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Model: AEG-2278036

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by Elijah S. on 2015-02-24 18:29:26
"You sees comrades, when hordes of zombie come for feisty flesh, this be of good gun for dismember. BUT if yous smart like Ivan, you polarstar for best of show. Both deads and alives will cower for fear of get chops in half. Make sure to practice on capitalist for best results. I take gun to field and Commuvision kicks in to overdrive. Capitalist left and right laugh and mock Ivan, but once Ivan shoot with .80g metal pellets at capitalist they run like little baby man! I run very special RED nozzle for maximum dismember at ~49 bullet per blink of eye.

Haha, but seriously yeah. I got this gun and fitted it so no one would take me seriously at first glance AND because I couldn't find a $20 clear plastic walmart gun to fit an HPA system. I did the custom stock thing where they can hide a small HPA tank in place of the buffer tube and you can just cover it with a shemag. People had no idea what they were going up against and when they got hit I never laughed so hard in my life. This is cheap so yeah screw $750 for an already set rifle or above $100 for paying for a high end rifle just to gut it for this purpose anyway. I can't tell you about the performance of this gun without the polarstar system so sorry. But if you can hide the fact that you polarstared this rifle, you just might be in for a good day. With .30s alright! I use .28s and .30s for this!! Not the metal pellets!

Light as a feather with Polarstar system
Amazing eye catching neon green
Ultimate disguise for Polarstar system
For those who know of your decievery, this makes. For a funny but deadly joke.


Dasvidaniya comrades. I am off to fulfill wisdom of great butterfly and take all of Chechnya
by John H. on 2014-03-21 06:46:19
"Pros: Sleeper gun
Cons: ABS gearbox, sad but funny

My Idea is to toss in some cheap upgrade parts and get a 30 rps 300FPS with .25 zombie blasting sleeper gun + I'll need the biggest mock compensator of them all

Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)