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WELL Scorpion R2 VZ-61 100% Tokyo Marui Clone Airsoft Electric SMG w/ Drummag

8 Customer Reviews

by Caleb L. on 03/17/2017
"my battery just died as im typing this, so far this little beauty has served me well and maybe i can just buy another battery. god rate of fire. drum mag is not ful metal, stick mag is. charging handle is wobbly but it works. hop up is easy to find. stock was wobbly at first but then i made my 1st attempt to fix it and it was slightly better but i found out if you take the tactical rail off and slide the screw out from under the barrel you can carefully slide the top receiver off the gun you can kind of tighten the stock. my stock snapped a while back but it was fixed with some flux. drum mag works best with vertical grip on tac rail.
by Spencer O. on 03/28/2012
"I got one of these about a year ago and it served me very well until recently. The grip became loose and eventually broke off after someone dropped it. Other than that I would highly suggest it. I am considering buying another.
by Kurt G. on 08/13/2011
"I am pretty sure they will not submit my review, but lets give it a try. Awesome gun. The battery lasts forever, ROF is pretty nice, and it is almost full metal. Perfect sniper backup. I received the JG version.

Almost full metal
Rare (could be a con because you can't really fix it)
The drum magazine is plastic, but it is durable.
It also came with a metal stick magazine that has a winder wheel at the bottom.

FPS (but hey, it is a small gun)
Flash hider (the whole entire outer barrel is a plastic orange tube, nothing spray paint cant fix)
The plastic 20 mm rail does not come attached to the gun. You have to screw it in and it did not come with the screw. Personally, I think the gun looks better without the rail.

The stock does not fold down all the way like the real steel, so it make aiming awkward.
Also, there is a pin that holds the stock in, but it unscrews as you fold out the stock. So tighten up the pin all the way and place a dot of super glue over the pin and the area around it.

Overall, it is a great gun. I would recommend this to anyone to use as a secondary or to use as a primary in CQB.
by John L. on 12/10/2017
"I really like it. I bought it as a spray and pray backup. It does have some feeding issues from the mid cap, and I bought another high cap. Wind it tight, and it will feed pretty well. I would suggest it outright. Stock is pretty much useless.
by Caleb H. on 04/27/2016
"The Skorpion is one of my favorite guns, so I jumped at the chance to buy it.
Pros: Fire rate is not bad. Wish it was higher but its OK.
It's a tiny gun, more of an automatic pistol than a submachine gun.
In fact, it's so small it comfortably fits in my holster.
Hefty weight.
Comes with a drum mag that is a nice boost from the standard mags.
Cons: This gun does not feed well. And I tried 3 different mags. Either my fault or a fluke.
Accuracy is meh. Should be expected ina short gun lke this.
A little wobble in the handle, not a big problem.
The stock is not comfortable. I removed it.
Verdict: Great as a field sidearm or CQB primary. A little wobble but still more solid than most Well guns. I would recommend it.
by Matthew M. on 12/08/2015
"Very high rate of fire. Low cap mag has trouble cycling bbs on full auto. Has a good weight to it but I'd only use this is a secondary. If your tall the stock is basically useless cause it's so short but overall it's a pretty good bang for the buck unless you wanna buy a 240 buck Tokyo marui
by John K. on 10/05/2015
"i got one of these about a year ago and was happy with how it performed out of the box, but it got worse quickly...

first day i played it as a secondary i liked it, i could charge full tilt at someone and full auto them accurately one handed, but the hop up was hard to adjust right and seemed to go out of tune every time i put roughly 100 rounds through it.

second day i played it the hop up seemed to stop working entirely, the bbs either curved straight up or dropped out after 20 feet and i figured id get it fixed the following day.

third day before i could even get the thing fixed, i was firing it to show what the hop up was doing and the gun made a noise that sounded like the piston stripped and stopped shooting.

at that point i gave up and traded it to a friend of mine who likes to tinker with broken guns for some midcaps...

hopefully mine is an isolated case and doesnt happen to all these, but i did not have a good experience with this brand of skorpion.
by Amar G. on 02/17/2015
"Not satisfied, gun is loose. Not very sturdy, used once at home for target practice then once in the field now trigger jams. Trigger Is very loose, feels like it's ready fall off. If u put pressure on mag "pushing forward" bb's seem to fire. A lot of misfires. I ordered barrel adapter, and flash hider. Stock tip didn't want to come off at all. I had to heat it to get off. New adapter is too long. Doesn't thread in completely. Mostly metal construction is nice. Very close to the real thing. For the price...... U get what u pay for.