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Model: AEG-MasadaSV-DE

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by Scott J. on 2015-07-22 12:41:46
"this gun comes out of the box performing very very well. definitely the best stock gun I've ever used.

very ergonomic construction
immediate trigger response
fits any brand of stanag (M4/M16) magazine
feeds well with all brands I've tried
great ROF on an 11.1 lipo

doesn't come with rail segments

over all an amazing AEG this is the best choice for a masada on the market
by Tommy S. on 2014-04-03 12:43:35
"First off, this gun is amazing. I've put around 3000 BB's through it and it never misses a beat. At first i was weary about getting this gun, but once i got it in the mail and used it a few times, i changed my opinion. Many people complain about the lower quality polymer but there is no problem because it is still really amazing. The metal upper receiver is slightly a different shade of tan then the rest of the body which makes it look sick! I have used other masada's and this is buy far the best. I didn't want to buy it at first because it doesn't have a retractable stock, but i like this stock better because it looks cooler and is more sturdy then the retractable one. The reason this gun is only $340, is because of the stock, lack of iron sights, lower quality pmag, and lower quality polymer. DONT LET THIS DETER YOU! The main question people face when getting a masada is to either get this, the higher quality magpul acr, or the A&k version. Get this; it is worth the money. The internals are the same as the $500 one, but its not going to break all the time like the a&k version WILL. This gun is totally worth it for the following reasons:

Micro switch
great rof on a 9.6v 1200mAh
best trigger response then any other AEG out there
good build quality
metal upper receiver
great look with black attachments
rubber stock pad
quick change barrel
functioning bolt catch
G&P internals
ANYTHING that isn't polymer is metal
perfect inner barrel length
Once you hold a masada, you will never return to an m4
GREAT intermediate/pro starter platform
available rail hand guard or just attachable rails for $20

Not very well molded polymer (still pretty good and durable)
mine didnt come with a metal flash hider
pmag mag from abs plastic
once you hold a masada, you will never return to an m4

ps: I was unable to use a coupon on this but don't let it deter you; you will fall in love with this gun
pps: my black loadout looks SICK with this and tan looks really good on a masada
by cole p. on 2014-03-30 10:00:43
"Amazing gun! its totally worth the $!

stock motor is great!
easy disassembly
I completely recommend this gun to everyone!
great trigger reaction
good rail system!
tight battery fit but worth it!
not every mag fits
motor is connected to V 3 gearbox

over all this gun is great!
by chris c. on 2014-01-20 14:13:37
"I bought this rifle about 1 year ago and it is not the best for it's buck I have had a few problems with it and it built to make you buy more for it. The MOE handgaurd is not the best construction, the bolt catch broke with in after a few uses and the hop up is aweful stock .

Pros: the look of the gun is unique
The quick change spring
The rof

Cons: there is no easy point to attach a sling without buying a mod
The bolt catch brakes eaisily
The MOE hand guard is tight to the body of the gun leaving little room for batteries
The hop up unit and bucking are ineffient and must be upgraded first I recommend a flat hop or r hop bucking to replace the stock one.
The rails are slightly oversized and leave sights loose.
Finally there are better guns for the price, you are paying for the magpul name and a $150 gun
by Ocean H. on 2013-03-19 18:52:31
"I was kind of skeptical about buying this gun with all the mixed reviews on it. But i got it anyway and it is AWESOME! BEST gun I have ever used! It is really comfortable to hold looks awesome!it has a really nice rof without a lipo or any upgrades. i run a 9.6 and it has around a 20-25 rof. really good. fps is 386-392 so shoots pretty hard.
PROS: fps is 390 so people gunna feel that
accuaret as f.
MICRO TRIGGER(really good)
functioning bolt catch and release.
looks awesome
CONS: if you buy it i wont be as cool and special on the field.... so dont buy it
I would recommend buying some magpul mbus sights. 30$ for front and rear on amazon or putting an optic on it.

Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 reviews)