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CYMA Full Size M14 Airsoft AEG Rifle - OD Green (Package: Rifle)

7 Customer Reviews

by alex m. on 01/10/2011
"Great gun good heavy feel and using it stock with .20's works great and can hit a dime from 100 feet with the iron sights. Trust me I've done it
by Timohty P. on 01/11/2010
"Good gun, really like it, I didnt buy the fake wood version because its too smooth, like the feel of this gun too, although it doesnt come with a scope mount like the AGM one does, so make sure if you have a scope buy a scope mount, great gun for the price although my switch came off the gun, just need to tight it up (kinda like the switch off on semi kinda like the m21) the slide is nice, love that it comes with a slide catch.


great gun for the cost way better then the AGM one

slide catch is a plus

great feel of the gun really recommend the OD version

selecter switch is loose that came with mine just need to tighten that up
(although i like that since im a m21 fan)

doesnt come with a scope mount which is not a big problem, just pay 15 bucks more
by Jack S. on 06/08/2017
"This is a very good and very reliable gun, it shoots close to 350 FPS (my field limit). Iíve had some problems in the past with it shooting but that was easily fixed with an unjamming rod. The jam has happened 3 times and Iíve shot about 10-15k BBís through it. I would recommend it as a starter airsoft gun for somebody who might want to play the sniper role but isnít sure. With another product a sniper scope can be easily attached as well as a bipod. This was my starter gun and it was very good considering itís durability and power.

Good Starter Gun
Can go DMR route or Rifleman route
Small customizations externally
Doesnít have internal problems

Not easily upgradeable
Too long for CQB
Select fire knob fell off
by Colby T. on 08/05/2015
"So I own this gun (obviously) and I am pleased with what I paid for. The gun is respectable, and does very, very well with .28g bbs stock. The stock material isn't the absolute best, but isn't near bad quality. The ENTIRE receiver is full metal, and is decent quality. One thing that is strictly a cool factor is when you pull back the charging handle, you can manually lock it back. Racking it back sounds absolutely phenomenal, which could be the death of it because it could break with excessive use. (Like EVERYTHING in the world) It is accurate, and easily hits a 6 in wide tree at 120 ft away 8/10 shots. Easily could hit a man sized target at 150ft. As for the motor, I am not impressed. It feels like it is just ahead of keeping up with the spring, and makes it have a slower rof on full auto with a Tenergy 9.6v 1600 mah brick/small type battery. (Battery I not the problem, because my JG SG 552 shoots much faster with the same battery). Although this affects the full auto, semi auto does perfectly well, and quiets down the gun which makes it a lot more stealthy and usable as a medium range DMR. Iron sights are accurate, and the hop up is easy to adjust. (Flip the gun upside down and turn the wheel). The Manual is not the best. It has the hop up adjustment backwards, which lead to confusion for a few minutes. The hop up doesn't take much force at all to adjust, and feels like it isn't adjusting, but it definitely is. The mag hold 400 rounds, and feeds decently. I can get around 25 rounds minimum after winding it all the way. Even after painting this rifle, (covering exposed areas) the performance has not been affected, and the stock still has its grip. Overall I'm very pleased with this rifle.

-easy hop up access
-accurate sights
-respectable range
-quiet (could be con)
-heavy (could be pro or con)
-full metal barrel
-full metal reciever
-full metal mag
-racking back the slide is loud

-motor isn't the best
-manual can cause confusion
-sling is crappy
-bbs that it came with are crappy
-Version 7 gearbox isn't easy to work with. (Not a problem if you know what your doing or simply don't take it apart)
-hop up bucking could probably use replacing
-mags are a little expensive for midcaps

Overall, this is an easy gun to recommend to any airsoft player who has some experience. Definitely a great buy.
by Robert H. on 12/05/2011
"This is a very good gun with in amazing fell and weight when you hold it. It is vey accurate for the inner barrel it has. The fps is around 375 with .20g bbs which means you can still use it in most indoor arenas (if you dont mond carrying a 3 foot long gun in cqb). Although this gun performs exceptionally well for its price the internals are not very good quality. Aftee about 10 months of usage the spring becomes so weak it might be able to shoot 300 fps. Another problem i had with this gun was the external accessories. The bolt cover cracked after the first 200 times i Pulled the bolt. I ended up ripping It out. Another problem is the bolt guide bolt release and selector switch either fall off or break. Overall this gun is good for people who like to snipe from close distances. If you are thinking of getting this gun i would highly reccomend Paying about $40 extra for a socom gear m14. It has better quality externals and internals.
by Eric J. on 12/23/2010
"really good gun but the only problem is that the first time u put a battery in it is soooooooooo hard
by Alex V. on 05/02/2010
"This gun is very good. It has great range and pretty good accuracy. The only things that are bad about this gun is that it will fall apart pretty easily. The sights have already broken but i fixed them easily and the bolt catch thing fell apart and i lost the pieces to it. I would reccomend this gun to players who don't want to spend to much money on a gun but want some kind of AEG sniper.