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H&K HK416 Full Size Airsoft AEG Rifle Package by Umarex

31 Customer Reviews

by CJ D. on 06/09/2018
"This was my first airsoft gun, and for 80$ it competes with guns that go for 160$. This gun is a laser and if you put a 9.6v battery in it it shreds your opponents.
by Jesse E. on 04/27/2018
"Bought this gun about 3 years ago and i have to say that this gun is outstanding for 80 bux. It comes with a charger and battery which is a great starter pack. I do recommend this to any begginer but not for an advanced airsofter. This gun has not failed me once and is extremely reliable. Pros- good build made of abs plastic not cheap plastic. Accuracy is decent and ROF is on the low side but also decent Cons- polymer gearbox weak and non upgradable shoots around 300 fps with .2 gram bbs. Orher tham that rhis is a great gun overall for the price 9/10
by Patrick H. on 04/26/2018
"For an entry level electric, I'm impressed. It has a good frame, the battery is easy to install, the RIS fits my red dot, flashlight, and laser pointer from my old M4 and the M4 magazines and SCAR magazines fit it as well. The m203 grenade launcher fits under the RIS, but I'd have to custom attach it, or just duct tape it for prop. Still, it's awesome it fits. It doesn't have a nozzle that screws off, but for novelty purposes, I use an old radiator hose as a suppressor for when I do RPs and the like. This is my favorite modern military rifle so I wanted to get it in some form or another. A great buy!
by Richard C. on 11/09/2017
"Just got the HK416 with a few other things that I order and I gotta Iím loving it. Itís not going to be my long range choice, but it will definitely be my close and mid range.
by Josť C. on 04/29/2017
"So, my brother and I bought one each and it's been half year already we did a custom paintjob on them, they look scik haven't had any feeding issues, even though M16 magazines fit a little tight and you have to give a bump, still it is great.
by Bryce S. on 12/26/2016
"This is a great gun, I myself am a very new airsofter that wanted a gun to get out there and play with my friends with, this gun is amazing and came with an 8.4 Volt Nunchuck Battery. I ordered it and looked at the reviews and was really scared of the terrible results I might have gotten out of the gun, but in the end this gun is amazing which proves sometimes you can't trust reviews, you just have to order it and check it out for yourself...
by erika k. on 10/17/2016
"This gun fires great, is sturdy and I am not afraid it'll break anytime soon. It ranks along side my lancer tactical m4ris
by Isaac P. on 09/24/2016
"Great fun for beginners it last about a year which if you love the sport you would have already gotten another airsoft gun by the time it breaks
by Andrew W. on 12/24/2014
"this gun is a mazing and everyone who buys it should put a lipo in it
by Marylynne S. on 06/15/2014
"The gun is literally amazing for its price and is a great starter gun. I suggest that you do get a sight for it though. Also m4 mags don't work so don't try.

Works well for what you paid for
Comes with battery and charger
Awesome for starters
Comes with gun sling
The default mag is retarded at times
Can't fit m4 mags or any other mags I can find
Can't upgrade the gearbox it's a custom fitted plastic one
Don't known what magazine it takes
by Nolan H. on 01/29/2014
"This gun is an all plastic gun that DOES NOT take M4 mags. I bought 2 mags for it first I ordered was a flash mag it went in but did not clip. I also ordered a camo m4 mag it would not go in.

this gun comes with a 7.2 volt battery buy a 9.6 volt battery.

In the end I am happy I purchased this because it is fun to play with.

also the gearbox is plastic.

Great job evike on selling an affordability gun that is not bad.
by Patrick H. on 01/21/2013
"Like William said, and I quote, "Seems like a plastic gearbox." It is a plastic gear. He also hit the main points with his pro and con list. I do have something to add though... Another pro is that it does accept Pmags and all other m4/m16 style mags. A con how ever the motor has a HIGH POSIBILITY of siezing up, happened to me with my first one, but that was a bad egg.
Love the gun I give it a 9/10
by William G. on 12/26/2012
"ok so first off I've had this rifle since November, got it to just go play at a friends house. First things first weight of the rifle leaves a lot to be desired, the gear box is ok, and its nice because it uses M4/M16 mags. Did i make a mistake buying it? no i didn't. This thing has had around 6 or 7 full mags with no problem, each one varying for .12 and .2 gram bbs. It comes with a 250 round hi cap magazine. Buy a new battery, comes with a 650 mAh 7.2v battery. The sling it comes with can be used as a one point. Removable rear sight, and standard rails for optics and accessories. So now for the pros and cons:

light weight
Metal Hi-Cap
Doesn't matter if its .12 or .2 it will spit them out
Uses M4 Mags

Plastic Body (for some also a pro)
seems like a plastic gearbox

No jams yet, and it is still going. Its actually not a bad gun. My friends actually borrowed during one game. In my opinion not a bad gun.
by Omar g. on 02/04/2018
"It's Ok, i recommend using .20 gram bb's.
by Paul H. on 11/03/2017
"Great gun for beginners but not a long term gun. I bought this as my first gun and it was a good choice. It has decent range and accuracy. I have had it now for about a year and have never run into any problems. The whole gun is plastic, but a long lasting plastic.