Reviews: Pre-Order ETA 08/31/2016 Matrix AK47 RIS Special Forces Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ Skeleton Side-folding Stock by CYMA

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Model: AEG-CM028U

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by Scott R. on 2009-12-30 18:11:04
"This gun is amazing i bought it from a friend who bought it upon my recommendation and i fell in love with it so much i bought it from him i love the stock 600 round mag it lasts so long and when ur battling 2 m4s with 300 rds apiece and they run out b4 u its a great feeling

crazy fps
big mag
great rof

hop up is hard to find perfect setting
eats up bbs
by nate h. on 2009-10-09 12:02:56
"i bought this gun a week ago and i have used it alot this gun is worth 150 or more it has great fps and accuracy get it
by Adam K. on 2008-12-13 09:58:21
"Sweet Gun!!!...
Ok, so i got the gun and it looks amazing. Extremely solid and it has alot of metal parts. I love the folding stock, it is good or CQB and just easy to carry around. I am LEFT handed so i dont no about the sling because its on the wrong side for me. If u are LEFT handed there r no other problems with this gun. The only problem i had with the gun is that the battery is a huge pain to get in the slot! I just took some electric tape and wound up the cord to shorten it up. No promblems any more

-High FPS
-Amazing accuracy 120ft easily
-Almost all metal
-High ROF

-Battery is hard to get in
by Brad V. on 2008-10-23 15:39:13
"FYI you can pll the orange tip off easy. They even have instructions for it in the manuel
by Justin M. on 2008-10-07 18:19:05
"hey brad, 800 bb's a week isnt a lot at all, ive been through 40,000bb's in a week before(with 1 gun), lol.
by Brad V. on 2008-10-07 16:57:55
"FYI my chrono put this gun at 395-410 fps with .2 bbs
by Brad V. on 2008-10-07 16:51:02
"This is the best gun that I have ever had. I first want to point out some flaws with it though. First although it isnt a bad idea that they put the battery behind the top rail. However once the battery is in it is extremely hard to shut. The stock is also very wobbly when you first get it. I tightened it up but after a few rounds of team deathmatch it was wobbling agian. I love evike but dont like how it says that the mag holds 600 when the manual you get says it only holds 550. I dont think that it even holds that many. I dumped only about 450 bbs in and it was full. If you buy this dont get a 9.6 v battery because they have eight cells and the gun can barely fit 7 cells under the cover. Since it takes so long to replace the battery you have to charge it everytime before a war because enen if you have a spare you will be dead before you can replace it. Even with these problems I really enjoy it. If you order make sure you have a lot of bbs to shoot because in one week, since it is so much fun to fire, I have already shot about 800 bbs. I love this and would recomended it to anyone that has long arms due to how long it is, unless you fold the stock and just play like it is a CQB (close quaters battle)
by Johnson L. on 2008-07-19 02:30:27
"Mine shoots at 380 with 0.20g bb. The magazine included is a 600 round hi-cap magazine. Mine come with battery and charger.
by Johnson L. on 2008-07-19 02:06:55
"This is a super nice AK by CYMA! Love the side folding stock and the RIS is very useful for attachments. The whole gun is very solid without any wobbling. It just feel good period!
by Benjamin W. on 2008-07-18 14:34:40
"It DOES come with a battery so don't buy one. It comes with a Ni-MH 7x2/3a1100mAh 8.4v. The battery goes in the top above the trigger. The gun is longer than I thought.
by Sniper A. on 2008-07-17 03:11:53
"This AK is identical to the Echo1 one. The battery goes into the upper receiver cover like the AK side folding models. The gun is very solid and I like the folding stock A LOT more than the under fold stock. The gun is very solid without any wobbling. The RIS and special motor grip made my life easy as I dont like "stock" parts on my gun and motor grip / ris is always the first thing i switch out on all my stock guns.

The gearbox is surprising smooth from the sound for a gun at this price. It shoots more accurate than my Classic Army m16! Out of box its shooting 375fps on mine.
by Kevin m. on 2008-07-11 17:58:21
"This AK is got to be one of the best AK! Got one at walk in store two days ago. Plenty of metal parts and decent weight. The side folding stock is a lot nicer than the traditional under fold. The AK already has the RIS system installed, waffle hicap magazine, folding forward grip and G27 type motor grip installed. Glad I didn't build one from a G&P kit which will end up costing me over $400.

The best part about this gun is its performance. It shoots at 380 fps with a very good rate of fire. (Using a 9.6V 1500mah). The gearbox sounds very solid and reliable. Read a few reviews on CYMA ak and them seem to have the best AK internal nowadays which is proven true on this gun. Range is around 120 feet. Not sure how reliable it is since I only had it for two days, but from the sound of the gearbox, its smooth and you know a gearbox is good from the sound.

Displaying 37 to 48 (of 48 reviews)

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