Reviews: H&K MP7 SMG Full Size Airsoft AEG by Umarex (Sports Version)


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Model: AEG-UREX-2279040

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by Michael W. on 2016-04-22 09:32:47
"Very disappointing

I recently purchased this gun and was so exited to have a CQB weapon! the gun got here within a few day and after opening it up and charging the battery i realized this was not what i had expected. after fully charging the battery and getting it ready to shoot, i noticed that the gun was not solid at all! in fact the gun is made of two thin plastic peices that are very poorly made. this bothered me but it wasn't enough to turn me off just yet. i took the gun outside to my barn where i generally do CQB and the BB's went about half way through the barn before crashing to the ground! so i tried hitting a bird feeder from about 15 feet away. On semi-auto i hit it about every five shots, and on full it was utterly useless. the RPM's are also very low so it doesn't help to use full really at all! If this didn't turn me off (which surprisingly it didn't) the fact that when i shot i could smell burning plastic definitely did!! overall my experience was horrid. my advice to you is, spend some extra money! You just can't get a decent gun for this price, i'm sorry.
by Gabriel S. on 2016-03-29 22:56:03
"its an ok gun for like first time use but if you want ot use it on the field its a no go please dont waist you money on this gun if your going to go to the field the gun broke on me the second time i used it
by Travis V. on 2015-10-14 21:21:55
"It's a good starter gun for those who are new to airsoft and it's pretty cheap for a electric airsoft gun and can be used as a sidearm for CQB fights indoors

-Accuracy is good. it goes up to 30-60 feet
-Alot of rail space for lasers/flash lights or optic
-Cheap in price
-Good rate of fire
-Battery last for a long time

-The plastic is cheap
-The stock is a little wobbly
-The battery has to crammed in at the front/tight fit

I just WISH they would STOCK the magazines for this gun i have waited a half of a year or more for a restock in the Magazines and i can't find them anywhere and even i do they cost 3x times more then this site
by coyte b. on 2015-10-10 23:06:38
"Great sidearm if you need a full auto close range for those tight corners.
Not for heavy usage (don't use as a primary in anything not backyard).-Plastic Gearbox is not indestructible.
by shengfu w. on 2015-09-30 17:53:09
"horrible gun if you actually want to play airsoft. As a movie prop or whatever, its safe and fine, because if it somehow gets loaded and a battery in it and shoots, it has a 1/5 chance of hitting someone 5 feet away.

its HK
its a MP7 works?

EVERYTHING is cheap plastic
has a literal range of five feet.
everything else.

i would highly, HIGHLY recommend you get a tri shot shotgun if you have 60 bucks.
by Vincent D. on 2015-05-20 01:48:58
"i put an 11.1 in this and it shot 25 bps at 330 fps and then the gearbox broke after shooting it for a minute straight lol
by Devin M. on 2015-02-22 21:16:38
"This gun has done me good it is light weight and very accurate love it buy it it's worth it I highly recommend it
by Traci R. on 2013-09-16 19:55:18
shoots fast
looks nice
clip holds a lot

clip breaks(could of just been mine)
if broken theirs a risk of it breaking for good

Out of all if you want a prop gun buy this if you want an in game gun that you would us a lot don't buy this in all I give this gun a 2/5
by DIEGO P. on 2013-04-26 18:16:17
"everything perfect a large submachine gun, pulls strong and regular weight, but for the price good, I love this gun. Thanks

Displaying 1 to 9 (of 9 reviews)