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Matrix "AIM Top" Custom Lipoly Ready 8mm Gearbox M4 Airsoft AEG Player Package - Black

15 Customer Reviews

by daniel h. on 11/05/2015
"Great starter package, the gearbox is really nice and easy to work on, and this package has everything you need to rock!
by Max C. on 06/20/2014
"Ok, this is my second day with it, It arrived on time from evike, I took it to my local indoor field, It cronoed consistently at 303 fps with .25s, it is insanely accurate, and I must say the ROF is very nice with the 9.6 battery that comes with it. It performed great and I was able to get many kills with it. I must say, for a polymer body gun, it is heavy! I was very surprised, overall great gun for beginners and intermediate alike, also a great project gun to upgrade the internals, put a metal body on it or whatever.

Good FPS (for indoors)
Nice ROF
Durable body
Tons of Upgrades available

Nothing except the polymer rail on top, wish it was metal, but it will do for now,
by Eugene P. on 05/15/2014
"I Absolutely LOVE this gun! This is my first AEG and I have to say that I'm impressed. It shoots amazing right out of the box. The 3 spare flash mags are great as well. The hi-cap that came with mine doesn't feed that well, but other than that its great!
Although, even though this gun is Lipo-Ready, I wouldn't suggest buying a Lipo unless you are going for a high RoF setup. At first I was a little disappointed at the RoF in this until I Shimmed it and installed 13:1 gears. this seemed to be shooting around 11 RPS with the 9.6 battery it comes with. But after I installed 13:1 gears, the fire rate seems to about double to around 22ish RPS with the same 9.6.

Overall this is a great gun and I would recommend it to anyone.

Very Durable
Almost no wear in the gearbox after 5000ish rounds
Great right out of the box
Perfect for beginners (Like myself)
The charger comes with adapters for different types of batteries.

Somewhat slow fire rate (Can be fixed with some 13:1 gears and shimming)
Hi-Cap mag that I got doesn't feed properly
Other than that, nothing at all!
by willis n. on 02/25/2014
"Great deal!!! When I bought this, I did the math and figured that everything in the package was like $280 I think, so don't get mad if I'm wrong. Now for those pros and cons

Quick reload with flash mags
Smart charger and 9.6v battery

Hop up annoying to adjust
Metal orange tape ( good in a way for me because I play in a place where real guns are kept)
Easily affected by wind
by Alexander G. on 07/03/2013
"For the price, this is probably the best entry level package you're gonna find around. The flash mags are very useful, but can sometimes be finicky and 1 was not working when received (they sent me a new one without even asking for the old one. After fidgeting with the non-working mag, I was able to get it to work at about 90% efficiency). The battery is great, and will last about 3/4 of the day under regular use. The handgaurd and D-Ring weren't of the highest quality, but most people will replace that anyway. I've affixed a 7.4v LiPo battery and it performs flawlessly. Very accurate weapon, though for outdoor use it might be a little under powered (shoots about 11.4 BBs per second at 330 FPS consistently). This can very likely be addressed by using a stronger spring, but I haven't yet seen how it handles the stress. Overall, highly recommended to anyone other than the most elite players. You will be happy with this, and its a great deal.

LiPo ready
Comes with strong battery and charger
Included BBs and Flash Mags make great deal
Very accurate

Not the best ROF (11.4 BBs per second, 9.6v. torque type motor)
A little under powered for outdoor as is (330 FPS, 100 spring)
Stock a little wobbly
Barrel tightening screw doesn't work all that well
Handgaurd a little loose, D-ring spring sometimes pops out
by David c. on 06/25/2013
"I got this package when it was $180 and It's a steal. the gun fires with a good Rof and is pretty accurate. the battery it came with is great and lasts pretty long. the hand guard is a bit tricky to close but that's okay. the gun came with 1 Hi-cap mag and 3 flash mags. the flash mags are great but don't extend the cord and release, the plastic bit will break off. Instead pull it out then let it back in, but don't let go of it.

great accuracy
comes with battery
comes with charger
comes with 4 mags
free hat

hand grip is hard to put back after opeaning
flash mags a bit wobbly

overall its an awesome package.
by kelly h. on 05/08/2013
"i am very impressed with this package. it works great and at $195 right now u cant beat it. ive never owned flash mags before but they are ok. i seem to keep getting bb jams with one of them though, and i am using precision bbs. ive cleaned my barrel multiple times and it still happened. i dont use that one aymore because i prefer the winding hi caps, or mids. i think they marr the bbs if u over wind it. AND REMEBER ALWAYS CLEAN UR BARREL BEFORE U FIRE IT... WITH ANY GUN. every barrel that has come with any gun ive owned was extremly dirty. dont let that deter u from it though. this is a great and has more than solid internals. i truly love this package i am pretty impressed at the performance and accuracy of this gun also. i dont want to say stellar but it really is. i prefer the m90 spring i beleive it comes with. i use it in cqb and outdoor all day long. the only thing that could be upraged is if u want to through an angel costom 363mm inn. barrel. it might bring u above 350 fps but as long as u use .25 in it it should be fine for cqb. once again this truly is a steal. the gun itself is 160, smart charger30, batt. 30, flash mags, 20 bucks a peice and the hat is like 7 dollars. do the math its a great deal.
by Angela B. on 06/09/2016
"I got this as my first gun about 2 years ago and the reason i got it was because i was on a budget. i would only recommend this gun if u are on a tight budget as u can get better ones at a similar price, the gun is heavy which i like and everything that came with it was in good condition. the wiring for battery broke in the hand guard but i was able to fix it with electrical tape. Overall its a good deal. It chronod with .20 at 315 fps
by Trevor H. on 07/24/2014
"First, I want to start off by saying, I am an experienced tech, and even though this was my first good airsoft gun, I have learned lots about airsoft and particularly AEGs since I have bought this gun.

Anyways, it is a pretty basic m4. Wired to the front with 16 ga wires ( good), and small tamiya connectors, as well as a fuse. It has a polymer body, but don't let this deter you from buying. It decreases weight, and is still VERY durable. I have dropped it many times and it still works fine. I only had two problems.... The first is very minor but still present. This gun has a really weak bolt return spring, and one time when I pulled back the charging handle, it stretched out and snapped. All this means is that when I pull back the charging handle, I have to push it forward instead of releasing it. Once again, no biggie. The second though, is kinda bad. The outer barrel became very loose after moderate use of play, and I couldn't figure out why. I later found out that the barrel nut, or barrel star, was loose, but is too sharp to turn by hand, so I had to blow $50 on a armorers wrench, but you will need that anyway if you are going to modify and m4. That fixed the wobble for now, but I haven't skirmished yet after that, so I'll see how it holds up.

Good fps
Good ROF
Polymer body,( lightweight)
Good wires
Great stock 6.04 mm brass barrel.

Heavy ( for some people)
Slight barrel wobble at first
Weak slide return spring

Over all, this is a great gun. Good price, especially for the package. One thing I forgot to mention is that the 4 mags that come with this gun work great, but I've found the 3 flash mags wind quicker and more efficiently than the factory direct aim top mag.

4/5 stars. GET THIS GUN!
by Steven H. on 03/18/2014
"This gun out of the box looks and feels great. There is a bit of wobble on the hand guard but nothing to worry about. The package is supposed to come with a 9.6 v butterfly battery but mine came with an 8.4 volt small brick type battery. Other than that it was a good deal for the package at the epic deal price of $160
Great gun with every thing you need (excluding eye protection) for a great price.
Gun feels good is your hands
Every "major" component of the gun is metal
Shoots very nice and accurate

The gun came with an 8.4 volt battery instead of the promised 9.6 volt battery
There is a bit of wobble in the hand guard
rof is slow
The flash mags don't slide out to easily when you press the mag release

Verdict: great gun for the epic deal price $160 but i personally would not spend 280 for the package. You get a great Aeg and can upgrade it if you want later.
by jakub h. on 03/14/2014
"The gun looks great a bit of wobble in the fore grip is shoots good sometimes it locks up when u shoot semi auto just switch to full auto and it should fix that the only reason I made this a 4 star and not a five was because the reviews is on the package deal not just the gun when I opened the box to my surprise bbs fell everywhere the bag of bbs had a big cut across the middle and the bbs were everywhere In the box and then soon my floor
- sweet looking gun actually heavy kinda
- the receiver actually resembles metal

- the gun locks up a bit on semi-auto
- the bbs all over the place

definitely a good buy if your on a budget I would recommend getting a battery so u can play all day I will upgrade this review in a week or so going to a big game next week I'll see how it performs this is also my first aeg
by Pamela C. on 08/18/2013
Complete package good for beginners
Charger is good
Ok rof and fps with .25s
Full metal and slightly Heavy after a few hours
by William N. on 09/20/2014
"I think it is time I update my opinion. While this gun is a decent starting gun, it could use some improvement. The gun itself is strong, but i did break the stock, and if you attach metal rails it will become rather front heavy, especially with a needed peq box. I also recommend a 6.01 tightrope barrel, because the 6.03 I believe it comes with doesn't improve much. This is a great deal, trust me, and with a nice chest rig and eye pro your ready to go, but after a while, you may wanna upgrade the gun a bit. And mine came with a 8.4v battery, not a 9.6v that was mentioned in the description. This is a great deal, especially for 160$ on epic deals, but if you want something more than a starter gun, but something else unless you just wanna work on it.
by edward q. on 06/30/2014
"I bought this rifle and was impressed at first. That was quickly changed.when I first got the rifle it wasn't feeding properly and it needed to be shipped back. When I recieved it the 2nd time the entire front barrel assembly just fell off when I was using it. Then I recieved again after paying to fix it and the hop broke when I was adjusting it. It shoots alright but it won't last unless you take every good care of it and change out a few things. Also when I recieved it the actual fps was about 365.
by Amy N. on 04/08/2015
"Do not buy!! This gun is horrible. This is my second airsoft gun and when I charged it, I plugged in the battery and it wouldn't shoot. I looked at it and the cords fell apart. This caused the gun to stop shooting. Also, the wires went through the magazine holder and didn't allow me to put the mag in. Once again, please don't make this mistake like me.