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Model: AEG-GP-AEG002BK

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by Avery H. on 2014-01-30 17:00:26
"I'm going to give this weapon a semi-biased review based on my model.

What I mean by that is that I may have gotten a lemon, either this or it truly leaves a bit to be desired.

let's bang out the well deserved pros before my more likely exclusive cons:

-Dem G&P externals = sploosh (as always) ... they're amazing if you were not aware. G&P is famous for their fantastic externals amongst other things.
-Preinstalled with M120 motor, decent enough
-everything is that super fantastic Magpul plastic (the best polymer around). The gun is as durable as a metal gun with regards to every day gun torture and more!
-Comes with a PMAG along with the Magpul theme, PMAGs being a fantastic magazine to work with (in addition to be a MidCap mag)
-some may hate it, but I love the Matte Black sort of finish they have. It may look a bit "plastic-ish" from the standpoint of someone who only uses metal guns. The paint job was done perfectly.
-Fantastic ROF with a basic 7.4v Lipo

-very selective with batteries, start with a 7.4v, then I'd recommend upgrading with an 11.1v and a Mosfet.
-Limited battery space
-VERY tightly built, yet some parts still have horrendous wobble (PMAG, Stock and nonfunctioning bolt catch), some parts on mine had to be removed to fix this, I had my own MOE stock I used which was somehow a tiny bit bigger helping to remove the wobble there, as for the mag wobble, not much I could find to do to solve this. As for overly tight spaces, one I noticed was the hopup...area. The entire spot on the gun with the hopup, charging handle mechanism and dust cover were relentlessly tight, I had to remove the inner dust cover piece just so I could move the hopup wheel... I will also be upgrading the hopup to a madbull one when I get the chance.
- Pretty bad accuracy (understandable with the short barrel) I upgraded to a long tightbore hidden by a silencer.

Ignoring the cons, I would still recomend this gun, it leaves a bit to be desired, but as it stands price wise (DISCOUNT PRICE, NOT FULL) it is a good deal.

Upgrading wise I would recommend: Mosfet; something small that you are sure will fit, I managed a Gate PicoAB, not the best, but certainly the smallest. Don't go with a 7.4v Lipo, go for the 11.1v if you're going with the Mosfet idea, this thing can shred in CQB with an 11.1v. Drop the inner barrel for a 6.01-.03. I used a 500 or so mm inner barrel mostly hidden with a silencer to extend my range as much as possible. This way I can be effective in any range I may need to be just by switching the inner barrel and dropping the silencer. As I previously said, the hopups a bit ehh so I'm working on throwing a better one in there: not the biggest deal, nor most necessary, but something I'm going for.

I would indeed rate this a 4/5 despite most likely getting a lemon because I know that G&P are a fantastic company and this gun was meant for more than I received, now that I have given it a second chance rather than return it and wasting money on shipping and what not, I made the situation better. I recommend this to an intermediate player to even the most experienced, I would recommend this to someone starting out entirely because you are involving Lipos and weapon internals quite a bit.
by Alexander M. on 2013-01-04 21:55:56
"This gun is the best airsoft gun that I have owned. The body is metal, the handgaurd and the stock is made of a polymer plastic. This gun is so durable. If I were to guess, I could chuck this gun at a tree multiple times it would still be in perfect condition.

-High rate of fire
-VERY durable
-Hop up is AMAZING shoots very far
-very accurate
-never has jammed on me
-not to light, and not to heavy. perfect weight

-my pts mag wiggles a little but not too much while in the gun
-kinda hard to get my butterfly battery in, but not really a problem

I would recommend this gun even to a very experienced player. this gun has awesome range, I've shot people from up to 80 yards with this gun on semi auto. great range, great accuracy.
by tyler b. on 2011-11-27 07:40:22
"This gun is great. I work at an Airsoft field in Georgia and with all the guns I've come across this one is great. I added a 11.1v lipoly, an angel custom 6.01mm tight bore, a mosfet and deans. It shoots 30rps at 400fps.

with upgrades shoots hard and fast.
Feels great.
Good internals
soilid build

Wired to the stock
Doesnt feed always, (might be my fault)
positive threads
the screw in the bottom of the motor grip gets loose, tighten it and add a drop of super glue.
mini deans, really?

overall id give this gun 9.5 out of 10, truely a great gun
by mitchell g. on 2011-03-09 22:32:34
"sweet gun, needs a stick type lipo to fit in it's buffer tube. Stock wiring was either a mini or micro deans and wouldn't fit my batteries. I replaced all the connectors (on gun and battery) with a regular deans with no problems. With a 7.4 lipo, 1200 mah @ 20c was shooting a .25g bb @ 350 fps @ 20 bps.
by Justin P. on 2010-09-19 09:30:07
"This gun looks amazing i hope to get it for xmas but one question can u change flash hiders
by Brian C. on 2010-09-11 18:07:00
"Extremely nice gun...

1.solid build (very light)
2. nice magpul features
3. great price

1. Not sure if battery connector is deans or mini deans connector type in stock tube (would have been nice in the product description since my lipo wont work with this gun)
2. wobbly pmag (side to side pretty loose)

Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 reviews)