Reviews: Colt Licensed M4 CQB-R Carbine Full Metal Airsoft AEG Rifle

$219.99 $175.00

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Model: AEG-SA-18975
Location: L2-007 WSO7-T10 WSO7-T11

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by Conner L. on 2014-04-03 17:26:36
"Bought this gun for Christmas and I think it is fudging AWESOME!!!! It is full metal and comes with 2 high caps. The iron sights are good; they have 2 rear sight peep holes( one for cqc and one for shooting far away) Also I would recommend either a lipo or a 9.6 because the battery that comes with it gives it a low rof. I would highly recommend this gun!
by Darian R. on 2014-04-01 16:06:37
"***Read after the Pros/Cons
Heavy weight - It just feels well built and stocky, exactly like the real gun
Dead on accuracy up to around 280 feet
Full metal
Cheap price
Iron sights have 2 different reticles/ can be greatly adjusted
Laser etched Colt Emblem on side
Stock is Plastic but sturdy, tough, and lots of space inside for bigger batteries

Flat black paint is susceptible to scratches

***I bought this gun when it was under EPIC DEALS, received it USED.
Scratches/gashes everywhere, wobbly rail, battery that wouldn't charge, missing the cleaning rod, banged up box. RMA'd it, took 5-7 days to get to Evike and 5-7 days to get back. Was brand new when I got it back.
by Oskar L. on 2014-03-16 15:52:03
"I purchased this gun 5 months ago and I really liked it at first mainly because it was my first "good" airsoft gun. It shot well it was full metal decent ROF and I liked it then. But I started using it more and more and I realized that this gun is terrible. The rail system is really wobbly and loud everyone can hear you coming. The body is awful aside from the Colt trademarks. The mag well is big enough that every mag I own and have tried wobbles and will fall out, I've lost 3 mags from this. The buffer tube is so loose that it wobbles almost as much as the rails. The battery that comes with it was awful and the connectors on it got ripped off after 4 games. Also, this is kind of a problem, but when I took it too my field the FPS was too high to use so I have to get the spring replaced.

Full metal
Comes with a battery and charger

Battery sucks
Not very accurate

I've had to replace every part about this gun I don't recommend it
by kevin l. on 2014-02-22 20:52:18
"This gun is an absolute tank. Don't let CQBR throw you off because this gun has an incredible range. In addition, it sounds awesome when you shoot it. After owning the gun for awhile, the rail does get wobbly and the screws in the motor grip fell out a few times. This gun is also quite heavy, especially if you're planning on getting accessories. Overall, the pros definitely outweigh the cons because of the gun's performance.

easily customizable
crane stock

wobbly rail system after some use
by Logan H. on 2014-01-03 12:45:20
"To start off, I'm extremely happy with this gun. It has an awesome, authentic feel to it, and with the right attachments it looks super intimidating. However, the crane stock that comes with this gun is absolute trash. If you're purchasing this weapon, keep in mind that you will NEED to purchase a new stock. I'm also less than impressed with the wiring. It's not horrible, but the wires in the buffer tube feel really cheap and flimsy. My only other complaint is the low rate of fire (10 RPS), although it's not a huge deal, I'm just used to the 17 RPS my Echo 1 XCR fires at, so it's a huge difference. Overall, I'm very impressed with the external build of this gun (except for the HORRIBLE crane stock) and pretty happy with the performance.
by Matthew G. on 2013-12-31 19:55:47
"This gun is great but has a con that makes me sell it and buy a different gun. It is around 8lbs and feels great, looks great but it is heavy to the point if i do not put it down after 35 min I start to massage my wrist for the pressure it puts on my hand. It has a a wobbly hop-up and also does not fit mag-pul mags. The stock is hard to adjust with battery. But mainly it is impossible to move this thing and i'm a big guy.
by Aaron G. on 2013-12-20 20:17:09
"I have had this gun for 3 months now I must say excellent performance.
great accuracy
very realistic
hop up easily adjustable
will not break anytime soon
accurate for a short gun
how can I reveal treading
battery restrains from fully sliding stock

That's it over all beautiful performing gun I have no problems besides the ones listed.
If you are looking to buy this please do u wont regret it XD
by Marion R. on 2013-10-28 22:56:45
"Really good aeg for it's price

realistic weight
good for cqb 360/350 FPS
easy to use
good for beginners
railing system is really nice
comes with 2 350 hi cap magazine

fire rate is not that great 10-12 bb's per second
the battery and charger that comes with this gun is kinda cheap so i recommend buying a better battery and a smart charger

over all it's a great gun specially for beginners. It's really affordable and the quality is really nice.
by Roy M. on 2013-06-28 07:50:59
"This gun is amazing. have used it many games. the weight feels great and i have never had a problem with the mags or the trigger. the battery could of been a little easier to install but overall great gun. well worth it.
by worrom x. on 2013-06-21 20:11:55
"The gun is really good and i like it a lot but it has some downsides.
1.It is quite heavy, i suggest getting a sling if you don't already have one.
2.The butt plate is really hard to get back on but the stock feels great.
3.the gun is very wobbly, but if you just tighten some bolts i'm sure it will be fine.
4.After about 2 games... the trigger broke off. I have no clue how it just did.
Other than those the gun is really worth the money and i suggest getting it.
Also another thing is the charging handle doesn't pull back very far compared to the real thing, and the gun is designed to be a replica of it.
by Camden P. on 2013-06-04 15:29:53
"This is one of the best guns I have ever bought because of how well it is built and how well it works in any conditions. When I bought this gun I knew later I had to upgrade it, but I did not realize on how long it lasted before up grades.

solid body and feel
excellent gearbox
iron sights are ok
fps nice
easy to use

rate of fire is a little slow (10 rounds a second)
barrel is really heavy
stock is a little wobbly

Other than all of this, this is a excellent gun. I would recommend this gun to a beginner or a in the middle player. When you want to upgrade this gun get the best stuff for its worth it will make your gun much better.
by vahan m. on 2013-05-10 11:34:47
"Ok I read all the reviews and comments on this gun before I purchased it.... THIS GUN IS FREAKIN AMAZING! i am 6'1 250 lbs built, so wight weight airsoft guns feel like damn toys in my hands, but this M4 is exact replica weight of the real one. I love the full metal body! and one this i absolutly love about this gun is you can very easily change the fps to pass crono, you open the hopper and turn the little screww tjing all the to the left (counter clock wise) and it shoots at 335 fps, turn it all the way to the right it shoots around 370-390 fps. you gotta keep it in the middle for best accuracy. Over all all you need for his gun is a 9.6 batter not the 8.4, also the magazines suck!

magazines- SUCK

overall 9.5/10

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