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CYMA Socom-16 M14 Full Size Airsoft AEG (Package: OD Green / Rifle)

17 Customer Reviews

by Carl H. on 07/05/2017
"I love this rifle! The gun is acute out of the box and has a good shooting distance. I am not disappointed at all. I would record this rifle to anyone. Just a heads up on it that it is not a light rifle. If you want a light one get a m4. But if you like the m14 this is a great replica of it and for me I am a bigger guy and the weight is not a big deal.

Happy airsofting!
by Matt R. on 04/30/2017
"I would recommend this gun and all the cyma m14 guns to anyone looking for either a mid-somewhat long range gun or a good m14 model. This gun is as durable as it gets, and is definitely friendly to rough play. Although, if you want lots of attachments for your gun or a compact and light weight weapon, don't buy this gun. Overall, the gun performs well in wars and is a complete blast to shoot
by Colin G. on 08/02/2015
"I've had this for over a year now completely bone stock and used as a loner or back up gun and it is still VERY good.

This gun is very accurate. For me it's been a tac driver up to about 170 ft.

Yes racking the metal is indeed "nice sounding" but it's pointless so that's just a matter of opinion.
This gun is a bit heavy as a starter gun but I moved onto the G&G EBR. No you don't need to be "big and manly" to run it. Im 5'10 at 145 pounds and I was just fine. Just be aware if you're new it is a bit on the heavier side.

The body is polymer but it's taken hard hits far drops. I don't mean "I was running and it hit a tree" I mean it's taken a two story fall, and broke my fall when I tripped on a hill where it went rolling and bashing against rocks and my body weight with dirt half way down the barrel. Black polymer still looks very good and only slightly used.

Hop unit maintained it's position perfectly and with .25 I'm getting the best range and accuracy compromise.

It's a great beginners gun if you don't mind the weight.
by Andrew S. on 11/18/2014
"I ordered this a month ago. Delivery was surprisingly fast, everything was intact, and what I ordered is what I got. It is around 8-9 lbs but that isn't bad. The mags are easy to find here on the site. The FPS is about whats advertised. I really like it. The battery compartment is not very big but some people have dremeled it out for a large type. Either way, small types are pretty cheap so I stuck with them. I have beaten this gun around so much and its perfectly fine. Looking forward to more of the new Cyma guns.
by Christian G. on 06/26/2014
"Pros: full metal top rail
Textured grip and handguard
Working charging handle
Decent battery

Cons: selector switch is a bit loose, stays still though
Rail location is a bit weird

Very good gun overall
Definitely recommend it
by william g. on 08/23/2013
"I purchased the IM wood edition of this rifle about a year ago.
it performs with the best of them and i have seen semi-pro/ex-mil players use a stock cyma m14 socom over tricked out m4s/m16s. when i got this rifle i hit a head sized target at about 200 ft the hit was confirmed by the clank of the bb striking the helmet. after a year of heavy use it shoots 175 feet and avgs about 355 fps. a new spring will fix this. i will also note that the gun stopped working twice. the first time my trigger switch got dirty so i had to clean it and it required semi-extesive disasembly and nimble fingers. the second time was a dirty barrel. dont doubt the ABS plastic for a second. it works great. the IM wood continues to fool people even from up-close that its not real wood.
good range
good accuracy
the list goes on.

requires maintince, but so does every gun.

Enjoy this gun. DMR it if u can.
by Jack P. on 11/30/2012
"I bought this gun last christmas and i have to say this is a great gun! It is a really good gun for people who want a long range rifle but still want the maneuverability of an assault rifle. I have not had any problems with it yet and i am hoping to never have any. This is a great beginner gun and even though it wasn't my first gun i still use it at almost every war i go to.

good handling
good FPS
good range

Battery is a little tough to get out

I would highly recommend this gun to veterans or first timers.
by Collin U. on 03/15/2011
"I got this gun last summer (2010) from a little shop in town for around 200$ and it was a steal! this gun shoots great right out of the box and fells nice to, mine came with 2 Mags so i did get a little extra, i put a red dot on it and its already dead on, now i dont know if that was cuz the store sighted it or it came like that just know its a good gun

-good FPS
-looks/feels nice
-extra mag

- a tad on the heavy side (you can always take out the weight)
by Chris M. on 02/13/2011
"All I can say is WOW this riffle dose amazing, right out of the box! I was shooting .28's and yes i was hitting something, they were called the enemy players! If you want a decent beginner DMR set up here is you sign. Iat is heavy though so keep that in mind but if your strong enough to lug the thing around then do it. It is semi auto, so dont get the whole super sniper rambo deal in your head bc it wont work. Theres some good old friendly advice. Its biggest drawback is the weight, but i really cant call that a drawback. All in all it stands up to the real steal m14 standard.

The marching song from full metal jacket, " This is my riffle..."
by Robert N. on 01/25/2011
"I bought this gun a year ago and it is a great buy.
Good feel
Solid Construction

by Talon S. on 11/29/2009
"After 5 months of owning this and always letting someone else use this, I finally tried this and all i can say is wow. I wont be letting other people use this. This thing is not only dead accurate after adjusting, The mag feeds so good, Better than any gun ive ever tried, there is no need to purchase additional mags for that this thing, but im going to anyways :P I was considering buying a new 300 dollar gun then i thought, why dont i go and shoot this real quick to see if it is as good as my friends claimed it was, sure enough it was.

Nice STURDY construction
NO Jams
Rocking FPS & accuracy

Not really a con but the whole Metal decoration bolt lever thing was confusing and weird
The Selector switch is different from most guns.
Tight battery compartment

:::NOTE::: these cons are not bad cons, i wouldnt even take them into consideration. When your on the field all that matters is getting some rounds down range and it does do that.
by Mark I. on 04/12/2017
- Very sturdy, lots of metal on it and plastic is very strong
- Trigger feels good and snappy, not like a pushy electronic button one
- Everything nicely clicks into place such as the mags, selector switch and safety
- Mock bolt sounds amazing
- With a 9.6v semi auto is pretty quick, not that windy

(Possible) Cons:
- It is on the heavy side
- Theres a little visible gap at the end of the bolt where you can see clean through the gun
- Because of the way the bolt is this extra part on the right side, the stock is pushed over to center it making the sights more on the left side of the gun (it doesnt look weird though) also the rail tilts to the left slightly, this means its easier for right handed shooters to aim down sights, but harder for lefties.

Overall a great gun, definitely worth it if you're a gun nut whos into real guns, but wouldnt recommend this for a primarily left handed shooter especially if you wear face pro which most people do and should. Also not a great cqb gun because of length and being harder to aim lefty.
by Wang P. on 01/30/2017
Looks awesome, comparable length to M4s. Range and accuracy comparable to CYMAs solid line of AKs.
Very nice externals and construction feels solid. Orange tip is not threaded on and comes off easily.

Front heavy, sling difficult to use due to front sling point being on bottom instead of on the side.
Fire selector switch is awkward to turn, charging handle locks back but is creaky and I wouldn't mess with it.
by Cody N. on 02/04/2012
"I bought this gun a while back and I put it to the test. I unfortunately was also a victim of a broken bolt. Even though it is metal, it can't withstand the force. I wasn't too happy with that. But shooting it was always an encouragement. Very accurate and had pretty decent range. It is a little heavy. I am a 5' 9" guy with decent build. It wasn't too heavy for me but my 14 year old brother couldn't use it for long periods. Another problem I had was the battery compartment. It was not meant for the battery style that comes with it. The compartment literally expects you to strip all the wires to fit your battery inside, the rip all the wires out while trying to take out the battery. It is the WORST design I have ever seen. I had to MacGyver the wires multiple times due to damage from the small compartment.

Looks/Feels solid (Lots of metal and the polymer is great. I loved it)
Lasted me about 2 years without having to make internal repairs.

Bolt broke rather quickly
Battery compartment is horrible. Makes little children cry at night.
Might be heavy depending on your size and build

For the price I got this at and how faithful it has been, I would definitely recommend it. A little tinkering and fixing never hurts anybody. This is one that will last and feels/looks fantastic. My friends actually found this one as their favorite gun of my collection.
by Jim M. on 04/16/2011
"Ok, so I got this gun maybe a month or so ago, and it's an awesome DMR. I thought the bolt (you can pull the bolt but it doesn't do anything, just springs forward) on it was really fun, but after i used it roughly 30 times, surely enough, the bolt broke on me. And, right before maybe my fourth war with it, my 400+ rd high cap mag broke as well. I was surprised because it fed real well and was full metal.

Long ranged
Very accurate
Comfortable feel
Not too light and not too heavy

Bolt broke right away
Mag broke right away
Battery compartment is a really tight fit
Only rail is too far forward (that could be just me, though because others who have used my gun liked the far forward rail)

Overall, its a nice gun, and it preforms pretty well for the price I paid