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Colt Licensed M4 CQB-R Carbine Full Metal Airsoft AEG Rifle - (Package: Gun Only)

92 Customer Reviews

by Mark B. on 05/01/2018
"This gun is awesome. Remember it is full metal and to expect it to be a little heavy because its so solid and well built. I have added a green/red dot lit scope and it is so accurate. I am considering upgrading to lipo, but haven't decided yet. I think I am happy where I am at with it as is. Seriously no complaints. I also get comments from friends that it has its own kinda sound when you're at the other end of the barrel if you know what I mean. They try to avoid me cause the sound freaks them out when we play at night. lol Way too much fun. :-) Also, Evike has been very good with customer service. I really appreciate their perspectives and help they have provided.
by allison p. on 09/20/2017
"I'm only going to get this gun for the colt trades and metal reciever. but before I receive it, I kinda want to know if the front triangle sight is removable. could you help me out, webmaster?
by Neo K. on 04/01/2017
"How long is the ris and are the ris 20mm
by Raine C. on 12/21/2016
"I have had this gun for about 2 years. I play super rough with it and it has never failed me once. Great fps and accuracy. Very sturdy but a little heavy but its not a problem unless you're a child.
by Nick S. on 03/10/2016
I had originally bought this back in 2011, and I never regretted my purchase. It was my first AEG, and it served me well through a number of airsoft wars. After almost five years of abuse, the wear and tear had become extensive, but it still worked. The trigger spring had almost entirely worn out, so firing it at that point required a significant amount of pressure while pulling the trigger. This of course was my fault-I had fired full automatic too frequently without considering the consequences. It finally stopped working when I made the mistake of disassembling the gearbox to replace the trigger, when I found that the gearbox was fractured-yet it had held itself together and worked quite exceptionally!-and then I could not reassemble the gearbox. If I had not done this, then I believe it would have lasted quite a few more years, even more abuse.

Full Metal (upper, lower, barrel, magazine)
Sturdy polymer stock, grip, etc.
Decent rate of fire (I recommend a 9.6v butterfly/nunchuck battery to improve the ROF-it worked for me)
Great, solid feel and weight
GREAT magazine size
The paint can scratch off after extensive use, giving it an attractive battle-worn look
Full Colt trademarks!

Orange tip can break off easily
Selector switch can loosen up after some time, but special tools can easily fix it

In my experience, this AEG withstood significant abuse: continuous full-auto fire, moisture (I placed it in the pack of my friend's jeep at the end of the airsoft game at dusk, and returned hours later to find it covered in moisture-worked without issue after wiping off some of the internals and externals), and even a few drops, though I wouldn't recommend dropping it. If you want a reliable AEG, then please consider this one!
by Andrew B. on 02/20/2016
"This gun is great for beginners or even mid-level airsofters. It was my first rifle, and here I am now with too many to count and this is still one of my favorites.
- after awhile, my gearbox shell straight up cracked
It is a great gun, I have now spent about 700$ in upgrades in this bad boy and yeah I love it
Pros (Stock out of the box)
-great rof
-Full metal body (very solid)
- numerous routes to upgrade
-Works great out of the box
-rails are a bit wobbly, but thats what your gonna get with a delta ring/triangle sight
-No big cons
by Christine B. on 05/31/2015
"I bought this gun about three years ago. It worked for about two then the gearbox started having nonfuntions. The guns shoots further than a usual cqb gun. At one point I used it as a dmr. But it is all metal and heavy 5/5
by Robert E. on 05/08/2015
"I had this AEG awhile back and i loved it. I made some changes to it. I added a 14 in. madbul outer barrel, madbul 6.01mm TBB and a 13.5in. troy battle rail. I was reaching out around the 200ft mark, give or take a few feet. The only issues I had was that the stock outer barrel was really wobbly and after time the selector switch became loose. But other then those two issues it was flawless. I've had more issues with my VFC H&K 416c then I have had with this. Wishing that I never sold it.
by Conner L. on 02/13/2015
"I bought this gun for Christmas of 2013 so just over a year ago a can say it is a great gun. Stock RoF isn't to impressive but once you get a 9.6v battery it jumps quite a few rounds. Also the gun weighs a ton in relation to how small it is . Being a cqb-r and weighing in at almost 10 pounds can sometimes by tiring but isn't too bad. Also the trades on it are really good, it catches peoples eyes. Another "mod" I did to mine was to color in the fire selector options with white crayons which really helps pull the whole gun together. Overall I would rate this gun a 10/10 for the price range.
by Christian C. on 01/03/2015
"*This is a review for both the new gen d-boys and the clot licensed gun due to the fact that I ordered the D-Boys version and got the Colt version.*

I am in no way affiliated with Evike.

I have had this gun for quite a while and haven't written a review on it yet so I figured why not give it a go. First of all I'll go over the assembly. Everything on this gun other than the transitioning part of the stock, the grip, and the front sight is completely metal, including the internals. The only thing I noticed that bothered me when holding the gun is that the outer barrel slightly wobbles (about 1/16th of an inch). Although this DOES NOT effect the shot of the gun at all, it took me some getting used to. Upon firing the gun I found it to be a very smooth feeling shot. However I found another slight flaw with my gun while shooting it. The gun shot slightly to the left. Although this had almost zero effect on the accuracy of the gun, and may just be a problem with my model, it made it almost impossible to use sights for the gun. However, sights are somewhat impractical for airsoft anyway unless you are buying a sniper. The only other thing that I can think of while airsofting that you may need to consider if you are a younger or smaller player is that this gun is heavy. Before you buy this gun make sure that you are okay running around with something as heavy as a real firearm. I play out in the cold weather with this gun (I bought a 9.6 volt battery for it as well and have played in games down to 15 degrees. I have never had a problem in the cold weather. Even when other airsofters guns are going dead, this still shoots like a freshly charged weapon. I'm not sure if its the battery listed above, or that this consumes so little power without effecting the shot. I feel like in this review I have bashed this gun a lot but these are the only flaws in it and I cannot stress enough how much I love this gun. It has great range, an incredible fire rate, and just the smoothest feeling shot out of any airsoft gun I have ever fired. My brother has a $170 D-Boys gun from evike ( and although it shoots just as far and as accurate as mine, it dosen't have the same smooth feeling that this gun has. I don't think there is a better gun on the market for this price.

Great smooth feeling to the shot
Fast firing rate
Battery efficient
Decent Range
Full Metal (has survived more than a few drops)
Lots of Rail Space

Outer barrel slightly wobbly
Shoots slightly to the left

In Conclusion, I would more than recommend this gun. you are definitely getting your moneys worth.
by Josh M. on 04/25/2014
"I have owned this rifle for about 2 months, and have had it in about 3 or 4 airsoft events, and this rifle preforms very well, I'll first go over the pros, cons, and other notes you should know about purchasing this rifle.

+Very Sturdy, Being full metal, the price is spectacular for a full metal AEG
+Upgradable and moddable, being an M4 model you'll find no shortage of parts
+Battery in the back, makes it easy to upgrade and change barrel and hand guard
+Stock is larger, making a good cheek rest if you have a lot of gear on, Stock is also
+Default sights are nice and large

-Heavy, since it is full metal if you are not a larger guy, you may have some trouble moving it around all day, especially in close quarters, I'm 6.1 and still have tender arms after slinging this thing around for 7 hours.
-Lots of spin defaulted. This may not be a problem if you know what you're doing, however if you don't like making internal adjustments, you'll have to adjust the heck out of your rear sight.
-Exceeds indoor fps limit. Just keep in mind that although it is advertised as around 340 fps, it came out at 420 when I chrono-ed it for the first time with .20s.

If you are buying Tokyo marui midcaps, or any other magazines that do not come with the gun, you may need to shave off a couple of layers of the magazine using some sand paper or a knife, as they fit WAY too tight into the gun and are hard to get out.
This gun advertised said it came with one high cap, it actually does come with 2. I prefer mid caps but if you have no preference still an awesome feature.
Barrel length is perfect for indoors, keep in mind this review is completely based off indoor combat, and have not gotten the chance to try it out on an outdoor course.

Overall this rifle is a fantastic buy for the price, and is extremely moddable. I would highly recommend this gun to Airsofters that re getting geared up, but don't want to spend an extravagant amount to get performance.
by Mark S. on 04/17/2014
"New to airsoft and with so many options i didnt know where to go. Bought a dmr and when i started it was winter and most places within a couple hours of me where cqb so decided to look for a lower fps cqbr. Been playing every weekend for about 3 months and put around 40k rounds into this gun and its been a champ so far. No problems other than breaking the charging handle trying to be "tacticool" lolz. I am a 1 eyed player and I run an afg 2, mt react grip, and a nc star red dot with 3 hi caps and 4 mids cuz i tend to mag dump with my limited vision.

good fps for cqb chronos around 340-360 after wearing the spring in
looks realistic
almost no wobble [only wobble is the ris and its not too bad. fixed with a mission first react grip]
lightweight [ could be heavyfor someone with a tiny frame/children]
pretty accurate out of the box for cqb

range meant for cqb

Overall pretty nice gun for someone who doesnt know where to start! Grab this m4!
Suggest upgrading with a longer tightbore inner barrel to get better range and accuracy and a decent red dot/holo sight.
by Conner L. on 04/03/2014
"Bought this gun for Christmas and I think it is fudging AWESOME!!!! It is full metal and comes with 2 high caps. The iron sights are good; they have 2 rear sight peep holes( one for cqc and one for shooting far away) Also I would recommend either a lipo or a 9.6 because the battery that comes with it gives it a low rof. I would highly recommend this gun!
by Darian R. on 04/01/2014
"***Read after the Pros/Cons
Heavy weight - It just feels well built and stocky, exactly like the real gun
Dead on accuracy up to around 280 feet
Full metal
Cheap price
Iron sights have 2 different reticles/ can be greatly adjusted
Laser etched Colt Emblem on side
Stock is Plastic but sturdy, tough, and lots of space inside for bigger batteries

Flat black paint is susceptible to scratches

***I bought this gun when it was under EPIC DEALS, received it USED.
Scratches/gashes everywhere, wobbly rail, battery that wouldn't charge, missing the cleaning rod, banged up box. RMA'd it, took 5-7 days to get to Evike and 5-7 days to get back. Was brand new when I got it back.
by Aaron G. on 12/20/2013
"I have had this gun for 3 months now I must say excellent performance.
great accuracy
very realistic
hop up easily adjustable
will not break anytime soon
accurate for a short gun
how can I reveal treading
battery restrains from fully sliding stock

That's it over all beautiful performing gun I have no problems besides the ones listed.
If you are looking to buy this please do u wont regret it XD