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H&K Umarex HK416C Full Metal Airsoft AEG Rifle by VFC

11 Customer Reviews

by Nik S. on 08/29/2017
"For starters, I bought this gun purely so I could be Jäger from Rainbow Six Siege and because I've never used an AR-style platform before. If that's what you're trying to do, maybe find something else or just get the HK416 CQB. Anyway, this gun is pretty good, I think. A lot of positivity with relatively low negativity. I've poured around 400 dollars into this baby and I'm telling you, it's werf (any RussianBadger fans out there?).

Externals: I mean it's VFC. They're pretty top notch. Can't really find any fault with them.

Internals: Lemme tell you up front that I haven't the slightest clue about airsoft internals, but either way, I had mine upgraded with a flathop, new motor, and piston. Only thing I can say is what the tech told me which was that VFC pistons are apparently pretty underwhelming.

Full metal, add to realism but could be a con
Perfect for CQB and decent for field
Lots of rails and rail space
Pretty accurate out to 120 feet
LiPo ready
Comes with a really nice magazine, fully trademarked (but it's actually more of a showpiece, I'll talk about it in cons)
It's rather unique among M4s and AKs
Trademarks all day baby

Unsure about whether stock is better opened out or closed, closed feels better against face but out feels sturdier
Trademarks do eventually wear off and fade away, moreso if you touch them directly with your hands
Rear ironsights are kinda janky but I think front sights are a bit more effective anyway

Good God the battery was probably my biggest issue while I was buying this gun, I had no idea what would fit in the included PEQ box, so I'll provide a link to a good battery that fits nicely in it (
Even with the included magazine, this gun is pretty picky on what mags it wants to take and how it takes them in
Probably my current biggest issue is the underbarrel rail: the lip at the front of the gun essentially blocks any grip that slides onto rails, for example, I have a Magpul AFG that is unable to fit onto the gun because of the lip; in short, have a grip that can shimmy into place or can screw out and back in

In conclusion, if you want to cosplay Jäger, go for it my dude, if you're looking at this through a purely airsoft and efficiency filter, I'd still say do it. Get past the few minor cons of this gun and enjoy it. It's been on sale since I wanna say July and even until now it still is. I'm beginning to wonder whether or not it's going to be discontinued or something. I suppose that's incentive enough to get this gun as soon as you have the money for it.
by Jinfeng L. on 07/31/2017
"Is a very good gun if someone has problem about the battery box, you can buy a PTS Enhanced Polymer Foregrip to put the battery in it so you don't need to worry about the ugly PEQ battery box.
by Cristian V. on 03/13/2017
"This has to be the best stock gun I've ever owned. Right out of the box, I was able to accurately shoot well across my field and hit targets. It's very lightweight and the stock makes it easy to transition to an offhand for peeking or other stance. The best feature is this gun's speed. Everything about it is fast; The fire rate, the maneuverability of it. It all seems like it'd be perfect for speedsoft, but I use it outdoors and for MilSim and this gun excels in that as well. It has excellent range out of the box and is very easy to sight in and adjust the hop-up.

Full-Metal (Strong and Durable)
Fast RoF
Easy to switch hands with
Easy to peek corners with
The stock is really cool and more durable than you'd think
Really BA looking
Makes you feel like Jager from Rainbow Six

The battery box being on the outside is a problem for me, since the wires are on the outside, and you need a tool to be able to modify it for an internal battery storage, but I recommend you put the PEQ-15 on the side, you can easily tuck the wires under the box and out of harm's way

So, the only con is the battery placement, but that does not hinder it's performance. The gun is amazing to shoot and play with and the battery is all up to personal preference.

When you first get this gun, be sure to tighten the screw that holds in the rail system. Not a big thing, but it stops the rail from rattling. A 5 second fix.

I highly recommend this gun to everybody looking for a unique, yet powerful and reliable gun!
by Mark M. on 01/06/2017
"Out of the box this is a fantastic gun, very reliable and the externals look amazing. The high cap mag it comes with WOW empties every round without having to continuously wind it. Best M4 platform I have owned bone stock!!! Worth it at reg price!!
by Christian G. on 11/29/2016
The good-
Absolutely solid construction....well mostly.
Comes with probably one of the best hi caps u can buy, these things go for $35 each so its nice to see it thrown in with the gun.
Comes with a peq box predictably seeing as its front wired, although u can probably only fit small lipos in it, and have the common sense to NOT use an 11.1 on this doesn't have a mosfet so it wont last long whatsoever with an 11.1.
About 95% true to the real 416c, mainly due to the lack of the ambi selector switch.
Retractable stock clicks into place firmly.
Sling points all over the place!
Pretty nice flip up sights along with a working bolt catch.
The bad....
Re-assembly is never fun with 416s, the receivers just dont agree and require u to use odd methods to get them to agree....
My front rail has a very slight wobble, kinda surprised me too seeing as my 416, m27 and 417 have no wobble whatsoever.
The orange tip....,VFC just about always makes removing them damn near impossible, but i just dipped it in super hot water for a couple minutes, used an AR barrel wrench on the squared off parts and twisted clockwise, took a bit of muscle but came off easy enough thankfully! Replaced it with the WE 888C flash hider you can find here as well.
Ive heard and seen firsthand that VFC gives these guns poop motors....but mine seems alright.
Its front wired...., this is to be expected but wires suck.
PEQ battery space is kinda limited to only lipos.
Im not able to tell what year my 416c was made, seeing as the serial number starts with a KE
Overall, im REALLY glad i got this gun while it was still 280, but still also happy to see these marked down from 430 to 330 seeing as how they dont have mosfets like newer 416s and m27s, definitely recommend it.
by Lyndon Kevin D. on 08/07/2016
"My reliable back up platform.

Off the bat, the build of this weapons is great, exceptionally solid and feels great to handle. The pistol grip is very large and feels perfect in my hands and all the trades you could want... probably more than you'd want (looking at you, magwell). The compact stock is a great solution for those who have trouble shouldering your weapon on a plate carrier, but it maybe too short if you play with a regular M4 type stock extended.

As far as performance, this is a perfect CQB gun. One thing you need to be weary of is that shooting in semi-auto in quick succession or for prolonged periods of time tends to seize up the gear box and you can't pull the trigger anymore. Switching to full auto corrects it every time, but it's something to be noted. However, you should be using this in full auto anyways because it shoots laser beams in full auto with a nice tight groping until you pass it's maximum effective range.

You can use the PEQ box that it comes with, but I personally found it too small and very cheap in feel.

-Perfect, solid body
- light and strong
-Highly accurate in full auto CQB fire fights (remember what this gun is designed for)

Not semi friendly, but that's about it.

8/10, solid weapon for CQB
by Sven M. on 05/03/2016
"BEST GUN YOU WILL EVER OWN! Super quality, tight, awesome finish and detail. Best out there. As mentioned in earlier review, the buffer tube and wire stock are weak. If you fall on it, plan on replacing. There are after market ones. I replaced mine after second game with a short M4 slide stock. There is no room in the RIS for any type of battery. There are some RC car very small Lipo batteries that will fit into the stock buffer tube. Have to rear wire and make some adjustments.

Out of the box, this beast shoots a constant 350ish. Very accurate. Hop up responds well to changes and easy to adjust. Gun comes with a 6.04 barrel. Have not cracked the gear box, but if like my previous 416, all quality and well put together.

Gun is eye catching to all on the field. Overall, a 10/10. Would not hesitate to buy again.
by Aaron M. on 04/12/2015
"BigRed here! Took this to an outdoor field and I must say this is the best stock gun I've purchased. Crono was 345 on the dot. Out of the box this shoots close to 25rps with just a 7.4 lipo. Sling adaptor in the back is perfect for Condor slings, one or two point. Places for both on both sides. Plenty of rail space for optics and grips. Even with a smaller barrel and being stock this was putting down Polarstar users consistently at an outdoor field. Very proud with HK and how well crafted this is. The metal used for the externals is insanely sturdy. No worrying about rough Milsims or getting down in the dirt.

Working Mags:
Elite force- Will not gravity fall out when reloading, but is secure and has no wobble.
WE Hi-caps- Fit perfectly and fall flawlessly when reloading
(Will be looking into G&P High Rps mags)
On a side note KWA K120 mid-caps "Do NOT fit." The rubber grip is too thick.

Magpul anything fits. Moe stocks and rail attachments. No worries about compatibility so far with any parts, etc...
Remember your threads! Match + to + and - to -
I do suggest rail ladder covers. helps you grip a lot easier.

Hope this helps. Good luck out there fellow airsofters.
by Ferious J. on 05/23/2013
"This gun is a Great gun 100% stock right out of the box. With a 9.6v it will run well but trigger is just a tiny bit spongy. Almost if for fraction of a second it doesn't respond. ( highly doubt you'll notice in a game). With a 11.1v lipo the gun is amazing but your full auto is way high. I use .28gram bbs and with those its range and accuracy on both 9.6 and 11.1v battery the gun is surprisingly really good. Almost the same as my old Kwa SR12 rifle. Only downside I can think of is the buffer tube I guess you call it is not very thick metal and hollow. The first rifle I got I had to return during shipping the tube cracked and when I unboxed the gun it split open. Despite that I highly recommend this gun it's very much worth every penny. From my experience using it don't use anything less then a 9.6v NiMH. The works just fine with 9.6 but personally it just seems to run bests with a 10.8v or lipo is used.

Runs great stock
Good range
Good warranty
Nice trades/finish

There is NO Battery space
(If you don't like PEQ boxes or eletrical taped battery on to hand guard don't get this gun)
Weak stock tube
(If you drop the gun while stock extended on its stock it's probly gunna break
Umearex should cover it if you break the stock past evikes warranty)
by Knol A. on 03/03/2013
"Words cannot describe the quality and attention to detail from VFC, I have the hard to find GBB version of this C model..just awsome ! I own the 417 350 as well, I will keep buying anything they put out, the cost is high but so are Ferraris.
by Antonio T. on 01/15/2013
"One of the best quality airsoft guns I have used/own

Better quality versus G&Gs 416 (I own both and really love the g&g one as well) No barrel wobble, this thing is solid!

The rate of fire with a 7.4 Lipo is amazing, im almost afraid to put a 3 cell into it! Superior ROF and trigger response with the same battery versus G&Gs model.

The build quality and finish on the metal is superb.

Mags- works with E-Mags, G&G mids, Elite Force mags, wont work with p-mags just like any other 416.
The included high cap is great looking...but you wouldnt want to take that small winding tool with you, also high caps are stupid baby rattles anyway. However, for not liking high caps, especially ones without the wheel, I was actually impressed with the function of the mag.

the PEQ box is an unfortunate way to mount the battery but it is probably necessary (wish there was a way to fit the battery in the fore grip, maybe there is?)

The stock is short (duh) but I think its comfortable. People with super long arms might not like it. If they made a butt plate that added about an inch to it, id be even happier, but its not a big deal for a cqb weapon. If you extend your average m4 stock to the first or second or so click, its like that.

Im a sucker for trade marks, they did a good job with these.