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Matrix AIM Lipoly Ready 8mm Gearbox M4 Carbine Airsoft AEG - Black

41 Customer Reviews

by Ethan M. on 11/11/2013
"Got this gun and I loved it. Good ROF and extremely accurate. Don't like the mags it comes with, they break easily and don't feed well. Overall great gun. Love it! Only problem is after about half a year and it broke. Wouldn't feed. But it's a great gun! For sure a good buy
by Jerry Z. on 06/06/2013
"Got his rifle for a week, and am generally satisfied with it. As a beginner's gun it is very adequate for the price.

No handguard or stock wobble
ABS plastic receiver does not flex
Decent FPS for starter gun

When I received it the wiring from the trigger to the battery in the handguard passed through the magazine well. I had to remove the upper receiver and re-position the wires so my magazines could slide in and out smoothly
The front wired configuration makes adding a RIS/RAS system more difficult
The spring on the Delta Ring is incredibly strong. I am unable to remove the handgaurd without using a screwdriver to pry open the Delta Ring.
by mike s. on 08/13/2012
"got this in the box of awesomeness.

really nice gun, never really been into the M4 since just about everyone I know has one. I put my gemtech blackside silencer and a red dot on it, plus an 11.1 lipo. I get between 14 and 22 rps out of it.

I'm starting to like it more, I'm curious to see how long it will actually last using the lipo.


lipo ready
decent rate of fire
great base for customizing
can be used for in and outdoor games


front hand guard is pretty cheap
some mags can be really wobbly(expected)
trigger not as smooth as it could be

great beginner gun or backup gun, I'll use mine as a beater/BB hose for cqb.
by dylan F. on 03/10/2012
"Well, got the gun today. Its ok. The thing that dissapointed me the most is i had a broken stock right out of the box. :/ Shoots way fast though. I weighed it full (loaded and everything) and its 6LBS even. I like that it is that much because its realistic.

95% Metal
Fast FPS
Good weight

Cons: Broken stock right out of the box
Little mag. Only about 200 BB'S
by Jesse T. on 02/13/2012
"I just ordered this gun last week and it is definitely worth the money. First of all, for only $120, it competes with AEGs that cost about 250 dollars. It has a very strong, durable ABS plastic body, and everything else is metal and it's very lightweight. This M4 has very decent FPS (I chronoed it at 310 with .25's) and it is extremely accurate. The gun is very easy to disassemble and the gearbox is just as easy.

I've only had two problem with this gun so far, and one was that it wasn't feeding because since it was wired to the front, the wires would get lodged in the magwell. But a very simple fix, all you have to do is take the M4 apart and put the wires on opposite sides of the gearbox. The second was with the body pin closest to the stock. Whenever I would try to loosen it with a allen wrench, the whole pin would turn. But some pliers easily fixed the problem.

Great FPS
Amazing internals/externals
Easy to disassemble
Extremely worth the $120

Mag feeding problem
Body pin

Overall, I'd rate this 8 out of 10. Amazing gun, and it's more worth the other model for $240 that just comes with a metal body and functional bolt catch.
by David S. on 02/06/2012
"I got this gun today and i love it alot but i have some problems with it.
Good ROF
FPS is not what was in the review (350-400 ish) this is good for reserved fields and etc
Not to heavy but heavy enough.
Mostly metal
It has some recoil to not alot but enough to make the gun legit
The dust cover does not want to stay in place.
When i got my gun the front sling mount was broken
The hop up is not working.
Gun came with a 6.08 idk if this is a mistake.
bad connections to the battery (tamiya connectors)- switch them out for dean connectors

This gun is great for its price it is way better then a G&G raider and with a ris kit and a new hop up a 6.03 tight bore and dean connectors and maybe a better motor if you picky then your set
by Tomas P. on 01/18/2012
"I have owned about 4 of these.

This is a very decent gun for the price.
You get a tight bore barrel and 380 fps out of the box
This is a great beginners gun and this is the gun I learned how to open the gearbox and work on and upgrade.


Shoots at about 380 fps with 0.20 gram bbs out of the box.
Really good air seal
Tight bore barrel 6.04
High Quality plastic body.
nice weight (not too heavy or too light)
Charging handle opens the dust cover
Outer barrel is 2 piece so you can fit a shorter barrel to make cqb gun

Trigger response is slow on semi auto
Some, not all, of mine have had trigger issues if your like me and have a heavy trigger finger
If you want to put a magpul handguard you will need to make adjustments to the front sight

Final thoughts:

The all metal version of the Matrix is a better gun because it has silver low resistance wires and gives a quicker response time. Also has upgraded bearings and spring guide.

This gun is great but you will probably eventually have to replace the trigger assembly and add silver wires to it.

If your like most of us in this hobby called AIRSOFT and love to open your gearbox and upgrade and see the enhanced performance benefits of your work then this gun is a great one to get. Low initial costs and upgrading a few items will not cost that much more and you learn how your gun works.

If you do not want to touch your gun ever then spend more on a higher end gun which will last longer but all guns will eventually require service.

I rate the Matrix M4 Sportsline 8/10
by Chris S. on 09/17/2010
"I recieved gun after waiting almost 3 months from pre order..

The good...
Cheap, I got mine for the pre order 100$ price tag this is great for any airsoft player. comes with good barrel, and good gearbox internals, very good value here best ive ever seen in airsoft aeg purchase!

the bad...

gun has very slow rate of fire, the gears in it must be super torque up gear very whiny and slow cycle even with high output batteries (9.6v 3300mah elite) still is surprisinglly slow, the outr barrel and handguard has side to side wobble when handling using foregrip, the barrel nut may need to be tightened but I do not have a RIS wrench to try to tighten it myself,

When I recieved the gun the motor grip adustment screw was backed out to the point if I shot the gun I probly could have easily damaged the gears but I noticed this immediately and set it just right not too tight or loose, Upon further inspection, I removed motor cover and saw the wires were bunch up pushing the motor out of allignment causing a "whiny" noise when firing.. When I remove the motor to inspect it, it is an olive green color casing and red plastic end cap, blank with no writing indicating its type of motor, and also its performance is very sluggish when firing SO IM ASSUMING THIS IS A CHEAP CHINA CLONE STYLE (THROW AWAY) motor,

Ok so I reasemble the gun placing the motor grip wire properly and also adjustment motor height properly, shoot the gun and chrono it 330-340-350 range incosistent, so i realise the hop up needs lube so I lube it with silicon oil, now the gun shoots a more proper 360-375 range. The guns rate of fire is still super slow so IM ALSO GOING TO ASSUME THE GUN COMES WITH A TORQUE UP GEAR SET instead of the advertised RPM high speed gearset...

A few notes of misplaced advertisement, no harm done just a bit dissapointing thats all.

You get what you pay for (in this case a good deal), this gun is great, but needs a little work when you get it to make sure it doesnt crap out on ya in a game. Basically quality control could have went a long way with this one and also, make sure the gun has what it claims to have, the motor in this gun pllain sucks, and the gears are turtle slow.....

It still gets 4 stars in my book and I dont regret purchasing it one bit since the price was GREAT.
by Reese O. on 09/14/2010
"Good gun overall besides the no battery thing i cant figure out which one to buy can someone send me a link to it, webmaster or someone?
by david r. on 09/14/2010
"If i bought the gun today when would it come in with standard shipping?
by Jake M. on 02/21/2012
"You get what you pay for! Decent quality for the price point. Poor performance: mag feeding problems and trigger mechanism problems right out of the box. Gears, piston, and mechbox are good quality. Motor, cylinder head, spring guide, hop up, and nozzle should probably be upgraded for better performance. Mag feeding and trigger problems are my biggest complaint! Did I say: "you get what you pay for"? Overall: disappointed because of its unreliability! Advice: save your money and buy a KWA or other quality rifle!

My two cents.