot 15rps out of the box. Unmodified it shot around 340fps (as close as you wanna get for CQB). It does include a quick change spring option; although you do have to remove the gearbox from the body (which only takes about 5 minutes). Careful with the front assembly: the mock silencer and hand guard do not come off (they're glued to each other). No problems with it; except replacing the inner barrel and hop up unit with a metal one were kind of a pain (that dropped my muzzle velocity by almost 30fps with the stock spring, I installed a M110 spring to keep it above 335fps). Overall it is a great CQB primary, paired with a flash mag you'll be dominating indoor fields.
by Byron K. on 10/21/2013
"My friend and I both bought this gun about a month ago. I am incredibly pleased with it. It shoots fast and Accurate, I really like that its light and compact. I use this as my main gun and have not had any problems what so ever as of yet.
by Jacob S. on 10/16/2013
"A group of my friends all bought this gun. We have about seven of them on the field when we all play together. So far this gun is holding its own. This gun is manufactured by ARES and branded under the Javelin and Elite Force names. The two are identical minus the iron sights. Out of the box with a Matrix 9.6v NiMH 1600mAh small type nunchuck battery, this gun was chronoed at 345 fps mid game. The compact design is great and the rail space is a nice feature. The one thing I do not like about it, is that the mock silencer can not be removed or changed out. You will have to build a new front end on top of a new upper receiver to change the look of the front of the gun. Saying that, the front end is all metal and has held up to dropping it a few times. There are no sling attachments for a single point sling. I made my own out of para cord and a key ring. This gun is a very good value for someone just starting out in a CQB environment. I picked mine up for $99 during a daily deal and have not looked back. If you are looking for a compact M4 platform, then give this gun a shot. You might be surprised.
by Ryan N. on 10/03/2013
"Great gun, everything you need for a cqb environment and perfect fps
by Cody P. on 04/13/2013
"Great Gun! Has a great feel to the gun very nice build solid polymer very compact and sleek! Gun shoots about 335 out the box and about 14.1 BBPS. Its a great all around beginner gun or just for a veteran CQB player.
by John G. on 01/29/2013
"Very well made gun. Great feel, and weight. Perfect for CQB. Shoots 335 fps right out of the box and 12 rps.
by Joey M. on 01/31/2014
"this gun looks and handles great, but, i had plenty of issues of getting it out of the box.
I opened the box to find my new gun covered in dust, when i pulled it out, i created a dust cloud.
the grip was tough to put on my gun and a pain to slide up and down the barrel.
i now have to go buy a battery for it!

on the good side, after you polish and bought a new battery, the gun is a good gun to start with (if you know where to buy a battery) its size is great for CQB and i love the iron sights.

its a good gun, you just better hope the don't grab you the one in the corner.