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CYMA Full Metal CM042-S AK47-S Airsoft AEG Rifle with Folding Stock - Real Wood (Package: Gun Only)

12 Customer Reviews

by Aidan B. on 11/28/2017

About the upgrades I said I'd do in my previous review:

That was a terrible idea, leave it how it is. xD
The stock FPS, range, and accuracy are great, the Matrix M130 I got wouldn't even fit in, I ended up breaking gears, buying new gears, and generally mucking around wasting money and eventually having to buy a whole new gearbox that wasn't near as good as how it started.
by Preston A. on 04/09/2015
"Over all, this gun is a great starter gun. I got it 6 months ago and it still shoots at 420 fps. If you get this gun, you will need to purchase a 7.4v lipo, a charger, and bat pouch because the battery on this weapon is lacking (lasted for about 3 games). Another thing to keep in mind is that the flip-out stock is made of a pewter like metal and will snap under the stress of battles. However, this is a good thing for me because I prefer cqb. No tac rails. Very reliable though. Real wood & metal. Over a great gun.

_Sling mounts
_Easily Upgraded to lipo with +15 rps
_very iconic on the battle field
_perfect for cqb without stock

_Stock breaks off (this was a pro for me)
_Comes with cheap battery and charger
_Heavy (this is a pro for me)
_powerful and fast (this is a pro for me and a con for the guy I'm shooting)
_No tactical rails to mount accesories
by dwight W. on 11/26/2013
"This gun really is a piece of true quality. The wood grips give it a legendary touch and look and the metal adds to its durability and quality. The internals are amazing! I have owned this gun for about 4 years and know what i am talking about. It shoots accurate and smooth, almost never jamming except when i used cheap crossman bbs.

-Accurate and very reliable
-sturdy metal and good wood
-Awesome range and firepower
-Good trigger pull
-Metal everything!

I love this gun! I have never had any interior problems with this gun at all!

-9.6v long type battery does NOT fit in the gun.
-stock wobbles up and down ( don't really mind this)
-10 pounds might be a little heavy for a weaker or smaller guy... Don't worry though my son can handle this at 10 years and only 4.7 inches.

Overall a totally awesome gun!
by Codie R. on 08/11/2011
"I have had this gun for about a month and all I can say is its amazing. It tears through 4 thick cardboard walls and shot 420fps out of the box.

Realistic Feel
Adjustable Sights

400+ fps (I play cqb and course limits are 350fps so I had to buy a new spring)
by dondom d. on 09/14/2010
"I handled and fired the real AK-47 and this is heavier for some reason... Its also heavier than my JG FB6604 M4 Carbine.

I really like this AK, it smells like wood ;p It also shoots FAR! and its very accurate.

***** 5 stars!
by Matt D. on 01/26/2010
"Brandon N. is completely off. The "S" stands for "Skladnoy" or "folding" in reference to the under-folding stock. The "U" is used to refer to the side folding style (thus the name of the AKS-74U). What sense would it make for a Russian gun to use English words in its designation?

Anyway, this guns is amazing. I found a very slight wobble in the stock typical of under-folders, but nothing really noticeable while firing. Love the wood grips. Shoots hard and relatively accurate. Definitely recommended for anyone, especially considering the price. *****
by Hong L. on 04/16/2009
"This AEG is great! Finish, performance and reliability = top notch! Get it! I have seen many AEG and this is by far the best AK47-S type AEG I have ever seen!
by Samuel D. on 01/03/2018
"Its heavy, the under folding stock is a dog to work with, the pistol grip became wobbly after a week of practice, and the take down is its own little world.

Despite all that, this gun hasn't broken on me after a full year and a half of use, it shoots straight enough to hit guys at distance in woods games, and made a great walking stick when I stepped into a swamp last fall. Whole gun got submerged. After some time in the sun, and some solid shaking, the thing worked fine.

In a nutshell, its a pain to use but will always be there from my experience. Not my first choice by any means, but you cant really go wrong with it.

Also, the weight is almost nine pounds fully laden. It bent the hooks on my sling due to the weird mounting points. I ended up using an old shoe lace as the sling and calling it a day.
by Aidan B. on 10/10/2016
"I got this as my first airsoft gun, and have had it a couple years now. Overall it's served me pretty well. It's a nice gun for $140, but rather cheap/flimsy in some regards. Especially the folding stock can be a problem. Mine hasn't actualy broken, but the stock mount wobbles loose, and the end part that folds often gets stuck in either position. This isn't normally a huge problem, just be prepared for a rather wobbly/unreliable stock.
I've never had it chronoed, so I don't know exactly how hard or rapidly it shoots. When it was newer, I could reliably hit a door-sized object at ~250 feet. It seems to have deteriorated somewhat since then, and the bbs tend to curve off towards the left or right. (I use .25g bbs.)
A 7.4v LiPo didn't detectibly change the ROF from the stock battery for me, but LiPos are better for lots of other reasons.
If you plan on opening up the gearbox, I suggest looking around the Internet to better understand how it actually works, otherwise it'll be pretty hard to get it back together. I've learned from experience on this one, but it's by no means easy to get it back together even knowing how it works.
I'm planning on putting some upgrades into it, and may re-review with the results. (expect to put in a M130 spring, Matrix Magnum High Torque motor, 6.03mm tight bore inner barrel, and Prometheus hop-up bucking.)
Good gun overall, I'd recommend it.
by Dmitry K. on 07/21/2013
"This AEG performs well and had very few issues for me for over 2 years. So it is not bad overall.
1. Consistent, good air seal. 440FPS out of the box. Now settled at 420. Not bad.
2. Sturdy and heavy.
3. Good quality wood.
4. Accurate (once I replaced the barrel, than again ALL CYMA/JG/DBOY need a TBB)
5. Receiver cover locks in very tight (see why it is a PRO below)
6. HEAVY, almost like a real thing, which is a good thing, since running around with this one for 4-6 hours is a nice little workout

1. ONE MAJOR CON. The stock develops a vertical wobble within 2-3 skirmishes, and that's without me dropping it or hitting it. Stock now moves 2 inches in each direction. Very annoying, the locking mechanism, however works.
2. No rails. This is a minor con. I am not a big fan of putting 3 scopes/lasers + front grip on an AEG, but sometimes it is nice to have ONE scope. However the smooth receiver cover can have a rail installed on it, which I had to do.

I think that RK10 is a better deal-same gun for $40 less and has a rail already. I think CM048SU is a better gun.
by Brandon N. on 09/27/2009
"This is actually an ak47-U type. The U is for underfold, the S is for side fold. I do not understand why these are placed backwards.
by Aleksey Z. on 11/07/2011
"It was a good buy at first, it was one of the best on our team until it started breaking. Well the preformance is great but the quality goes bad after a while.

High mags
Full metal/real wood
460 pfs for me
easy to maintain

At first mags start to wobble and fall out but it gets better.
Here is the BIG ussue. After like less than a year, the stock snaps so I cannot attack sling or so anything with it! It just BROKE off so I am wondering if the stock is really metal. The wood can start splitting. Even though I never fell with it really, it broke. My guess is since this ak-47 is so heavy, it could not handel the sling attacked to me so under presure by a sling, IT BROKE.

Overall great gun but very bad quality after use.