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Matrix "AIM Top" Custom Lipoly Ready 8mm Gearbox M4 MOE Carbine Airsoft AEG - Dark Earth

7 Customer Reviews

by carson r. on 12/29/2012
"great gun had it for a while put over 200$ into it qand it is shooting 25rps and 310 w/ .25gs
i selling it on ebay now it has matrix high performance motor, 16:1 high speed aluminum gears and cnced aluminum piston.
easily upgraded
Good weight
lipo ready
only complaint is polycarb reciever
overall a great gun for beginners or pros that want to upgrade
by John C. on 10/10/2012
"Let me just start this out with its a great gun.

I am just using it as a base gun for the moments why, because it has good parts and ill just be adding on and on and on. It shoots FPS 310-318.(normally without upgrades)

Lipo ready
Threaded barrel
PTS magpul parts
shots very strait
good for cqb/outdoor
Looks really cool

Trigger pull is a little hard i suggest buying a high speed motor and or gears
My outter barrel falls off sometimes but i broke a part on. (not really a big deal) i can get it fixed for like $5
thats about it in conclusion BUY THIS GUN NOW!!
by Tal L. on 06/20/2012
"this gun is GREAT!!
extremely cheap with very good performance.
this thing was shooting 275FPS with .20g BB's.
after i upgraded the spring to M140 it jumped to 460FPS with .20g BB's and 410FPS with .28g BB's.

i was afraid the motor wouldn't be able to handle to tension of the spring, but its shooting very well.

another recommendation of mine is if you already open the rifle to change the spring you might as well change the wiring to a higher quality silver wires and a metal air nozzle. (that is if you are using lipo), cuz the power lipo batteries push thru the system is very high (all those upgrades can cost 35-40 dollars max).
the piston is very high quality with metal teeth so you dont have to worry about them snapping when using lipo battery

in addition to all the good internals you get $130 worth of Magpul externals which is really awesome!!

- very inexpensive (i don't want to say cheap)
- very high ROF when using lipo battery
- can reach high FPS with minimal upgrades
- feels good in your hand
- high variety of upgrade parts

- wiring could be a little better
- mags are a bit wobbly but because of the way i use my rifle its no biggy
- if you are using lipo u might take out the fuse in the battery chamber cuz it will keep burning up (lipo has A LOT of juice so i guess the fuse is not for lipo usage)

to sum up:
this rifle is amazing. you can even consider buying this just for the spare internal and external parts!!
the magpul set alone worth $130. plus the gearbox is very good (metal teeth piston!!).
by carson r. on 06/14/2012
"just to star off this gun is amazing!!! with a 9.6 it shoots 12 rps and 320 fps with .25s.
li-poly ready
magpul pts
comes with a metal mag
amazing gear box
tightbore already inside
plastic reciever
my barrel assembly dropped out be sur to tighten screw under pts hand guards
by Matthew H. on 04/02/2012
"What a gun my friends were amazed i just love it.
8mm gearbox
MOE Stuff
upgrade to metal body
get a silencer
super accurate
Great distance

wobbly mag

overall AMAZING
by Cameron S. on 10/14/2012
"When the gun arrived it had great packing with sturdy foam. The good things about it is that it fits comfortably and has a nice weight to it, but the front part is a bit more weighted. I did have a couple problems though that are still under work.


Good texture
Stock is sturdy
The magazine is a bit wobbly, but it is easier to pull
Sights are good
Comfortable overall
Great Pricing


The fuse is bad and mine split because it overheated (used a 9.6 2,300mah battery)
The metal that secures the iron sight and flash hider slides off if pulled, but it won't fall off by its own

Overall its a good gun which I recommend for beginners and intermediate airsofters
by Matthew C. on 05/05/2012
"MOE all the way!

This is a great gun for anyone starting out and a pretty decent base gun for th e more advanced players. It isn't even a comparison. Other sites and stores are starting to come out with MOE versions of their M4s but as far as I know, none of them are lipo-ready like this one. I've seen this MOE package put together using the combat machines which of course are fantastic guns, but unfortunately, they are not lipo-ready.

this gear box is a bit on the loud side but aside from that its a $110 gearbox, with approx $160 furniture.

oh....did i mention, it's LIPO-READY!!!!!!!!!!!!!