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Pre-Order ETA June 2018 CYMA Full Metal Contractor AK47 Airsoft AEG Rifle with Folding Stock - (Package: Gun Only)

10 Customer Reviews

by jason r. on 12/30/2017
high fps

is heavy
by John L. on 12/27/2017
"This gun will last a loooong time. I got mine from a buddy who bought it new. He put about 10,000 .13g bbs through it, and I have put about another 90,000 .20g bbs through it mostly on full auto. It has been dropped fell on, and through the woods alot. Yes you will have to tighten screws, and clean it. But it is fantastic for starters. Yes over 100k bbs. Now I will be having a new motor, gearbox, barrel, hopup replaced because I finally think the motor is toast.
by thaying x. on 11/11/2017
"This gun is aweome and best for starter!!!!!! This my first starter gun and after 4 other different gun and 2yrs still use it as my primary and still in great condition!!!...I type bore it and changed bucking very accurate!!!!! The only thing I didn't like was the stock little too long for me and can't change it unless u do a bit of rigging it of yourself as I read from other ppl and the top rail is very wobbly where I put my 3x magnifier and red dot on...which it's where the battery go so I use a peq box for battery instead....
by Robert H. on 10/04/2017
"First off you have to break it in with a couple full mags cuz it's a little stiff but it gets much is heavy but I don't feel like I'll break it I fell on it... the stock it bad tho you'll need to shimm it so it doesn't wobble off all the time. But after a little work and a prommy purple + a red dot it's an amazing gun with a good stock gearbox...for the price it's a great gun for someone looking for an ak style gun I'm very happy with it :)
by Rebecca H. on 07/19/2014
"This is an extremely good value. For less than 140 USD, it is amazing. I used it with a 9.6 NiMh, and it had an extremely good rate of fire out of the box.


Good rate of fire, good accuracy, range, and power, stock is sturdy, plenty of rail space, sling mount is very solid

Cons: 9.6v Stick batteries don't fit. However, they work just fine ziptied to the foregrip.
Stock can work loose, but nothing close to falling apart. Not nearly as bad as an underfold as far as wobble.
by Anthony L. on 03/19/2014
"This gun has made all of my expectations! It is almost all metal,(The grip, stock, and part of the front area is very tough plastic). It shoots around 400 fps with .20 grams. I love this gun, but If you are a smaller person, this gun is very long and heavy, at 8 pounds, it is a little too heavy for me, but it is not a problem. I would give this a 10/10!
by Jarrod A. on 07/26/2016
"Great gun for under $150. Shot 391 fps with an 8.1 NIMh battery. Top rail is also nice for red dots/scopes and the folding stock is good for close quarters.
by Derrick K. on 04/12/2015
"A Pretty good gun but has some flaws
-good FPS
-Sturdy metal body
-Has a rails
-good price
-doesn't actually take as many types of mags then it seems
- Top rail lose but can repaired easily
-Every 3-5 shot a BB seems to just comes out slowly and drops to the ground

I would recommend it as a starting gun but nothing more if you have the money you should consider getting a better gun.
by Connor A. on 02/01/2018
"The gun is a good gun I got it a few months ago and it holds up with the original mag included. However I also bought some mid-cap mags for it as well and it jams ALOT and I don't know if this I the case with all mid-cap mags form CYMA/Matrix. Buy with caution.
by Lisa P. on 06/20/2016
"(I'm using my mother's account to write this review)

I've had this rifle for over a year, and I'm very disappointed with it. I had problems with it almost right out of the box. Screw holes become easily stripped, the gearbox acted up and I ended up rebuilding it, and the gearbox cover wouldn't go back on. Plus the charging handle snapped, and the paint on the receiver is crap. The only real pros I can think of are that the receiver is very sturdy, and there are some decent parts in the gearbox. If you end up finding this as a boneyard gun, it might be worth it for modifying an existing gun, otherwise buy something else.